Red nose people in glass houses…

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So Fergie can’t keep his mouth shut, well there’s a surprise! Banging on about his English spine, well let’s take a deeper look at that shall we?

Out of his squad he has Scholes, Neville, Ferdinand, Rooney, Giggs, Brown, Fletcher, Carrick and Hargreaves that he would call home grown, forgive me if I missed one out.

From that lot Scholes is 34, Neville is 30 and Brown is shit. Giggs is Welsh, Fletcher is Scottish, Hargreaves is Canadian/German. The other three cost £30mil, £28mil and £17mil and if I’m not mistaken bought with foreign money, as they are in fact owned by foreigners.

So if you’re going to complain at foreigners ruining the English game you have to start with foreign owners, which in my book inflate the transfer market and take away all the good English players to the clubs that foreigners own, like ManU, Chelsea, Man City, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Chelsea, which if I’m also not mistaken make up the whole English side, Mrs Robinson excluded.

Only Arsenal are fighting foreign ownership, Fergie on the other hand opened his anus wide for their big bag of silver dollars.

We are top of the league, have brought over kids for nothing and who everyone including the red nose drunk said last year were not good enough, and now he complains.

That’s the problem with drunks, they have no memory, and the memory they have doesn’t have brain cells attached.

Getting back to his and the Canadians comments about our goals being scrappy, I watched MOTD last night again and their first goal was a massive shove on Hleb by Brown, a foul whichever way you look at it, their second an error by our goalkeeper, if that’s not scrappy, I don’t know what is.

Our goal on the other hand started with Cesc in his own area where we turned over their throw in and ended with Cesc scoring, who incidentally had five ManU players in between him and any other Arsenal players, goal of the month for me.

The second may have looked calamitous but Gallas had scored before the melee went on, and their cheating goalie new it was a goal, but kept whinging long after the game had ended.

So carry on making an arse out of yourself Fergie, the world will hate you even more.

So in summary, you can’t complain about foreign players if you are owned by foreigners with foreign money buying your players, that what we call an oxymoron.

The players that ManU bought before they sold their arse to a yank was a PLC, which in turn got the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand and Veron and that put the club into £750 million’s worth of debt and priced good English players out of the market.

Finally you red nosed drunk, if you really want to set an example to anyone, try chewing your gum with your big mouth shut, you bad mannered pig.

Good blogging yesterday chaps, we are being read, we got the top story on and thanks to the bloggers still chatting until late last night.

Have a great day, tomorrow we talk football!


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  1. Holloway Gooner

    Good blog, sum’s up what everyone else is thinking.

    Fergie is Gunning for us again and it must mean we are doing something right. I’m enjoying his childish rant’s at the moment, but I imagine in a few months they will start to get tedious again.

    Click the name and follow the link for the laughable Spurs ground share talk.

  2. Henry

    yeah good point you can’t complain about foreign players if you are owned by Yanks, he’s such a prick isn’t he?

    As if Spurs could afford a ground like ours.

  3. Holloway Gooner

    They want to expand their ground to 52,000 and borrow ours for 2 years!

    Imagine sharing our ground with Spurs!

    I’m feeling queezy at the thought!

  4. Henry

    there’s no way that would happen, they’d slash the seats and spray graffiti everywhere.

    Interesting though, to build an extension would cost them £300mil, ours will all the infrastructure was £450 so it proves no-one will ever be able to afford what we have, hats off to the board for that.

    52,000 they wouldn’t fill it!

  5. grovedigger

    good point about red nose’s manners, the pig, he’s like his boyfriend fat Sam.

    Mind you will fat Sam wear his bluetooth headset when he signs on?

  6. Bud

    Lets face facts, they are a good team, that cost a lot of money, we are a good team that cost -£17.5m…. so go fuck yourself you Scottish Crater Faced Femmi-Wipe !!!

  7. The Prophet

    Last two years hardly a whimper from the purple nosed Scottish arse wanker. This year he’s back yes and that means he is scared, isn’t great I love it when he’s riled. As far as foreign players well how many English would get in the Arsenal team, perhaps a motivated Gerrard, Paul Scholes in his prime a few years ago who else… oh yes I forgot Walcott. Clichy is better than the cunting wanker Cole, even goal keepers which Englishman is better than big Al or mad Jens? Alan Smith got I raight in his article the other day on Wallcot he basically said if your good enough for Arsenal you automatically qualify for England.
    Also I know few people who drink a lot and they often talk out their arse your right its part of the condition !!!!

