Kitson signs for Arsenal

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It’s true Readings Dave Kitson, formers Spurs fan says we are the best team on the planet etc, etc.

I know every blog site will report on this today so I won’t elaborate, but as he is now an official Arsenal columnist I had to mention the contrast between his twat racist manager who says Wenger is ruining English football and his comments, that we should win tons of silverware because our football deserves it. Well done that man.

It’s funny when every decent player on the planet went to Italy Brady, Rush, Platt, Ronaldo, Gullit, Zidane and latterly Viera, Kaka and Figo, no one including Platini, Ferguson, Moanrinho or Coppell said a word, when Madrid and Barca did likewise in this century, again no one said a word.

Now Arsenal who haven’t bought any well know stars to the Grove but scoured the world for young unknown talent and because of managerial skill have turned them into the ‘best footballing team on the planet’ Kitson’s words not mine, there’s uproar!

So no English players they cry, well suck on this one, Gavin Hoyte, Henri Lansbury, Jay Simpson, Rhys Murphy, Kyle Bartley, Matthew Connolly, Kerrea Gilbert, Mark Randall, Justin Hoyte and of course Theo Walcott.

I make that 10 and all playing for England, not to mention the ones we sold Bentley, Muamba, Pennant and Upson, again all capped by their country at some level.

I left out Gibbs as I think he may have played for Ireland, but I’m not sure.

So that’s not just 10 English kids, that’s 10 kids that have played for England, plus 4 more England players we sold. Total of 14 currently on the scene, who else can boast that?

So to the knob head gang of 4 racists that have been having a dig for how we have ruined English football, do your homework, wankers.

The problem with England and it’s players is they’re overpaid, tactically inept, and boring, and surprise, surprise, Gerrard sticks up for Maclaren, you know, the twat who picks him.

I remember the players sticking up for Sven, and the Chavs sticking up for the special sacked one, it’s funny how they always stick up for the person that picks them.

Back to Arsenal, I have never watched our team, expecting them to win away games every time, I’m looking at the December fixtures and see no reason why we can’t win them all, heck we could go all season unbeaten again, why not? This team is better than the Invincibles.

No football for two weeks but we’ll think of something to keep you all going.


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  1. Henry

    someone should send this blog to Arsenal’s PR machine, it’s time we fought back against the muppets that are always slagging us off.

    I like it though, I didn’t realise we had so many English kids myself!

  2. geoff

    Oh I forget to metion Cashley, so that makes 15 current English players.

    Silly me, how could I have forgotten that greedy, disloyal little shit, must have one of those ‘I don’t give a rats arse about him’ moments.

  3. Phatrick

    Quality stuff… keep up the good work le-grove.

    Hearing that Rednose windbag bitchin’ again is like music to my ears.

  4. Henry

    Just read Ancelotti saying that although we’re getting good results, experience is what counts in the latter stages of the Champions league.

    Is that the same Milan manager that lost the final to a shit Liverpool side 3 years ago?

    Still it’s good that we’ve rattled Milan’s cage too.

  5. bottom4tottenham

    I see Diaby has started to say he may leave in the summer if he doesn’t play more.

    This was always going to be the problem, that now makes 4 players that are unhappy if you include Gilberto, Diarra and Bendtner.

    I can see their point though, I would sooner Diaby or Diarra than Eboue though, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like Eboue, it just means I prefer the other two.

  6. Pedro

    Many good points made in todays post.

    I think our media and press are blinkered when it comes to the England team. Where are we lacking strength in the current line up? Not many places, most of the team is filled with top 4 clubs players. I dont see what difference a quota system would make.

  7. Henry

    That’s not my point, my point is for all Milan’s experience it didn’t help them win 3 years ago.

    So experience is bollocks, if you’re good enough, you’ll win it.

    We only lost to Barca because we had mad Jens sent off, if he had stayed on the pitch we would have romped it.

  8. grovedigger

    Like someone said before Pedro, quotas are against the EU convention, you cannot refuse employment to an EU country.

  9. bottom4tottenham

    I agree holloway but I thought he played well in Europe.

    I think we will keep getting these problems, he should rotate a little more, he only seems to rotate certain players.

    It’s a real problem, why don’t Madrid or ManU get these problems.

    If I was Wenger reading that I’d be pissed off with Diaby, but what the solution?

  10. geoff

    I would like to comment on the 3 Arsenal fans who are suing the club for racist chanting against Spurs fans and about Spurs fans.

    Apparently a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian.

    Well I would like to ask Arsenal to take away their season tickets because they are not Arsenal fans.

    They are religious Zealots, nutters, if they want to do religion, go to a church or a mosque or a temple, don’t go to Arsenal.

    Religion is tearing the world apart, don’t allow these freaks to do the same to our club.

    Spurs fans call themselves Yiddos, it’s part of being a football fan.

    What would these sickos have us do, sing songs from a hymn book? that’ll be fun wouldn’t it.

    Get real arseholes, there’s no room in football for you sort.

  11. Bud

    Just wrote a right long message and it didn’t work….. grrrrrrr !!!

