Krusty the clown joins the hate Arsenal debate!

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Krusty, otherwise known as Steven Gerrard, the inarticulate muppet from up north somewhere, has added his irritating squeaky voice to the ‘jump on the bandwagon and have a go at Arsenal’ debate.

He follows every four words with an eeeeeeh, which as an ambassador for the English team, I find embarrassing, it’s like he never went to school, and he never smiles either, what a twat.

Liverpool have bought more oversees players than anyone, there manager and assistant manager are foreign and they are owned by a yank, so ‘pot and kettle’ spring to mind, message to Krusty, shut the fuck up and mind your own business.

When Liverpool were dominating in the 80’s they had the like of Rush (Welsh) Dalglish (Scottish) Molby (Danish) Wark (Scottish) Nichol (Scottish) Grobbleaar (Rhodesian) Belgian (Irish) Rosenthall (Israeli) how many local boys?

How many English kids since Gerrard have come through? …none, that’s how many.

It’s funny that when we were 300 points behind ManU last season and out of all the cups, no one said a word, now we’re top, 27 games unbeaten in all competitions, top of our Champions league group and playing football that’s never been seen before, they all start complaining.

When Liverpool were dominant in the 80’s and ManU in the 90’s and Chelsea for two years, most of their teams had overseas players and the authorities loved it, they said how great was our league, we dominate the European Cup and attract the best players from around the world.

Arsenal do it without bringing in stars, with kids from around the globe, that could have all ended up useless, didn’t and now every one is moaning.

When ManU took the best young talent in the world did anyone complain? Where did Beckam come from, Ince? Both were from London but ManU were a draw, and probably paid them shed loads to join, now we have the best, there’s uproar.

Can you imagine if we stocked our league with David Batty’s and David Hillier’s? The Sky money would disappear in a heart beat.

If the English boys are good enough, they’ll play, if they’re not they won’t. Maybe if young English players shared the same attitude as young Cesc, the national team would be a little more motivated?

Make a judgement in 5 years time, then they’ll complain that Arsenal get all the young English talent because they are the worlds richest club!

That’s why we fill our ground every week, that’s why people pay to go on a 15 year waiting list, because we play great football.

Why don’t we say we’ll only screen British made films so that we develop our film industry, why don’t we ban all the overseas corporations from the UK because they’re damaging British business, why don’t we only sell British cars and tell the Germans and the Japanese to fuck off, we don’t, why? Because we are democratic and believe in a free market, the best will sell, if you want to be there, work harder and be as good.

That’s what makes the world go round.

Oh and a message for Krusty, go and play for a team that’s owned by English people if you’re so patriotic, you twat.

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  1. grovedigger

    I suppose the more of this we get, the better as It means they are frightened of us, funny though they never had a go at Chelsea for spending their way to a title did they?

    Great blog though, spot on.I like the new image too.

  2. Henry

    It’s just jumping on the bandwagon of obscure and pointless comments isn’t it, why does anyone take Ferguson seriously?

    He’s the worst when it comes to foreigners, after all he signed Sheringham didn’t he.

  3. Bud

    Pedro – This is a great great thing for Arsenal football club. All our best teams have had a us against the world attitude…. Even Wengers Double winning teams (Vierra, Dirty Team, Bad Losers, FA, Docked Points etc)…. Usually it is just an English thing, and we have done well each time in the English League…. Now its Global Zealousness, maybe Champs of Europe?

  4. bottom4tottenham

    Siege mentality, that’s when we’re at our best. I would like to keep Justin Hoyte though, maybe he could play center back.

    If Gerrard moans about our foreigners why does he not berate Owen, Beckam, Hargreaves, Macmanamen, Rush, Woodgate and all the others that went abroad to make money? And they went at their peak, when England needed it’s stars. Hargreaves the exception as he went to Germany first and he is Canadian.

