Carling Cup team get Champions league run out

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Well, I don’t have much to say about that! We got the point needed to qualify, we didn’t concede and we showed that we can play in the rain (Clutching at straws here!).

When the team was announced I was quite shocked. All the players that were being touted for a call up were being played. Diarra, Eduardo, Diaby, Walcott, Gilberto, Denilson, Bendtner and Song (I kid, I kid) were all in the starting 11. It was in effect, the Carling Cup team. Thats where the similarities ended! A dull bore draw was all that could be mustered on a damp evening in Prague.

I’m not going to go too deep into individual performances today. Bendtner and Eduardo were quiet all night, that may be down to the lack of service from midfield. Denilson was a peripheral figure, Gilberto plodded along and Walcott wasn’t at his best. I did think Diaby was good. He was up and down the wing all night and showed a lot of skill and pace. He does have a habbit of fading in and out of games though. I thought Diarra looked great again, his power and pace really shine through.

I’m not going to talk about Song too much. I don’t really rate him that highly. If I slate him, people will argue he helped keep a clean sheet, which is fair. I’m not going to bash him, I just can’t wait for our big Swiss centre back to return from Birmingham. Song gives me nightmares.

I thought Almunia showed great character last night. He dealt well with back passes in shocking conditions and he made a couple of great saves when called upon. Good man!

Arsene Wenger reckons he could use the same team against Seville in a couple of weeks.

“The young players could play in Seville. To finish first is important. You play a team that is second and the second game is at home, so it is a double advantage. I have not looked at the groups; it is a bit early to speculate who we might play.”

I suppose he has to trust the players he has, and I’m sure they are good enough to turn over Seville. I hope he doesn’t sacrifice top spot for a bit of rotation though? Mind you, it tends not to matter where you finish in your group. You can end up playing one of the big boys regardless.

Overall, we can’t argue with the result, it was fair and we’ve now done enough to qualify.

The Reading vs Arsenal game is set to be a family affair for Sonko. Apparently he holds the record for the most relatives playing professional football. Read here for snippets of Arsene’s 4-4-2 interview.

Its going to be a boring day on the newsfeeds, so here’s a suggestion.

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  1. Anonymous

    You dun good to get that much out of a match report. Gunnerblog didnt even say anything!

    Im pleased though! We got thru and in years gone by we might av lost!

    Good blog, i like it!

  2. Holloway Gooner

    What I dull game! I did however predict such a result, along with bud. Does that not entitle us to some sort of Grove prize?

    The important thing is qualification. Something we can boast about and something liverpool are going to struggle for!

    I thought Diarra was impressive, he does love to bomb forward. I wonder if he’d get goals in a central midfield position?

  3. Sunnier disposition

    I’m shocked about some of the bad reviews we’ve had? What do people want! We got through and we kept a clean sheet! Unbeaten in 26 games. How impressive have we been this year? I am shocked. Even the most optimistic Gooner would never have predicted such a ressurgance.

    I’m looking forward to giving reading another pasting. They have been poor this year. Second season jitters!

  4. Bud

    I have a theory !

    Wenger is playing Song and talking him up as a centre back as he is going to ship him out to Birmingham when Swiss comes back !

    Wouldn’t be a bad thing for Denilson to go and have half a season at Birmingham as well. Great potential talent, but a ring rusty performance and not match fit would be the best description on his performance. Half a season playing forst team is what I think his development needs now, otherwise I am worried we may ruin his potential by not playing him….. does anyone agree???

  5. Gunnersaurus

    Is anyone fancying us for the Champions League this year? I think i’d prefer the prem, but any trophy will do! We have been starved for long enough.

    I’m a bit concerned about Chelsea’s resurgence, they have looked solid for a few weeks now. If we can beat them in December it will be a true indicator of how far we have come. I’d love to stick two fingers up to that cunt Ashley Cuntface.

  6. Gooner Barry

    Its a far fetched conspiracy theory bud, but I like it!

    Denilson does have to go out on loan for a but. Any of the lower prem clubs would benefit from his silky skills and vision. I would be shocked if any Prem team took Alex Song, he really isn’t good enough.

    I fancy us for the Prem.

  7. Bud

    ANd lets talk about my Spanish Waiter friend…. I remind many of you to revisit your comments on Monday !