    Anyway Geoffrey, channel your anger and the good lord will reward you.

    Alternatively, burn the C*~ts at the stake. Poxy buch of cock sucking fish stinking c*~t lips the lot of ’em !!!!!!

    Anyway, lovely morning isn’t it ?!

  12. Holloway Gooner

    They are not actually suing arsenal, they have just complained about the terminology not being punished. I think the papers are just sensationalising the story.

    I don’t agree about the rotation at all. Why should we rotate a winning team? Liverpool do and look at the problems they are having.

    The Mancs keep it the same and so do we. I am fine with it. Lets worry about rotating when we start losing or get injuries.

  13. bottom4tottenham

    When I say rotate, I don’t mean start with a different team, I mean bring on a couple of players with half an hour to go, that way certain players get rested and others get a run out, and no one gets pissed off.

  14. geoff

    Bud, we are moving over to wordpress this week with an all new look le-Grove site, so those sort of problems will be banished for good.

    Though we may encounter a few teething problems.

    What I always do when I type a message is to copy the story, that way if I lose it, I still have it.

    Yeah I know…I’m perfect.

  15. Bud

    Nice new site set-up, nice heading, will be very nice when you have ironed out the resolution problems, but perfection has to be worked on Geoff, thats life, keep going !!!!!!!

  16. Gunnersaurus

    A new blog! How exciting?

    Much easier to blog on!

    Diaby has a point, but he is young and he will get his chance when the inevitable injury crisis takes place through December.

    Has anyone noticed that black November hasn’t been so black this year?

    Heskey is back for Wigan, I hate that cunt.

  17. Gunnersaurus

    A new blog! How exciting?

    Much easier to blog on! I agree about the banner, but the idea is there. Very swish.

    Diaby has a point, but he is young and he will get his chance when the inevitable injury crisis takes place through December.

    Has anyone noticed that black November hasn’t been so black this year?

    Heskey is back for Wigan, I hate that cunt.

  18. Pedro

    Sorry about the hasty refurb! I didn’t think it would transfer over this quickly!

    Still, the comments section will be easier to work now and the site will have all sorts of features added over the coming months!


  19. Bud

    Geoff – Add Matthew Connely to that ever growing list of Arsenal players in the various England set ups. He’s just been called up to the U21’s !!!!!

  20. jimmyfingers

    ahoy arses! Split shift so I am able to partake in the daytime blogging, rathert than being the midnight blogger talking to himself

    I’m getting very tired of the refrain aginst Arsenal and their supposed lack of English players. I think it’s a case of if you say it enough it becomes true, or at least widely believed. Certain people like Fergie are repeating it simply to score points, Coppell might have been trying that too. Blatter and Platini have political axes to grind and to a point its a sort of flattery: we must be doing well to attract the attention of the two biggest power-brockers in world football.

    Now Gordon Brown has taken up the refrain (check the Guardian website for the story) but at least the thrustof his initiative is to address the real source of the problem: youth level coaching and the lack of a national academy.

    I think the reason Arsenal are getting picked on are these: we play the best football in the world. Repeat, the best football in the world. In the most watched league in the world. Didn’t more people watch the Arsenal-United game than the world cup final? Sure I read that somewhere. buts that the level of attention our team attracts, and given its viibility people want English people to be part of it. We can only preach patience and wait for the next crop to come through

    Given the standard of the domestic game, the international game seems poor in comparison. There is a level of unfair expectation on the national side to be as successful and as skillful as the club sides. People would like to watch England play football like Arsenal and I guess they believe that isn’t going to happen unless there are some England players in the side.

    I can understand that desire, but this scapegoating of Wenger and the club has got to stop. Its based at best on half-truths, at worse on pure myths. Blatter and Platini seem to want to drag the game back 20 years, when there was a quota, when there were loads of ‘British’ players in Division 1, when there was a genuine European Cup where teams like Anderlecht, Red Star Belgrade and even Ajax were contenders but you can’t stop progress, you must embrace change and try to preserve the integrity of the game as best you can. Given that Arsenal play the game in an egalitarian manner (i.e. players play on merit, nothing else) and in the right spirit (for football’s sake, the beautiful game) it is churlish in extreme to cast them as the bad guys of the European football.

    I’m going to line the fuckers up and cockpunch them to within an inch of the lives.

    is it time to invoke the old Millwall line, nobody likes us, we don’t care?

  21. Sunnier disposition

    Ahh, I see you have joined the wordpress ranks! Very nice! The text is small, but my eyes are fresh enough to handle it!

    Anyway, onto Arsenal news. It does seem that everyone is having a pop at us of late? I’ll take it as good sign though.

    Diaby has a lot of potential, but thats all it is at the moment. He needs to make more of his chances when he comes on and bide his time. Its unusual that we havent had a bout of injuries this season. It always seems to happen when you have ample back up.

    I see Hargreaves is injured again, i wonder if he will be injured for Manchester United?


  22. Holloway gooner

    Good point there Jimmy. Pundits and fans are really scrapping the barrel when they talk of Arsenal being the reason the National team is failing.