  5. jimmyfingers

    Gerrard’s simply throwing up a smokescreen to hide his and the national side’s failings in these qualifiers. Seriously, fuck him and fuck England. A summer without having to endure England flags on every car, media hype about their chances, news reports on the shopping habits of their sluts and the inevitable limping out of the tournament to penalties at the QF stage will be a relief. Fuck ’em, I’ll support the Dutch

    Quotas can’t happen by European law. The only way they will happen is through agreement between all the clubs. That’s not going to happen so I can’t grasp why this debate lingers on? Most football fans are bored rigid of it, so it is just Arsenal bashing. Sod ’em, means they’re scared

  6. bottom4tottenham

    I agree with that comment, those wags made me sick , the trouble with boneheads like Gerrard is they’re so insulated from the real world, they can’t understand why we’re all sick of them.

    I think I’ll support France, that way I can see some decent foreigners, it’ll be like watching Arsenal.

  7. Pedro

    Does everyone like the new, unfuzzed Le grove banner?

    I do! Many thanks to Paul at the Marketing Agency, the number one Premium Agency in London.

    Gerrard is an idiot. I was listening to him in amazement. He said he’d rather sacrifice the having the best league in the world – if it meant having a great national team.

    Well Mr Stevie G… That would mean sacrificing your £120k a week wages, are you still keen?

    I wonder what his team mates think? Do you think they have the same debate in Spain? They under achieve? Probably not though!

  8. Bud

    Jimmyfingers – Silvinho is spelt wrong in that guess the team, amazing balls up that game was, by Wenger, he had Pires and Wiltord on the bench if I remeber.

    Not talking about Gerrard as I didn’t understand fuck all the mumbling Scouse Twat had to say !!!!

  9. grovedigger

    He is full of shit, he would have been a Chelsea player had some scouser not threatened to kill his ferret.

    He holds Liverpool to ransom, says on TV there’s no young talent like himself coming through, he’s fucking delusional, him and his whole team of spoilt brat mates have won fuck all in the last 3 events, I don’t know what he’s been watching.

    I would play the under 21’s with Hoyte and Richards and expect them to win more.

    Don’t forget Gerrard missed a sitter to put England through in Russia, what foreigner is he blaming that on, the cunt.

    Half of our young English talent never gets a chance to play for England.

  10. Sunnier disposition

    Gerrard is a very boring man playing for a very boring team. He should fuck off.

    I enjoyed that Cesc interview, what a great ambassador to Arsenal he is. A role model for all youngsters.

    I think that is a key point Grovedigger. How many of our leavers have gone on to forge careers with england? No one? Even Ashley Cole is too crocked of late to get a game!

    Bring on the next generation of kids!

  11. Gunnersaurus

    When is our next game? Its Wigan right?

    I know they are a shit outfit, but it looks like they’ll have a new manager in place by the time we play them. How many times does this happen to us?

    Still, the form we are in should mean that we steam roll them. Who do we think he is going to play in centre mid? Its surely got to be diarra! Denilson has looked a bit rusty. Wenger does say young players have a bit of a dip, hopefully he’ll get over it pretty quick!

  12. grovedigger

    you know I would be tempted to play Diarra and Diaby, give the flamster a rest and tell Diaby and Diarra, ‘ok guys you’ve been whining, now go and give me a headache’ we have a lot of tough fixtures in December and most of them away.

    I think some of our boys will be begging for a rest.

    We should nip this Diarra and Diaby thing in the bud pretty quickly, Denilson has a 5 year contract and sadly I think he’ll sell Gilberto.

  13. Bud

    I would like to see Diaby in the more forward centre midfield position. (which is actually his his preferred position anyway)

  14. jimmyfingers

    As the season gets on and the fixtures become increasingly congested, both Diaby and Diarra will be getting plenty of games and hopefully will shut up. They won’t be first choice and for the biggies will be back on the bench but it may keep them happy, or at least ensure a high transfer fee

    Can’t blame them for being restless but while the team is playing the way it is its very hard to break into. Unlike Rafa, Wenger adheres to the old philosophy, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  15. grovedigger

    well he does to a point jimmy, when Henry was injured, he always came back no matter what, and he never subbed him no matter how badly he played, and how many times did he take Bergkamp off when we were winning and stick Cygan on, then we weren’t?

    I don’t think it hurts to give them a rest against weaker teams. Especially with some of the players we have in reserve.

