Go for the Jugular

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No excuses tonight, we’re only playing Reading and the muppet that manages them, ex Manc Steve Coppell has slagged our young foreigners off big time and he needs to be punished.

No 2 nil win will do here, we need to win big and send out a message to the worlds best team Manchester United, that we and not them are in fact the worlds best team.

We don’t need to win ugly as Almunia says, we need to win playing the football we did last year and tonk them. Send them down if you will.

With the team fit again, save young Robin, the forwards should be sending a message regarding selection to their boss, Slavia Prague was not good enough, no excuses tonight, go for the jugular.

Good news that Chelsea drew and Liverpool were lucky, scoring in the last 10 minutes, ManU played half the game against 10 men and should have done better but tonight we have a real opportunity to show our championship credentials.

ManU have an easy run coming up so we need to get the points on the board tonight.

May well be a game for Diarra and his amazing engine, but I expect the team to look like this.


Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Hleb Flamini Cesc Rosicky

Walcott Adebayor

Subs Bendtner Eduardo Gilberto Diarra

I’ll be at the pub tonight and really don’t want to be standing there biting my nails, from the off boys and show the world what you’ve got.

Arsenal 4 nil.

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  1. grovedigger

    These are the games that we really ought to win, no excuses you’re right, rip ’em apart.

    5 nil, nothing else will do!

  2. Henry

    I read that gingerminge Kitson says we should win the league because of the football we play, and he’s a Spurs fan.

    For that we should allow him one shot.

  3. grovedigger

    I used to like Coppoff but I hate him now.

    Can’t work out why people like him shoot themselves in the foot like that.

    All it will do is make our boys play even better.

    nobhead Manc goat fucker..

  4. bottom4tottenham

    Have you been peeking grovedigger, ha, ha I like it though.

    I hope we score early so I can enjoy the game tonight.

  5. Anonymous

    we need to play high up the pitch tonight and Adebayor needs to put his scoring boots on, either that or we need to start looking around.

    Theo, Eduardo and Bendtner need to as well.

  6. Henry

    Is it me or did Cashley leave us to go to the chavs because they were sponsored by a mobile phone company, and he needed a new one as his old one was still up Pennants arse?

    Anyway back to tonight, I reckon 3 nil because they are already saying they are going to play football.

  7. grovedigger

    I think he lost 2 phones because he’s been up his own arse for two years now, I assumed that was because he was looking for his mobile!

    I think tonight one of our forwards will make a name for themselves, I just feel it in my water.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Fully agree, we need to get at them early doors. If we get an early goal, they will crumble. This is a 3 pointer for definite. We can’t afford to drop points against teams like Reading.

    I hope Eduardo plays a blinder, surely we won’t play 4-5-1!

  9. Henry

    I can see him playing Eduardo, but it”s time he stepped up to the plate, I think he needs to give Wenger a selection headache.

  10. Bud

    The semi in my pants tells me tonight is gonna be a good night. 7-1…. anyone wanna take my bet???

    Tonight is gonna be the night Arsenal show they can be outstanding away from home also !!!

  11. Holloway Gooner

    I’ll take your semi, I mean bet…!

    I don’t think it will be that high scoring, maybe a 1-0?

    Adebayor needs to start scoring sharpish. The man hasn’t scored in 6?

  12. gooner1

    I reckon eduardo will step up tonight, look what he did against the blades he has potential he just needs a few goals under his belt. Ade needs to up his game in terms of goals but remember he has been on his own recently so lets see a show tonight tear them to pieces!!

  13. grovedigger

    I’m not saying bud hasn’t always made me nervous especially when he goes on about his willy, but the semi bit has really made me frightened.

    Anyway I think whoever he plays up front has to score a few tonight, we’ve been to reliant on the midfield, christ the last goal came from a center back! so tonight the forwards have to show what they’re worth.

    It has to be 4-4-2. Anyone think he’ll sell Rosicky?