    The only reason Chelsea can afford to have English players is because they are backed by a criminal. Villa paid £9 million for Young… He looks good, but £9 million worth! I think not. I’d rather have Van the man for £2.5million.

    The logic of lowering the standard of the prem to increase the standard of the national league is absurd. Our papers seem all to keen to jump on the “I hate foreigners” band wagon. Its boring.

    Imagine taking the quota logic and applying it to the corporate world. It would be almost fascist!

  23. Bud

    I think everyone has overlooked why Platini & Blatter are giving it large on this issue……….

    They are ONLY worried about the Premiership becoming the dominant League in World football and leaving the rest of the countries as also rans, thus fucking up the competitive nature and thus INVESTMENT in the GLAMOROUS Champions League.

    All they want is parity amongst countries, and to have potential winners from all over Europe. They don’t give a fuck about English player quotas !!!!

    To me it is transparent, why has nobody else caught on to this?

  24. Pedro

    I have never seen it from that angle before. I thought the big wigs were trying to lower the standard of club football to make international football more appealing. The world cup ain’t what it used to be.

    The eastern bloc is making a comeback though, plenty of cash being flashed in those parts!

    If we had quota’s the smaller countries would be fucked, no outside investment and a shrunken pool of players to choose from. Look at how many foreigners they have in the Belgium and Dutch leagues.

    It wont happen while the EU exists which is a good thing.

  25. jimmyfingers

    Holloway: yes, we didn’t join the ridiculous merry-go-round of Chelsea and ManU playing insanely inflated fees for the top Engish talent. We simply didn’t have the cash and now we do, we still won’t. Good. That said we did have a punt and if they had made the grade we could have a team line up that included Jeffers, Wright, Upson, Pennant, Bentley and even Cashley if he wasn’t a cock.

    The quota system is positive discrimination, like they practise in South African sport often to the detriment of the quality of the game. The same would happen here.

    Bud: nail on head mate. I was getting at that when I said they want to take the game back 20 years. Back then the domestic game was gusty and fast but pretty grisly as a spectacle and we were fucking shit in Europe (when they let us play). The game has moved on, and trying to slow that down or reverse it is pissing in the wind.

    In an ideal world, Platini’s vision of European football would be great: a purer form of the European cup, a more level playing field for clubs throughout Europe to compete for players and audiences, less money flowing towards the tops clubs. To achieve that draconian measures would have to be put in place: salary caps, quota systems, transfers limited in both value and number and on and on. Essentially a footballing communism.

    However all of that is against the vested interests of the clubs. They are now the big pull for the TV audience and the magnet for all the money in the game. For UEFA and FIFA to go against them would tantamount to a civil war. Platini idea to give the fourth CL spot to cup winners has already been quashed by the leagues.

    I think Blatter does want to devalue the domestic European game. The top leagues demand too much attention from the TV audience and generate too much revenue for themselves. He wants a return to the time when domestic leagues were secondary to the shining showcase of footballing exotica that was the world cup (except when we were there to kick lumps out of people, both on and off the pitch) but too late fat boy.

    And here’s the rub: you know the ironic song sang by many a lesser club ‘its just like watching Brazil’? These days Arsenal are the new Brazil and that is why he is gunning for us

    But we got all the guns. We are the Arsenal

  26. geoff

    Finally I’m on the new site!

    Good to see you all got on too, the thing with the state of English football is this, the manager’s a complete cunt, if we picked the form players instead of the celebs, we would be in great shape, but we don’t.

    Why does Maclaren need to visit Beckam, a has been, twice in Hollywood? answer is to have a good time, arsehole, he knows how good or bad Beckam is because he’s been England captain for far too long.

    Go and look at the Hoyte’s and the Walcott’s of this world, the Nolan’s and the Ashton’s, then you might have a team that wants to win, more than a player that’s more interested in his stupid fucking haircut.

    Okay that’s me done, we’ll work on getting the type bigger tomorrow.

    Thanks for your support Grovers.

  27. spanish connection

    We can’t lose tonight, if we win wer’e all on the jolly in June and if we lose wer’e on a jolly because McClown will be tin tacked.

    The good news just in, Beckham has been dropped ( should never have been brought back) and fumbling robbo has finally been axed, which means we do not have to continuously spill our beer everytime a corner or cross comes in, thinking he’s going to flap and then drop the ball and lose us a goal.

    However being England through and through I cannot help but to want a win and to give me a few extra piss ups through the summer and the continued search for the holy grale of football-A TROPHY

  28. spanish connection

    But on a serous note, i think whoever is to become the new punchbag of the english press, the fa should put a clause into the contract that all coaching and technical skills, such as passing must be taken at the arsenal, under wenger, for at least the next 2 years to make sure we qualify for the next world cup.

  29. spanish connection

    Or the ever so well spoken chaps at the fa could, if they have not been sacked along with McClown, save a load of dosh and employ Bilic, because the techical ability and passing skills were just like watching the Arsenal (which i do not do very often), very impressed.