Arsenal 9 Slavia Prague 0

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Yep that’s my prediction, we lost our record to a pedestrian Liverpool side last night, it has to be the shortest held record in Champions league football, our kids will want it back, where better to do it than in Prague.

Okay we need to get the team right first and this is the team we should go with.


Sagna Hoyte Gallas Traore (with Clichy and Gilberto as options)

Walcott Denilson Diarra Diaby (with Gilberto and Eboue as options)

Bendtner Eduardo (with Ade as an option)

I know I have Gilberto in two possible roles but that’s because I really, really don’t rate Song. Is it me? What do you people think?

I believe this team will get at them from the off, is young enough to go for it and good enough to get the 9 goals we need to have any chance of addressing the ‘great’ and ‘lucky’ balance once more.

When we got 7 everyone said ‘yeah but look at the team we played’ I haven’t read one article this morning that said that about Liverpool, I can’t call them the scousers any more as red nose said they weren’t.

We did Fergie yesterday and the simple way to sum up his criticism is he himself isn’t English, so cannot have an opinion. Wenger makes his stand on the matter very clear here.

Liverpool and Spurs planning new grounds irritates me a bit, as Liverpool will have the option of 74.000 seats, I hope we have that too as we could most certainly fill the ground, getting in and out though is another matter.

I think Wenger has a real problem with Rosicky as he always seems to be injured, maybe we should get a left winger in January as I’m not sure Rosicky will ever be a regular, shame as he’s so gifted, but we can’t play him, lose him for 2 then wait three more for him to be good, then he gets injured again.

I sincerely hope Wenger doesn’t get tempted to buy English as he feels under pressure, there really isn’t an English player I would want, save maybe Joe Cole, but then he’s like Rosicky and besides Chelsea would never sell him to us.

I hope we use our third kit tonight as I really don’t like the white kit, if it was red and white (pardon the pun) maybe, but I never liked the red current kit, when we had white shorts against Sheffield it grew on me a tad, but I prefer red or yellow.

If we can get through tonight without any injuries we should get 6 points from the next two and then be ready for the Chelsea game, and for the first time since Abramovich came I think we can do them.

Happy blogging Grovers.


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  1. Henry

    It’s not that I’m nervous, far from it, it’s more anticipation, like I can’t wait, I hope we wear or hooped kit as well.

    Wenger said Gilberto and Song will play.

  2. bottom4tottenham

    9 nil, I like your confidence! I want to be on your side in the next war.

    I’ll settle for a win, but if I had to guess, it would be 1-4 to us of course.

  3. Anonymous

    it would be nice if we could win, that way I think we would top the group even if we didn’t max out the last two games, but with this record we have going, I don’t want it to end.

  4. grovedigger

    just watching your video clips pedro my son, it makes me struggle to see why Ade doesn’t score more.

    Perhaps he just needs a partner that feeds him, who knows.

  5. Anonymous

    We have beaten Chelsea with Abramovich there, Ranieri was manager.We were the last team 2 win at the bridge. We didnt beat them when Jose Was Manager. Song will be good enough Eduardo to shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP THE ARSENAL

  6. geoff

    I know we beat them anonymous, I was there that day, I just didn’t believe we could beat them.

    That’s why this is the first time I fancy us to win.

    Who are you, it’s like talking to Zorro, the masked blogger.

  7. Boris Godunov

    Why not round it up to 10 goals? Sounds much more convincing, impressing and memorable. Add a clean sheet to that, and I’ll be alright. I really hope the boys make a target practicing out of this game. We desperately need some entertainment after the Manure and Liver games. Song’s been a question mark for some time now for most supporters and I wonder if he needs something radical like Sagna’s white hair locks. I feel sorry for Diaby though, everybody’s pushing him to the left wing where he obviously doesn’t belong. Anyway, this is the first season when I feel very confident about Arsenal’s chances in Europe.

  8. Anonymous

    I am the unknown gooner. We will demolish chelsea. we will qualify tonight. Liverpool can have there record but they will not qualify, and finally Ryan Babel babels on. One min Arsenal are the best 2 months later he sais we are not, Idiot he is gutted that the man Arsene didnt by him. He will see!!!! 0-3 to the ARSENAL tonight

  9. Henry

    I don’t know why Wenger plays Diaby out left, if we have too many central midfielders, surely he should have bought less of them and more left sided ones instead, or it that too obvious?

  10. Sunnier disposition

    More important for me was the fact no one mentioned how lucky about 5 of Liverpool’s goals were last night. Besiktas were poor, granted. Not 8-0 poor.

    It does show the strength of the Premiership, which make Fergusons comments all the more ridiculous. I am glad the EU ruled out any sort of quota. They are good for something.

    I think we’ll win 0-2 tonight, sorry to burst the confidence bubble. A win is a win though guys, so who cares what the result is as long as it is a favourable one!

    Come on the boys!

  11. Gunnersaurus

    Good morning all!

    Isn’t it nice going into a European game knowing you are almost guaranteed Euro qualification. Liverpool can enjoy their victory safe in the knowledge they may not qualify!

    I hope he plays Diarra in central midfield with Denilson, Theo and Eduardo up front and anybody but Song in defence.

    Its a shame about Hoyte, but what can you do? He will earn a bundle wherever he plays, so I won’t waste too much sympathy on him.

  12. grovedigger

    well what about Hoyte as center back Eduardo out left and Theo wide right with Diaby and Denilson in the middle.

    Using Gilberto in between the midfield and the defence.

    Oh and Bendtner or up front.