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Has Geoff got inside knowledge on Fergie’s drinking habits?

    He is acting the fool in the press at the moment. Even though he has English players I think part of the rules suggest you have to have a lot of them since they were 16? ManU will struggle when there current crop disappear. Liverpool will too, that’s why they are buying up so many youngsters.

    Rememeber Le Tallec and Poglolle? Where are they now?

    Only Arsene knows how to rear great kids!

  9. geoff

    He’s Scottish isn’t he!!!

    also people forget Djemba Djemba, Kleberson, that Korean from PSV, the Chinese bloke, the Italian that didn’t work out, he has a short memory, but that’s because he’s a red nose drunk.

    How the fuck did he get a knighthood?

  10. grovedigger

    he still does the deluded wet lipped old man smelling drunk scottish tosser.

    In fact he’s a foreigner and should fuck off back to Scotland, that place that tax exile Sean Connery wants to be independent.

    Have it.

  11. The prophet

    You can just tell he smells of piss like aall lchoholics. Any way what about all the English kids in Arsenal about to come through the ranks.

  12. The Prophet in rant mode

    Speaking of scottish cunts I am surprised Gordon Brown hasn’t starteded mouthing off about this subject yet seeing he wants to be seen suporting England

  13. geoff

    I just left this on a Manc blog site that was telling Ferguson to lay off Wenger and Benitez, it’s newsnowarsenal

    The only reason you have the English players you do is because you paid ridiculous amounts of money for them which saw you going £750mil into the red.

    Then you yourself were bought by a foreigner.

    Which in turn allowed you to spend over the odds for Hargreaves and Carrick.

    Spending so much money on these players effectively stopped smaller clubs than you buying them, so only the foreign owned clubs like you and Chelsea can afford top English players.

    Finally your manager is a foreigner isn’t he?

    Please explain the difference between all the above and Arsene Wenger buying young talent for tiny amounts of money and at very young ages.

    At least Arsenal are still owned by Englishmen.

    Ferguson speaks out of both sides of his mouth I’m afraid.

  14. geoff

    Why doesn’t Ferguson go back to Aberdeen, we have too many foreigners managing in England and our young English talent can’t flourish.

    Why don’t we have quotas in the premiership, say 2 foreigner managers.

    And there are too many premiership teams owned by foreigners, why not have a quota on foreign ownership, say 2 clubs.

    That way it would allow more English businessmen to flourish.

    We have too many foreign sponsors of clubs in the premiership, why don’t we have a quota, say 2.

    We have too many foreign kit and boot makers in the premiership, why not just have Admiral and Umbro that way it would be fairer on our English manufacturers.

    Get my point everyone?

    So Ferguson and Blatter, don’t be a pair of cunts and and grow up you xenophobic thick pricks.

  15. bottom4tottenham

    Xenophobic? nice one, but you’re so right, where does it stop?

    They are always banging on about no-one to chose from in England when we want an English manager, but Blatter says nothing, Ferguson sure as hell wouldn’t would he?

    The dirty Johny foreigner.

  16. grovedigger

    the irony is poetic, but who are you Anonymous, are you the same masked blogger as yesterday?

    bit surprised that Rosicky and Hleb aren’t going to Prague tomorrow,

  17. Henry

    just read onlinegooner (I was bored) and they did a thing about le-grove, good going pedro!

    they also said questionable spelling, which I thought was rich coming from a barely literate site like theirs.

    Still at least they know who you are.

    An attacking squad for tomorrow I see, let’s hope he plays Hoyte and Diarra in their respective positions, see what Diarra’s got.

  18. Bud

    Will be interesting tomorrow, and onlinegooner is offline at the moment, so I am unable to call them fuckwits for digging at pother arsenal blogs when there is a world of other shit you can pick on at the moment….. most in Manchester, small minded C**** need a life !!!!

  19. grovedigger

    I take back the tissues blog, when I first looked it was Cesc, when I went back with the tissues it was an emirates first class cabin clip, what gives???

  20. Bud

    I take my comments back about “online gooner”… fair assessment……. presume the comment about bad spelling and grammar was aimed at me though….. I cannot see Geoff misspelling as he regularly knocks me for my illiteracy !!!!