  14. Henry

    You know he may do, if this Luca Modric story has any truth ot it or Diego Capel from Seville, it could be, they are both left sided I think and although I really like Rosicky, he does get an awful lot of injuries.

    My gut feeling is, he won’t sell him and all the stories are bollocks.

    Having said that the Modric sorty has been going a while now.

    Lehman’s gobbing off again, I would like to see a new goalie though.

  15. geoff

    you know this Wengers ruining English football story just won’t go away.

    Let me try and end this particular bit written by Coppell, the Fergie loving Manc arsekisser.

    You can have no opinion if you are owned by someone who is not English, period, end of argument.

    Fergie is neither English nor is his club owned by the English.

    Coppell on the other had is, yes I know he’s a Manc, but they’re still in England, however his boss Madjeski is not, so as I said he has no say on us buying from abroad.

    So stick your foreign owned head up your Manc fucked arse you stinking little toe rag, who incidentally never won a thing, except of course relegation with Palace.

    Sorry for the bad language Grovers, I had to get that off my chest.

  16. geoff

    Waxed, ready for adult beverages and a good hammering tonight of our Yugoslavian friends that bought a small town near Heathrow dear bud!

  17. Bud

    Splendid……. I will be watching with a nice bottle of Chablis and 2 rounds of Venison and ENGLISH mustard sandwiches (left overs from yesterdays roast !!!)

  18. jimmyfingers

    Seems strange that people are so determined to perpetuate this collective myth of Wenger ruining English football. I think a factor of it is that we play the best football and are the neutral’s choice and there’s a resentment that English players aren’t a greater presence in the team. It must also be something to do with his ability to develop young players and why he hasn’t done it with someone English.

    However it is a myth because of several key reasons:

    Firstly English players have come through the ranks, and even been bought. You can argue whether they had sufficient chance or not but they did have a chance and didn’t prove themselves to be of Arsenal quality. Their subsequent careers seem to justify that (I’m thinking Wright, Upson, Jeffers, Pennant, Sidwell among others. Bentley may be an exception, but it doesn’t say much that big European clubs are beating down Blackburn’s door to sign him)

    Other top teams buy plenty of foreign talent and don’t have massive amount of homegrown English talent in their ranks. Clear case of trying to single Arsenal out.

    England will forever under-achieve. They’ve been doing since time immemorial and they show no sign of changing (’66 apart). At least in the past they’ve been gusty underdogs, rather than the over-paid pampered favourites they’ve become. Somewhere the heart and defiance that typified players like Pearce, big Tony, Platty to name but a few has fucked off and been replaced by utter cunts like Cashley more interested in column inches. Seriously at the moment the England team can fuck off and that’s not because the lack of talent, but because they’re twats. That’s why we are shit

    Oh, and no-one mentions there’s a lack of English coaches that are worth shit anymore. Maybe if we had a few good ‘uns like Fergie (sorry), Mourinho (sorry again) and Wenger (no apologies for that one) then maybe we could appoint someone that whip the cunts into shape.

    Rant over, Wenger has nothing to do with the malaise in this or any other national side, and people that say so have an agenda, either because they like the sound of their own voice (Blatter) or is trying to get a rise out of Wenger (Fergie and Coppell) or is pissed at the scouting system (Platini). It’s an easy gong to bang these days and a short-cut to thinking for cunts like Fergie and Coppell

    Oh, and when we had shitloads of Englishmen in the side the national team won fuck all

    Hope we beat Reading, the end

  19. jimmyfingers

    I’ve reduced to listening to Radio 5 through the computer (don’t ask) and can I say Stan Collymore is the man in most need of a cockpunch on the planet. I feel the need to hack off my ears for fear of hearing his stupid brummie twang telling me how Arsenal aren’t moving the ball fast enough

    Fuck off and play in traffic

  20. Bud

    Simple Training Ground exercise really…. Eboue and Rosicky were dissapointing, but overall, half paced but satisfactory !!!

  21. geoff

    Good blogging boys, to the bitter end eh?

    Fab got booked on purpose, but team did enough and that’s all I can say really.

    I’ll take it.