Diaby and Denilson to Spurs? No chance. Robin to Barca, great news.

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Why would Arsenal sell two of it’s brightest prospects to Spurs? They are delusional.

And why would we sell star striker Robin to Barcelona? sure sign it’s international week.

The great thing about the RVP story is perhaps they’ll leave Cesc alone now!

I guess the positive news is all our players are wanted, the tough bit for Arsene though is keeping them all happy. And with the rich crop of youngsters coming through it’s only going to get harder.

That’s why he’s paid £6mil a year and I’m not though. I do wish he would come out and say something on arsenal.com

Zokora already showed the footballing world why going to Spurs was a career version of ‘I’ve been framed’ even if Spurs started to get in new players, they would only do that by getting rid of players like him.

Then you hear things like David Villa to Spurs in £30 million bid, in their dreams, where will they get that sort of money from, and why on earth would he go? unless of course we buy Berbatov!

Adriano to Arsenal I don’t think would happen as he appears to be a Jermain Pennant type.

Mad Jens is at it again, I think he really has to go, I mean how can Almunia feel when his team mate constantly slags him off?

Watching Craig Gordon makes me wonder why we didn’t buy him, maybe a swap for Justin Hoyte and cash is on the cards, who knows?

Finally McClaren gets a reprieve this week for Euro 2008 and what does he do? He sends Theo to Portugal! What a very strange man, he brings in Bent, who doesn’t even get a game for Tottenham ands sends Theo, England’s saviour off to play for the under 21’s who, bar the shouting, have already qualified, so Gerrard, Brooking and all the old boys at the FA, take note, you have an Arsenal youngster ready and able and you won’t give him a chance.

Isn’t that what you accuse Wenger of doing?


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  1. Henry

    It’s good to read that Hoyte is staying, especially if he can play at center back, maybe that’s what will happen when Kolo nips off to the ACN.

    Only 5 days left to see some decent football again.

  2. frichie

    You can only laugh, Also in the news Ramos wants to buy Carrick back from Manure for 18 mill! As if, and then after all the slagging off of Foreigners, Englands dream….saved by foreigners!

  3. grovedigger

    never thought of that but yeah you’re so right, saved by a bunch of johnny foreigners, how do feel about that Gerrard???

  4. Goonerbeall

    Goodness, did I hear this correctly? OK, how about this way, they want Diaby then we give them Diaby plus £10m so they give us Berbatov? Anything less than that is not acceptable

  5. Rainham Red

    Why does everyone go on about us signing Berbatov?He is a very skillful player but if things are not going right he disappears.At the moment every Arsenal player is giving 100% which is why we came back against Liverpool and Man Utd.So if we had Berbatov and we went a goal behind we would be down to 10 players and that would affect the great team spirit we have.

  6. Henry

    got to say I would sooner keep Diaby, anyway Berbatov is way too old for Wenger.

    Diaby is the sort of player that would come back and haunt us, he really reminds me of Viera.

    I have a feeling he will start in central midfield with Diarra now that Famini is injured and I reckon that will signal Gilberto’s exit and another £7 million in the bank.

  7. grovedigger

    I had a little peek on a spurs site, I know, I know but they don’t seem to think it’s the done thing to take arsenal players unless it’s Cesc.

    Fuck me there’s not one Spurs player I’d want, not one. And that Seville winger says that Spurs haven’t approached him either, so if he’s any good…

    I don’t think we should go after Modric though, he looks small and Rosicky like, and we already have Rosicky.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Marvellous post in a quagmire of shite today!

    England got brutally lucky! I’m happy about it, but sad because Macclaren is going to stay on. Maybe we’ll ditch him?

    Geoff, I think you seem to have forgotten that spurs are on of the most ambitious clubs in the world, seconded only to Madrid! I hear Kaka is interested…

    I wouldn’t want any of there cunt bag players!

  9. Geoff

    Absolutely Gunnersaurus I completely forgot about Top4tottenham replacing us with a series of quality buys instigated by Comolli or whatever his name is.

    I’m especially looking forward to tonking them at the Grove this Christmas.

    Thing is, our young team will only get better, the only thing they are likely to get this season is relegated!

    They are 19 points behind us having played a game more, why would anyone want to play for them, let alone our kids!

  10. Pedro

    Well said bud, so is Rooney.

    I can’t find this Van Persie rumour anywhere? Load of old shite though. He is one of the most committed out of the youngsters!

    A legend in the making I reckon. All the Spurs rumours are a PR ploy i feel… they are trying to say “we are really ambitious come join us!”, its embarrassing.

    Bore me later Comphoni… haha, you see what I did?

  11. anonymous

    need to get this off 13, I’ll think we’ll be seeing more on the RVP story Pedro but given the old rape charge, he’ll stay for life.

    Either that or we’ll get some more false allegations against him cooked up!

  12. jimmyfingers

    We can’t be selling any of our players to a close rival for a CL place………oops, that doesn’t mean Spurs then

    Fuck Top4Tottenham, they ain’t getting nada from us and we don’t want anyone from them for damn sure. If we’re going to get another front man it should be Agbloma….Abgamda….that kid from Villa, not Berbatoc. Let him fuck off to United.

    Surely Ramos is just looking for some column inches, and that cunt Comolli trying to gain some gravitas by the constant labouring of his connection with Arsenal. He may well have been a scout for us, but he’s signed utter shit for the spuds. Long may that continue….and it will.

    As for Theo, I hope he doesn’t get the call up, or at least I care not if he does. If he does Gerrard aka Krusty owes him a massive apology for what he said in his ‘book’ about him. Sod England, they don’t deserve to go for their performances on the pitch, and for the fact there’s been a concerted effort t blame Wenger for those