Agbonlahor to Arsenal!!!

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No thanks, well at least I don’t think so but I’ll come to that later.

Firstly let me comment on the back pages today which have McClaren saying ‘I will survive, and even if England don’t qualify, I won’t resign’ great news Stevie boy, is it me, or is it with the exception of Robson and Venables, England managers apart from being useless have no pride whatsoever.

Moving on for the last time to the quota boys, sports minister Sutcliffe has now joined in the debate, calling for quotas, not content with his early release from a life sentence Sutcliffe feels that too many foreigners are holding back our superstar celebrities and the chances of young celebrities breaking through and becoming overpaid real celebrities.

The English Premier league is the best, the biggest, the richest, the most watched and has the world’s greatest players on show, week in, week out.

Do they think for one minute, it would be any of that if we restricted the flow of overseas players? In their fucking dreams it would, they all need to grow up and engage brain.

Remember the old first division? Shitty pitches, no training facilities, £400 transfer budgets, Ian Selley and Tommy Caton and we got to watching games days later on ‘The Big Match’ or ‘Match of the day’ no live ones, no sports channels, nothing, the good old days, see where I’m coming from here?

Do those delusional twats think for one minute we would get that kind of money if we had quotas, would we fuck.

McClaren decided he needed to go to Hollywood again to see ex Captain ‘won nothing Beckham’, why? Does he not know what he plays like by now? He should do, he sacked him didn’t he?

It’s all part of the celeb shit we have to endure, it’s all part of the stitch up to get Beckham his hundredth cap, we should be blooding youngsters, like Walcott and Young, we know what Beckham does…his bastard hair.

What exactly did we win under him? Nothing, in all his time playing for England he did nothing, apart from an equaliser against Greece.

He also lost us the World Cup when he got sent off against Argentina, jumped out of a tackle against Brazil and scuffed a penalty against Portugal. So why on earth bring him back for a friendly?

If they want to introduce quotas, do it with managers, that’s where we need young talent, that way Ferguson can fuck off back to Scotland and help their football and the last time I looked, that was in the shitter, so Fergie, go do it in your own back yard and leave ours to the English.

Final point on quotas

Fabianski, Clichy, Toure, Eboue, Traore, Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Merida, Bendtner, Senderos and Djourou are all academy kids and would fall outside of quotas, so we would have the same team.

So the whole argument is floored.


I’m not sure we need another youngster and I’m not sure he’s good enough and Villa are rich and probably wouldn’t sell unless… a deal has been done with Hoyte, I hope not but if not I’ll put that one down to paper talk.

Sorry I went on today and this is the last on quotas and England.

Next week it’s all Arsenal!

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  1. Bud

    The Gravy Train continues…….. its all point scoring irrelevant nonsense, but hey ho, keep up the incarseration (however you spell it – too tired to spell check it !!!), it will only help build up a bit more Siege mentality at the Arsenal……. and as all us gooners know, its playing right into our hands, as when somebody tries to wound us, we don’t cry, we try harder and get even !!!!!!

  2. Bud

    I can see the song now….

    Dirty Foriegn Champions,
    Were dirty foriegn Champions.

    It’s got a certain likeability ring to it, hasn’t it ?!

  3. grovedigger

    I think I would prefer Young. It doesn’t matter what that lot say, the world loves our team and loves the way we play football.

  4. Henry

    Fucking hypocrites don’t like foreigners but would take it up their arses to get Wenger to manage England wouldn’t they???

  5. Sunnier disposition

    I like Gabby, I think he is tricky little player. He talks like a retard though, I couldn’t understand a word he said at the weekend. £15million seems a touch expensive as well. Surely we could find someone better for that sort of cash.

    This quota debate is getting very boring already. There is no way the UK would ever break and Euro law, we seem to be the only ones who abide by them. It seems a bit of a non argument really?

    You’re going to struggle for a blog tomorrow! Its slow out on the feeds today!

    By the way, I like the new website.

  6. Gunnersaurus

    Good call bud! I like the us against them menatality!

    Its funny though. This time round, we don’t have any players everyone hates. No Pires, Vieira or Keown type figures.

    There has been a lot of talk about us around europe. Did anyone see the Yaya interview. Those two seem to always be arguing about who is the best, how sweet.

    Cesc’s interview with Balague was a good read too. I love that guy.

  7. Bud

    Ag-bum-Le-Hoar is a greedy brummie cnut….. not in the financial sense, as I do not know, but seeing him for the under 21’s, he is incapable of passing a ball, so would in NO WAY fit into Arsenal….. SUBJECT CLOSED !

  8. geoff

    thanks for the approval Sunnier I’m glad you like it! I think you’re right about blogging at the weekend though, still we’ll try!

  9. Pedro

    Libel Football update

    Arsenal are in talks with Inter Milan over a loan deal for Adriano.

    The Brazil international has returned home to Sao Paulo this week for treatment at a specialist clinic for depression and Gazzetta dello Sport says the Gunners have been in contact about taking the striker on-loan in January.

    Adriano, having previously been reluctant to leave Inter, is now prepared to go to England on-loan, where Manchester City are also suitors.

    Inter are ready to do business and a loan swap involving Gilberto Silva is on the table.

    What do you reckon?