Adriano swap deal mooted…?

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Good afternoon Grovers! A rarity from Le Grove… an afternoon blog! You lucky things!

I’m basically testing our feeds after dealing with the teething problems of a site transfer. What a fucking pain in the ass!

Anyway, onto the groverlicious tit bits from the afternoon feeds!

Mad Jens has stated that he is going to see out the rest of the year at Arsenal citing family reasons. Also, the cost of transporting his 400 tonne ego back to Germany is proving troublesome. Jens had this to say,

“There are situations where you find yourself behind a goalkeeper who is world-class and you have to accept that.

“But I am not in this situation,”.

Jens, you big old bitch!

He also had this to say,

“I believe a manager must be honest with his players,”

Well Jens, seen as the manager won’t be honest with you. I will. You dropped two horrendous clangers in a row, you consistently cause us problems at corners and you scare the children. Think of the children Jens, for god’s sake think of the children!

Diarra talks to Skysports here about his current lack of first team opps. He says he is puzzled, but he is sure it will be sorted soon.

A change of attitude? Or did he read this libelfootball exclusive! It makes for a nice link, but like most stories from this trusted site… probably a load of old horse shit.

Wenger has been chatting at a press conference. He does a bit of PR work to appease the xenophobes, he also reckons Eduardo will blossom in the new year.

Stevie B is 45 today. Happy birthday Steve! He talks to about the predominantly English youth team. It makes for an interesting read.

That’s your lot for Friday you greedy news fiends!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your patience this week!


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  1. The Prophet

    Been out the last two days but a cracking article from Alan Smith in the Telegraph today
    It could have been written on Le Grove but without the swearing. Are you secretly Alan Smith???
    If this is the only comment to day I will repeat it tomorrow with link if I can figure out how to do it