Cesc took one for the team

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Didn’t you just love it when Cesc deliberately got himself booked, so he only misses the Wigan at home game? What a warrior!

Well I have to say I was very surprised at Wenger’s team selection, in fact I was staggered, we played 4-5-1 in our last two matches and draw, he says ‘I made a mistake’ and then we play Reading and he does it again!

For the first half that we totally dominated we had nothing to show for it, apart from a Flamini goal that was more down to him and his steamroller style of ‘give me the fucking ball’ than tactics, I thought it was a mistake, Reading had eleven behind the ball and weren’t coming out.

Every time we passed back to Almunia, he side footed to a defender, which showed how many forwards they had up front. I also thought we were trying to pass it into the net and found myself joining with the pub crowd and shouting ‘shooooooot’ although I am being critical, and I know I’m becoming a spoilt bastard, we were, absolutely in control and played fantastic football, I just hate 4-5-1 though.

It was good to see Adebayor score at last, he was unlucky in the first couple of minutes and he thoroughly deserved his passed in shot. Hleb only scored because he had no-one else to pass to, but it was a great goal all the same.

My point being we could have won 10 nil, we were so good we should have had more shots, and more players on the pitch that can shoot.

I thought he left it way to late when he bought the rub-a-dubs on.

Still we won and did it convincingly, I really think this could be our season, and the nonchalant way Cesc got himself booked was better than the goals, that kid is class, pure class.

I expect Diarra rather the Denilson will take his place in the middle, but long gone are the days when I winced at the subs bench, we have class coming out of every pore, oh it’s great to be an Arsenal fan.

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  1. James

    I though Diarra looked good when he came on, Hleb had a blinder also!

    I wish he wouldn’t play fucking Eboue, hes not good enough to play on the wing and way to theatrical…why cant he shoot as well!? he gets so many good scoring opportunities but fucks every one of them up!

  2. James

    Rosickys done far more than Eboue has done this season?!

    How many clear cut chances has Eboue had but messed up this season? how many did he miss against Liverpool? and as for being theatrical do you not remember his ridiculous dive in the Champions League Final that led to our goal!? You dont want to score a goal due to cheating! we dont need players like Eboue at Arsenal

  3. henry

    I have to agree, when I saw Eboue’s name on the team sheet I said ‘oh bollocks’ it’s not a case of hating him, I just don’t think he’s good enough, I would certainly preferred Bendtner or Walcott.

  4. Holloway Gooner

    I notice how Shottah can’t tell us what value Eboue offers the team? You can’t make a statement like that without backing it up?

    I can’t believe someone would play the lame race card on a blog!


  5. henry

    does that pratt know Eboue is in fact from the Ivory Coast?

    And just because he is black doesn’t automatically mean he’s from Nigeria.

    What a truly strange comment!

  6. geoff

    Don’t worry Holloway we’re taking him off, he didn’t read the sub heading that says ‘the blog where you can have an opinion, not get one’

    This site is to have fun, not slag off fellow bloggers.

    He’s history!

  7. grovedigger

    good going Geoff! I thought Gilberto looked really fed up last night, it’s a real shame but what can you do?

    Flamini’s on fire.

  8. Bud

    A bit of Eboue bashing today eh, he was not very good, but neither was Rosicky, or Hleb for the first half hour etc….. he is picked, he doesn’t pick himself, and who wants to question Arsene…. doesn’t the saying go “ARSENE KNOWS”… how many times have we mistrusted him only to feel like a rotten scoundrel turncoat back stabbing bitch (fuck, that sounds like a Spurs fan…. whoops !!!!).

    And wasn’t it funny when Fabregas couldn’t keep that grin off his face when the TV asked if he was dissapointed with his booking…. Even Manu Petit and the Scouse Curly Haired twat Steve Macwomanaman were laughing about the conveniance of missing the home to Wigan game !

  9. Pedro

    I think eboue will come good, he just has a bit of walcottitis at the moment. He never knows whether to pass, shoot or run!

    He has a lot of skill though!

  10. geoff

    good question and one I asked myself, I thought we only wore red socks when the other team wears white, very strange that.

  11. The Prophet

    Watching from a pub in the midlands it was good to see all the arsenal fans wearing their shirts and the general acceptance from the neutrals of how good we are. I agree Eboue is frustraing and I keep slagging him off but Bud made a very good piont I know at least one of you thought Flamini was crap for up until this season!!! Arsene knows so I will keep faith with him.

    I thought the kit last night looked great and reminded me of the team in the sevnties or perhaps I was just drinking alot last night

  12. jimmyfingers

    Eboue is a defender basically, and that is shown up when he’s pressed into the midfield. Potentially excusable when you’re playing a big boy as he’ll bring steel, but against Reading he serves no purpose. I think the main reason we’re frustrated with him is that there are other more creative he’s keeping on the bench. We all want to see more of the 3-Ds

  13. grovedigger

    drinking not big and it’s not clever … just shitting you, how many did you have?

    I don’t think Eboue is shit he’s just not as good as having a forward there.