England handed life line, thanks to the Sun.

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According to the Israeli coach it was the suggestion that Israel were collaborating with Russia that made them win.

The up side is England will probably qualify, the down side is McClaren will probably stay.

Still Scotland lost and today that’s all that counts. I asked a Scottish mate if he wants to sell me his plane tickets to Austria, he said, how was that a free kick? I said, how was Ferguson’s goal a goal?

It gets me that when they talk about the Welsh, Irish and the Scottish they say they’re are small nations, and it’s tough to get good players, when you work out that most of them live in England or are related through marriage or something, you’ll probably find they have as many to choose from as we do, and they’re still shit so, ha, ha and see you later.

I mean Freddie Eastwood qualified for Wales because his Grandmother’s caravan was in Wales when she was born, Jesus!

Onto Arsenal. Not a great deal going on today save the Telegraph says unbeaten Croatia (I guess no one told them they lost last night) will be unhinged if Theo plays in the last 20 minutes.

Even though he obviously doesn’t watch much football, Croatia did lose last night after all, but at least someone told him about Theo and I for one agree, it’s time McClaren started to use the under 21 system a bit more, he did it with Richards and now he should do it with Theo.

Frank Sinatra has given Sven £150mil to spend which is interesting, given that he’s a foreigner, Sven’s a foreigner and all the players he bought were indeed foreign.

Sinatra is doing it with Thai taxpayers money (allegedly) and that’s okay, bring in a talented 15 year old Mexican and the sport minister (ex lifer) Sutcliffe gets involved.

Perhaps we should extradite Wenger, that would make Ferguson happy and show the Thai people we mean business.

Sutcliffe’s happy, Coppell and Gerrard are sweet and Frank Sinatra goes top of the league with questionable money, it doesn’t get fairer than that.

It really is bizarre isn’t it???

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  1. jimmyfingers

    Had actually forgotten the game was on until I got a text from a mate that Isreal was a goal up. Cue general incredulity in the shop. Go to the pub for the second half, where both me and my mate were doing our best not to get involved. Went outside for a fag, came back and it was 1-1. Continued effort not to watch it, not to get involved. Had to entertain his missus while he went for a fag but ended up just staring at the TV. He came back, it was still 1-1, cue debates between us and other people in the pub what the draw meant for England. An extremely drunk gentleman wanted to know what was going on. Took a long time to explain it to him. Isreal scored. We cheered. My mate even jumped up. We sat back down and ordered another pint, feeling a bit sheepish. Norman Conquest, 7%, guaranteed to make you feel better.

    Not there yet of course, but its curious to feel so divided about the result. I can’t help but cheer them on, but I’m not sure I can endure another summer of Eabgland being twats. At the moment England are the girl you can’t quite get out of your system, even though you know she is no good for you. Particularly if your other bird is Arsenal. Great tits.

    And since I do support Arsenal, the smokescreen thrown up recently about foreigners in the game sticks in the maw and for me almost succeeded in pitting one against the other. Club v country? Club every time

  2. grovedigger

    Yes, I was watching the Scotland game thinking, if we played them, we’d win by three, then I watched Israel and Russia and I’m thinking 4 or 5, so it doesn’t say much for England does it? I think we’d stuff them as well.

    Guess I’ll watch it on Wednesday, but the hope is that by next June, Theo will be the main man.

    At least Bendtner scored!

  3. anonymous

    At least the usual plastic Jocks that don’t pay any tax in their own country will fuck off back to their safe havens now. Stewart, who comes from South London and Connery who lives in the Bahamas.

    He was a shit James Bond anyway.

  4. henry

    he has to give Theo a chance now and Hoyte or are we seriously waiting for old boy Neville to return? They all complain we do nothing for English football and we have probably the most exciting prospect in England and he won’t let him loose.

    Work that one out.