  16. Henry

    It’s not like we have Remi Garde or John Jenson in the reserves we have top totti and if you don’t give them playing time, they’ll get stale and they’ll get pissed off, we have enough games to at least bring them on as subs.

    Even If they are all foreigners!

  17. Gunnersaurus

    If we lose a game because we rotate, Wenger will be roasted for tinkering.

    Who cares if a few players are unhappy.

    We shouldn’t cave to the players. We saw how Wenger fucked it up at ManU by bringing on players with 30 mins to go. Untill things start going wrong, he should keep it the same.

    Henry always played, because he was the Prems greatest ever player and bergkamp came off because Wenger was preserving him as he was old.

  18. Bud

    But they are all foriegners and because they are all foriegners, I forgot the lovely sanwiches my wife made me for lunch today and now I am eating a roll from the bakers that cost £2.80 and its shit horrible and bland, so clearly this is all the foriegners fault !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. geoff

    so there you have it Gerrard, even the Russians are saying the reason you’re not there is because you’re overpaid and work shy.

    You and Fat Frank, who incidentally gets booed by English people because they hate him, can’t play in the same team because you don’t get played in your favourite position, you spoilt little shit, grow up.

    I hope Russia stuff Israel, so we get a new manager, one with testicles, and by the time the World cup comes around you’ll be replaced by an Arsenal player.

    Ooh! the premiership is being spoilt by nasty foreigners. I wonder is Torres thinks your a pussy like we all do.

  20. grovedigger

    I hear we’re interested in a Congo player, a young Spanish winger and Luka Modric, if any of that is true, I think we need the winger, and I can’t believe that he would choose Spurs over us.

    Whoever the manager is. He should ask Zokora, in fact I wish someone would ask Zokora how he feels now, ha fucking ha!

    I think the other two are too small, give me another Bobby Pires.

  21. Henry

    A number of bloggers are asking why Eduardo isn’t even making the bench, I think it’s an interesting one that. Wenger tends to play players he bought in last, first, like Sagna, so no more Hoyte or Eboue.

    So Diarra, Diaby, Gilberto and Eduardo do pose the question, I personally think that Eduardo will be the bollocks, but when Robin returns, Ade will be the chosen one, so Eduardo , Theo and Bendtner will always be the bench boys.

    Same for Diarra, Diaby and Gilberto, I expect we’ll get injuries, but they seem to be more center back related this term.

    We should absolutely not let them go though, be interesting to see how he keeps them happy this season.

  22. Bud

    Best way to keep Eduardo, Diarra, Biaby, Gilberto & co happy is for Arsene to go and get them an Englisman to play with, doesn’t matter if he is crap…… if you read all the websites and papers, it will make the world a better place, For you and for me and the entire human race, There are people dying, If you care enough for the living, Make a better place, For you and for me. If you want to know why, Theres a love that cannot lie, Love is strong, It only cares for joyful giving, If we try we shall see in this bliss, We cannot feel fear or dread, We stop existing and start living, Then it feels that always loves enough for us growing, So make a better world, Make a better world…

    Heal the world
    Make it a better place
    For you and for me
    And the entire human race
    There are people dying
    If you care enough
    For the living
    Make a better place
    For you and the Engalnd Football team……..

  23. geoff

    Fucking hell Bud, I think you may be sending out the wrong message here, are you sure you don’t want to recall that message and send one about hating Gerrard or something, I think we’d all respect you again.

    It’s never too late.

  24. jimmyfingers


    Sod the world

    I suspect all the discontent bench-warmers will get wrung out out Xmas and into the new year

  25. Bud

    I quite liked it actually, – I hope Michael Jackson doesn’t sue for copywrite…….

    I just wrote Heal the World and it just flowed, or I may have copied it actually…… it just seems that this gravy chain for the underachievers want to blame Arsenal for everything including World Peverty and starving Children……..

    Gerrard is just looking for excuses for his shit performances and as someone pointed out earlier, his point blank miss against Russia……… which incidentally I did not see as I was watching The Bill or something !!!!!!!!!!!