    So we play 4-1-2-3 that would be agressive wouldn’t it?

  13. Henry

    What about Diarra and Denilson? or add Diaby and the two De Silva’s if you want the whole midfield made up of D’s.

    That would be funny 5 midfielders all whose names begin with D.

  14. Bud

    I think tonight will be a damp squib and be a 2-1 win or something or similarly unspectacular…. but a win is a win, so lets not be downbeat if I am right !

  15. Holloway Gooner

    I am in full agreement with you Bud. I think we are going to be disappointed, but there you go!

    I’ll take qualification over records any day of the week! I’d take a good performance from Song as well, I hope he shows his worth. Wenger was talking him up in his interview earlier, maybe he’ll pull a Flamini and suprise us all?

    I don’t think he should start Bendtner, he is not as deserving as the other two.

  16. geoff

    I can remember hating Freddy in his first year (yes I know he scored on his debut but then he was shit) and Flamini until the CL final year, but Song, I’m sorry, I can see nothing in him that warrants games.

    If Wenger keeps playing kids until they improve, why sell Sidwell, Muamba and Bentley? you could see thay were good from the off.

    It makes no sense to me that one.

  17. Bud

    Sidwell is average to good at best, and that is not good enough for Arsenals midfield!

    Muamba is OK, but too slow for top of the Top Flight!

    And Bentley had a bad attitude!

  18. geoff

    Bud you totally missed my point, they’re all 10 times better than Song and if we had given them the chances he has given Song they might have been better than they are, but he didn’t, they got a Carling cup game and then they were out the door.

  19. Gunnersaurus

    I would agree with bud.

    You can’t give someone a chance if they hand in a transfer request.

    Flamini and co stick around, the English boys fuck off as soon as they think they are too good for the Arsenal bench. Muamba is only 19 and he has gone.

    I bet Johann doesn’t hand in a transfer request as soon as he gets back, Bendtner is working hard as is Denilson. Song has hardly been given loads of chances has he?

    I think the English players have an attitude problem compared to the foreigners.

  20. geoff

    There have been loads of English players that weren’t given a chance, Bentley was the only one that threw his toys out of the pram, what about Ryan Smith, Matthew Connolly, Jay Simpson and Kerrea Gilbert they’re all out on loan. (apart from Smith)

    Kerrea Gilbert did great when he came in for Lauren and he’s been out on loan ever since.

    And although Ryan Smith went, we won’t see the other three, they’ll be gone.

    Song though gets kept, he featured pre-season and some of last season (before he went out on loan), he’s been on the bench and so far he’s nowhere near as good as Gilbert.

    And tonight he plays in the Champions league.

    What must Bendtner think and he plays for Denmark.

    If I was any of the others, I would wonder what it is that Song has, I sure as hell can’t see it.

  21. Bud

    Ahaaa, Geoff, I think you have overlooked something….

    All the above you mentioned went out on loan and have done nothing and in the case of Gilbert, got kicked out of Cardiff for bad attitude and now has had a row at Southend and no longer features. Jay Simpson is a sub for Millwall as not good enought to get in the first team. Ryan Smith turned out to be rubbish and is a sub for Preston or Leicester now. Matty Connely, although my Col U friends think he should play, has been on the bench for the last 2 months….

    SONG on the other hand, played in the premiership for Struggling Charlton and stood out as their best player and got their player of the month award, 2 out of the 3 months he played !!!

  22. Pedro

    Late entrant here!

    I just think we have to accept that the English players that have come through the ranks have been of a poor standard. If you are good enough to make it Arsenal, you will be successful elsewhere. No one has come back to haunt us yet – bar Anelka… I hate him and his silky skills (Irrelevant as he is French)!

    Plenty of foreigners could be added to the list of players that didn’t make the cut at Arsenal, its not just the English that get the boot.

    I don’t think tonight is going to be a good watch, oh well! Hopefully a win will ease the tedium!

  23. geoff

    He looks like he’s going to mug someone on the pitch, he’s always giving the ball away, has no positional sense, he wouldn’t get in my pub side.

    Secondly Charlton got relegated and all those player of the month stats… I think you’re telling porkies.

  24. Bud

    Telling the truth Geoff, and I watched a few games with him playing and even though like you I detested him, he did better than OK, he bossed. Surely you remember the game against Man U where he got MOM and bossed the midfield, scored a cracker and only narrowly lost 2-1.

    Besides that, granted, he is not good enough to play in our midfield, but when he played in the first Carling game this season against Fat Sam Tossers B&W Army he was excellent and covered well and swept up for Senderos who was having a mare !!!

    Geoff, Arsene knows buddy, when you get angry like this, you have to remember that !!!!

  25. jimmyfingers

    BT need to sort the fucking braodband at work so I can chat to you arses while at work, rather than when I get back and you all have fucked off

    Song? Feel like we’re giving him too many chances, like we did Aliadiere. Eventually we jettisoned him so Songwill eventually go, unless Wenger fancies turning him into a centre-back, since we’re over-flowing with quality midfielders. I hope Diarra gets the nod in the middle of the pitch tonight. Weird feeling resting players for CL games, a nice luxury to have to blood youngsters in Europe.

    Heard that one of the United security staff was winding the crowd at the Emirates, which is why the crowd were baying for Fergie. Just like a Jock: throw the first punch then blame everyone else. It sorta goes like this ‘wah wah my pussy hurts, I got shouted at’.

  26. geoff

    better late than never jimmy, get your broadband sorted! We did enough last night, I thought Diaby and Diarra were fab.

    I thought Song was complete shit.

    Catch you all later.