Cesc will say for life

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Morning fellow Grovers! A very interesting article in this mornings Sunday times on Cesc, the boy king of the new generation. He talks about his time at Barca, for a nano second, why he went back last week and why he could happily stay at Arsenal for ever. At last! more on that later.

I watched Getafe beat the dream team last night and once again it was a pleasure to watch old flame and ex superstar Thierry Henry stand next to Xabi (or Iniesta I’m not sure) and beg to take a free kick, words were exchanged which I thought were ‘Ok Thierry, former Arsenal superstar, show us your magic’.

2 seconds later and a told off Thierry trotted to the box, free kick was taken, not by him, missed and that was that, oh how the mighty fall.

I know I harp on about it, but those greedy scumbags spent two seasons tapping TH14 up, got him, said it was the dream team and watch out world and look what happened.

Greedy Henry who doesn’t understand what a contract is and bully boys Barca who don’t understand what the rules are have gotten their reward, much the same as Cashley and Moanrihnio got theirs.

Back onto football, shame about Liverpool, still last ten minutes doesn’t bode well for them does it? The others play today so we can only hope Blackburn go for it.

Good luck to them.

Tomorrow will be a good opportunity for Eduardo again or Walcott if he plays him up front, I think Arsene has to realise Theo can’t play on the wing.

Apologies for no blog yesterday we had huge problems, but we are rectifying those and will explain how later this week, as we said before we are here to stay.

Finally thank you Senor Cesc for your loyal comments and making my day.


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