  21. Pedro

    I have entered numerous key words into the video filter, and one of them was the emirates… I should change that one!

    They change every time you refresh! Pretty cool if you ask me!

  22. jimmyfingers

    Finding Fergie’s reaction to the game at the Emirates hilarious. He’s clearly been really rattled by the potential of this Arsenal squad.

    Despite the ample amount of Dutch courage he puts away each day, he’s scared.

    Chiming in on this foreigner debate, echoing the same nonsense we’ve already heard from Blatter and Platini, is clearly an attempt at mind games. Sad that its so unoriginal really. Firstly there is no British when it comes to football: we have seperate national teams, and seperate FAs. Ryan Giggs is not a ‘homegrown’ player, he is a foreigner as much as Cesc.

    Secondly since when did Fergie give a shit about the English team? Infact in the past he’s been clearly anti it, trying to withhold players, demand that they be sparsely played and putting pressure on his players not to play or even retire (that’s guesswork but I think its close to the truth).

    He’s bought English talent yes, because unlike Wenger he’s prepared to pay way over the odds for them. But United haven’t developed a decent English player for a decade.

    Seriously its sad, unoriginal, delusional nonsense from Fergie. He’s clutching at straws anyway because freedom of employment is a central tenet of European law.

    The FA simply needs to pull its finger out and fucking build the academy, and invest in grassroot youth coaching, rather than blame the club when they receive a youth a long way behind his European counterparts in terms of development.

    Fergie trying to throw up a smokescreen to rile Wenger. I doubt Wenger will respond unless pressed, and hopefully he will dismiss it with some witty aside

  23. geoff

    Yeah but he has no right to criticise because we don’t have as many ‘English’ players, as he himself is not ‘English’ he should fuck off back over the border and work with the Scottish and mind his own bastard business.

  24. jimmyfingers

    That’s the thing: he’s fucking delusional. His criticism rings soooooooooo hollow everyone’s going to see through it. Its a thinly disguised pop at us and Pool and he looks an idiot saying it

  25. Bud

    Well final comment on todays debate time it is then.

    I think it is fair, to summarise…..


    Amen and Goodnight fellow Grovers.

  26. Magical Trev

    Hi it is rather late but i wanted to say, i totally agree fergi is a cunt and he should fuck off back to scotland!! He is also a sore looser and yes the alcohole is seriously effecting the visual in put to his brain, it must be breaking down the milean sheeth which surround the nerve cells which speeds up transmissons, making him slow and delousional! how dare he say our goal was scrappy!! i could have done better than theres ( i too saw it on motd as i was unable to watch the match, couldnt get to a pub sadly)anyway i could have done better than rooneys goal blind folded!!!

    Oh yeh and Hello to the prophet! 🙂

  27. Steve duKamp

    Surely the point should not be how many English players are playing in the premiership but, how many English players are plying their trade in the other top Euopean leagues?

    I think the answer is ‘none’ and we have to ask ourselves why this is the case. The simple truth is that English players on the whole, are not good enough.

    If the quotas are forced on EPL teams, the Premiership will return to the dark ages overnight and only the diehard fans will continue to watch mediocre football after what they have become used to. (Incidentally, I have watched the Arsenal since 1972 and so I don’t plan on stopping now whatever happens)

    With less money in the English game there will be less money for develoment of players or acadamies and the future prospects for England will become much worse.
    I therefore say that to force quotas on EPL teams would quickly destroy the EPL and the English national team along with it.

    I beg the FA to take a leaf from Mr Wenger’s book and start nuturing young talent in state-of-the-art academies as soon as possible. By the look of the Arsenal youth team, it seems that half the England team of the future will probably come through the Arsenal acadamy and will have learnt so much from training/playing with the likes of Fabregas, Hleb, Van Persie, Clichy et al.

    If it wasn’t for the foriegners who have come to our game, we would not even have the limited talent we have now. Look at the Spurs teams in the 80s, which benefited from Ardilles and Villia (sorry about the spelling) Did Scholles benefit from Cantona being at the club. Has Rooney learnt from the wealth of foreign talent at Man U. English players muct benefit from playing with the world’s best players and any quota would destroy the goose that has and will lay the golden eggs!!!!