He’s not even English!

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Hargreaves the plastic Englishman has the cheek to slag us off, the most boring midfielder to come across the pond with his Lederhosen still warm and have a pop at our beautiful fast, free flowing football, ok that’s the Canadian, German, boring, defensive, midfield player done with.

Ferguson the mad drunk has been charged by the FA, or so the rumour mill reckons, so justice is done there.

We emerged as the moral victors and remain unbeaten and let’s not forget they got beaten by the team that got stuffed 6-0 by the chavs, so they ought to stop gobbing off.

Cesc is saying we never give up, king Billy is banging his chest and leading by example and Gilberto is denying any rift and being the consummate professional, so well done men.

Although I really like Almunia and much prefer him to mad Jens, I think a top, top goalie is essential for us to win the Premier and Champions League, you may not all agree, but there’s still something of the rash nature inside our plucky Spanish stopper that makes me nervous in the big games.

I was heartened to hear the leader saying he got it wrong with the 4-5-1 system and will address that in the next game, which is Slavia on Wednesday, then a rest until Reading away on Monday evening, so we have time to get back on track.

It’s a shame that we drew Blackburn against the kids, as we know they are capable in the cups, and our kids can still be a bit fragile, but what the heck, we have to play all the big sides in this cup and at least we missed Liverpool and Chelsea, and all those teams will use their best players and that will help us in the league.

As I keep saying this team will get better as they get older and that bodes well for the games ahead, the other teams won’t improve as much as they have more of a finished article type team already.

I think it’s important to rotate players now as we have some hectic months coming up, I think we could have 9 games in December and most of them away, so we’ll see a lot more of the fringe players I feel.

I just hope he doesn’t start putting out reserves against the likes of Reading away as they are all capable of getting results against us, keep the core,

I was heartened that we had a good blogging day yesterday and thank you all for taking the time to chat.

Until tomorrow.


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  1. Bud

    I want an apology from all the Le-Grove King Willy Bashers !!!

    Thought a lot of players were passengers though, so not overly happy with the performance !!!!

  2. grovedigger

    Yes but don’t forget he scored an own goal in the first place!!!

    I just watched the highlights again and Hleb was definitely fouled, but they got 2 soft goals, I don’t know where the Canadian is coming from the wanker, both our goals were top drawer, Gallas’s volley was something TH14 would have been proud of.

  3. Bud

    You can’t blame him for that oggy, it was a great attempt at a block and if Shrek would have connected properly instead of totally missing the ball and it cannoning of his trailing foot, it would have been an awsome block…. but Big Willy, being the man that he is, didn’t let it affect him and got on with his otherwise imperious game !!!!

  4. geoff

    I was always told to ask the person what language they dream in, and that determines their true nationality, I bet the little turd dreams in Canadian.

  5. Sunnier disposition

    A real shame about the Blackburn draw, but all the teams in the quarters are quite strong. I think the only issue with blackburn is they are extremely physical and dirty and they are likely to want to win this as a route into Europe.

    Ferguson has truly lost the plot. I believe we should take it as a compliment. He must fear us if he is willing to enter into mind games again.

    I love it, back at the top, jousting with our northern enemy.

    Balance restored.

  6. bottom4tottenham

    thing is we can beat Blackburn, it was only the fact that Jens had a howler that the first team didn’t beat them.

    Anyway the other options were Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool or West Ham.

    They’ll all be tough. Well do ’em all though.

  7. bottom4tottenham

    Carlos Vela on target! good news, we’ll have him at the Grove in January.

    That will be like a new signing, so I can’t see him buying any more strikers, am I bovered!

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Interesting that Wenger has admitted he got it wrong. I can’t remember too many occasions where he has come out and said that? He is trying to protect Ade’s confidence as he had a bit of a shocker.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a young team out for Wednesday. He’s got to be thinking about starting Eduardo up front! He looked sharp when he came on at the weekend, lets hope we see some of that Croatian form!

  9. jimmyfingers

    The Canuck’s comments and those from ol’ red eyes shows just how much that last minute goal got to them, and how much they resent the media plaudits Arsenal receive and the fact that we are the neutrals choice. Just like the constant assertions that RVN was better than TH14, they’re simply jealous. They covert our creativity and attacking zeal, because their’s get ignored. Ha ha

    United fans have been saying the fact we did a huddle to celebrate the result shows us to be small-time, and that United players wouldn’t have celebrated a last minute equaliser at home. Like SAF and the Canuck that just can’t take the result, which I think is great: I think they are really scared of us

    When’s the Wigan game? Heard RvP is due back at the end of the month, which will be great for a tricky December.