    He was impeccable and if it wasn’t for him, we would have been putting up this morning with all and sundry slating us for thew most embarrassing defeat in Champions League history (or at least thats how the press would have reported it !!!) and have a dog fight again to qualify !!!

  8. Pedro

    I still maintain that he isn’t good enough as a long term solution. Short term though, I’m fine.

    There is a piece on ANR about him. Its a good read and sums up what I have been thinking.

    Your spanish waiter was good though, that save was excellent. Maybe he wont make a mistake like the manc on again. Rushing out seems to be his only fault. Better than shite handling…

  9. Anonymous

    I think your being unfair on Moonia. The guy makes one mistake all season and you jump on his back. Give the guy a fucking break. Van de sar fucks up all the time and no one calls for his head. Did you see Borucs fuck ups the other week? Fucking horrendous.

    The boy does alright.

  10. Gunnersaurus

    Bud, are you posting comments agreeable to your own opinion? That is a sin in the code of blog conduct!

    I would have to agree with his expletive ridden post. We are to quick to jump on players backs and he isn’t that bad. I just hope he can maintain consistency in the big games as well.

  11. Pedro

    Like i said, he is fine for the short term, I just think a team like Arsenal should have a rock in goal.

    I prefer him to Jens!

  12. Le Grove

    Libel football update:

    Nicklas Bendtner’s Dad has ruled out the Arsenal striker returning to Birmingham City in January.

    Bendtner hit 13-goals during his season-long loan to help Birmingham’s assent back to the top flight, but his father, Thomas, has said he is not looking to return to the Midlands and wants to establish himself in Arsene Wenger’s plans instead.

    “We know that Bruce would like to have Nick back and he also enjoyed his time at Birmingham very much, but he won�t go on loan any more,” Bendtner’s father, who also acts as his representative, said.

    “It was a very good year for him but it won�t happen. I can promise you one thing, we will definitely not go on loan anywhere, that is for sure.

    “I know that a club like Inter has been trying to switch him for Adriano, but Arsenal is not interested, so basically that is the situation.”

    Thomas added: “I�m sure that Wenger will give Nick the chance, he is only 19 years old so he will come, no doubt about it.

    “We are completely on top of his situation and Adebayor is not long term, somewhere down the line he will get injured and then it will be Nick’s turn, so I�m full of confidence on that.”


    Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has ruled out any imminent return to Barcelona.

    Cesc and Alex Hleb were at the Nou Camp last night to see Barca’s 2-0 defeat of Rangers and when asked about a return to his former club, he told DiarioSport: “I am very calm.

    “I am very happy at Arsenal and I do not think about anything else other than continuing a good level in my team.

    “I’m not here for anything else other than the good weather and see Barca play.

    “I’m happy at Arsenal. It is the club that always has supported me. I feel very close to Arsenal and happy.”

  13. Bud

    Slanderous Gunnersaurus !!!!!!!!

    I would never break the code, nor would I ever need to cheat to agree my own convictions !

    I would though like to know who our Mystery Blogger is….. give us a clue or do you work for MI5 or something?

    Maybe it is in fact our own Mad Manuel No-More-Nails Almunia, the premierships finest performing keeper ??!!!!

  14. Holloway Gooner

    Good news on 3 fronts today then!

    Gilberto wants to stay, Cesc wants to stay and Nikki b is settled and waiting for Ade to get injured!

    I’m not happy at Cesc and Hleb going to the Barca match together! That sort of behaviour should not be tolerated!

  15. geoff

    I don’t think people are slagging Almunia off, I think they’re saying if he’s not good enough to feature in the Spanish set up, he’s not what we need long term.

    I like him, but I would prefer Buffon or such like.

    Song is shit, full stop.

    Denilson should go out on loan and I think he needs to start playing Diaby and Diarra, rotate if he must, but those guys should be being played more regularly.

    Bendtner has proved he’s not ready yet, so someone should tell his dad.

    I quite agree if Fabregas wanted to watch someone, he should have been in Prague.

    Sell him amd Hleb and put Song in.


  16. Bud

    My my…. all a bit quiet today. Presume all are filling your sandbags for the floods rather than being all despondant about our below average performance ?!!!