Sign him up!

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Gilberto is quoted as saying he wants to finish his career at Arsenal. There are compelling arguments for both sides, here they are, you choose.

Sign him) He is 31 now, he has awesome experience and is still one of the best holding midfielders in the world, he also has the dressing room and I suspect it would be a downer if Wenger threw out another 30 something year old, just because he’s over 30, that may have had something to do with Vieira and Henry going as well as Pires holding out for two more years, Dennis was the exception, I think Gilberto has been the model professional and as such we should keep him around until he is 34, so extend his contract by a year and show some loyalty, he has.

Sell him) By the time his current deal ends he will be 33, we’ll get nothing for him then and arguably £7mil now would be good business, especially as we have cover in abundance. He is getting to the age where his skills will decline and he will get more and more aggrieved by being on the bench.

Whichever way you look at it it’s a conundrum, I would keep him, as to me he is the Martin Keown of the third generation and a steady hand when we need it, he hasn’t complained once even though he was snubbed, outrageously in my book, for the captaincy.

You don’t just dump the wife because she’s getting older do you? Well in theory you don’t!

The lacklustre performance midweek was a good thing, it puts the fringe players in their place and sends out the message, you just weren’t good enough against the team the big boys beat 7 nil, so bide your time and keep your heads down.

We need a thumping win against Reading to send a big message out and by Monday the chasing pack will be at our heels and ManU will more than likely be top, albeit for two days.

Robin should be back soon and I personally can’t wait, for me Ade works hard but is not really a prolific goalscorer, I think with Robin by his side he will get more goals, Eduardo will happen but he has the curse of the ‘new boy from abroad’ syndrome, but he will come good, of that I have no doubt.

We still need a world class center back and a left winger (Did anyone see the awesome Ribery last night?), I have a feeling Wenger has something in store for us, it doesn’t need much, just a bit a stability when Gallas or Toure are out, Djourou can offer that, but Phil I don’t think can. Drafting Song in is like the days of Stepanovs and Cygan, okay, but not world class and could cost us.

You already know my views on goalkeepers, the Bolton Finnish keeper with the hard to pronounce name is being touted, but I’m not sure, I like the way he wastes time though.

It will be a very boring weekend unless of course ManU lose, Liverpool lose and Chelsea lose. Oh if only!

Till tomorrow Grover’s.


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  1. Anonymous

    good point, I wonder if Arsene reads this blog?

    I think Diarra looks the bollocks and is ready for a run, so I don’t know where Gilberto will fit in, I think he needs to be a bit flexible, Keown was for most of his career, there’s a good example to follow.

    Fit in and stay on, sign him up.

  2. Sunnier disposition

    Arsenal will be inline for a law suit before long! The EU are bringing in work place discrimination laws. Watch out Mr Wenger.

    Its a shame we ditch our 30 year olds so willingly, its like Logans run. Pires is still doing it, and ManU have a number of over 30’s still bossing it.

    Makelele is a fine example of an over 30 being useful, ask Diarra.

  3. Holloway Gooner

    A mighty wholsome blog this morning.

    The feeds are very dull this morning. Not even Sportingo could rustle up an article.

    Just a quick observation.

    What is it with these foreign players and this statement.

    “I am calm”

    It seems to be the “You Know” of the foreigners. Cesc said it yesterday when asked about his future. It drives me crazy.

  4. Pedro

    A worrying comment by ade! You are seeing the best of me… what!

    I hope not, surely he can be better than he is!

    I want 20 goals out of that man!

  5. Anonymous

    first of all Gilberto is a quality asset but i agree that if we could get 7-10mil for him that would be good business. i am getting sick and tired of this Quota bull**** everyone keeps saying. if anything it will not have a huge impact on Arsenal domestically because we produce loads of average English players such as Sidwell, where would Reading be if we hadn’t let him go, probably still gracing the Championship. so Steve Coppell shut the F*** up. how bout Bentley, would blackburn be doing that well if we hadn’t let him go on the cheap. Upson would Birmingham have done so well without him. the list can go on for days. like Arsen said these players aren’t your Gerrards your Rooney, so whether or not we introduce quotas its not gonna affect the quality of our national team. look at the Champions League. the country that has done the best over the last few years has been England. Three finalists in the last two years. If quotas were introduced Arsenal, Man u, Chelsea and Liverpool would take the best English players from all other clubs and we’d have an even bigger divide between the top four and everyone else because Sunday League players would actually have a chance of getting into a team.

    Now i ask you this how boring would the league be then. Any one who claims Arsene doesn’t like English players is talking absolute boll****. if you look at his transfer activity you will see his most expensive buys have been English. have any of these players shown good value, no and not yet in theo’s case. where is Jeffers now. We paid the same for Jeffers and Henry. Everyone is always quick to judge but look at our youth team now how many english players are in that. we try to produce English players but they just aren’t as good as the foreign imports. a quota would just make our Leagur less competitive if that is even possible and it would make us massively out of depth in the European competitions.

    I think you will all agree

  6. geoff

    I agree with you, truth is, I think UEFA and FIFA would have big trouble with the EU and these quotas, it’s against the constitution to deny EU States and their people the right to employment.

    Just look at the human rights bill and the shit we get from that pile of crap, try messing with the right to work, and hell will fall on them, it will never happen.

    They are all half witted Zealots that don’t think anything through.

  7. grovedigger

    So is Thierry Henry, I just read that Lionel Messi passed to Goofey 23 times in the last game and Henry got it twice.

    What a great decision that was, going there, arrogant bastard.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Well said!

    Get this man a blog of his own!

    I think the next crop of young english players will be pretty special. You can normally tell how good they will be by how well they do in the Under 18’s World cup. Lansbury and co did quite well!

    So heres to the future!

  9. geoff

    I warned him last season.

    1) you won’t be captain

    2) you won’t be first choice

    3) you won’t take corners

    4) you won’t take free kicks

    5) you won’t be the star

    6) they won’t sing your name from the terraces

    7) they’ll get on your back with your first bad game

    8) you’ll regret it big time

    There’s a surprise Thierry, great advice from Darren Dein, I bet you’re glad you listened to David when you appointed him.

    You have been well and truly hoisted by your own petard and I for one don’t give a rats arse, you broke my heart and your picture is off my wall.

  10. Pedro

    You tell him Geoff!

    Looks like its pretty dead round these parts today?

    All the sites are dead! People must still be in a coma after the last game.

    That is amusing about Thierry! He’s not in the boys club is he! haha!

  11. bottom4tottenham

    So Gerrard says we are playing as good as we can and unlike Chelsea, ManU and themselves, we have had no injuries yet.

    Well when we played them last year we had 9 players out and no Gallas, Henry and Van Persie for half a season.

    This year we’ve had Gallas out for two months, very little have we seen of Rosicky, Senderos and RvP so what is the scouse twat on?

    Also this team hasn’t peaked, it will only get better as the years go on.

    Like the ManU team of the 90’s and look what we have coming behind this team!

  12. jimmyfingers

    been working most of the day, and drinking the rest of it, so I have nothing constructive to say beyind

    Up the Arse!