    And glad Wenger shows humility enough to admit he was wrong, unlike ol’ red eyes. 4-5-1 was a bad choice, and he compounded it by bungling the substitutions a bit

    Ooh, feel really bad saying that, but Wenger did say it first

  10. Bud

    You say Eduardo, but Walcott will have all the confidence in the world against Slavia, so use the opportunity to let the young lad fill his love spuds with a bit of steel !!!!!!

    It wouldn’t be a bad game to try Eduardo out left, as he has done well when he’s come on and played there !

    Also, would like young Hoyte to get a run out at full back and Bertie in for Flamini who is starting to slow down a bit…

  11. grovedigger

    Two of Eduardo, Bendtner and Theo up front, but you really have to play Theo as he cut them to pieces last time out.

    Play four from Rosicky, Diaby, Gilberto, Diarra and Denilson and Traore Gallas Kolo and Hoyte at the back with Almunia in goal.

    That should be enough for a win.

  12. geoff

    Superstition maybe Bud, but spelling isn’t on that list!

    I agree with your assertion regarding young Theo though.

    I think he’ll shred them, I also think we should rest Cesc, though he probably will want to play.

  13. jimmyfingers

    Denilson for Cesc. Would be interesting to rest Ade and try Bendtner in that role with either Theo or Eduardo. Be good to see how they may combine

  14. bottom4tottenham

    yes true, the problem for me has been that Ade keeps getting played and isn’t doing it, so maybe a rest would also act as a toe up the arse.

    He didn’t score in the 7 nil romp which for a forward has to be desperate.

    Maybe start with Bendtner and use Theo and Eduardo on the flanks, only flaw with that is they’d be no forwards on the bench.

  15. Anonymous

    what was almunha to do. He was left exposed and made to look silly. Gilberto and walcott should take some of the blame for not following the run of evra. I thing walcott should of come on abit later.
    If van p was there we would have beaten both liver and manu. Hes back quite soon but we need a second striker to fill in when he is not.
    ps If silva had scored that volley……….
    give him a chance.

  16. grovedigger

    yes Theo should have had that covered, and yes Eduardo should have hit the target, but we had more shots on and off target than they did and more posession, the only thing they did better on was bookings.

  17. Pedro

    What is this site?

    Le-Almunia Appreciation society?

    He fucked up just like he did 3 years ago, thus proving he has learned nothing. He came off his line 3 times during the game, he is reckless. Its a part of what he does. I reckon Fabianski for Number 1 next year!

    Almunia should carry on though, many of the other sites make the point that Liverpool and ManU’s keepers aren’t world class. Barca’s Valdes isn’t and Milans Dida isn’t.

    Did anyone read the Sky article by Romford Ray? CLICK MY NAME TO READ IT.

    You know why he is saying that? Because I told him so last month!

    Check the archives and give Pedro a pat on his virtual back boys!

  18. Henry

    I saw Fabianski in the Sheffield game and thought he was dodgy, he came out and made several very weak punches, just like Lehman used to and that makes me nervous.

    I think we need a world class keeper and we should get him in January.

    Notice I said him, because I don’t want a girl, like Mrs Robinson.

  19. Bud

    Yes it ********** is…. ALRIGHT !!!!!

    Why are you tosspieces knocking our goalkeeper when we have still not lost since he has been playing.

    So he came for the ball…. if he didn’t and Evra got through and slotted it in, you’d all be screaming today that “useless f-ing Almunia, could have come off his f-ing line, lets get Green (shit inconsistent worsel gummidge looking freak !!!!!)”


  20. Pedro

    No way am I a waiter basher! I just think he makes rash decisions when he is under pressure!

    Fabianski received good reviews elsewhere after the Sheffield games. Even doom mongerer Myles Palmer thought so,

    ‘Keeper Fabianski was very good when called on, holding high balls under the bar and looking as if he could be the real deal.’

    I don’t know who people think we could get in that would be world class? Buffon won’t leave Juve, Cech won’t leave Chelski… after that, who is there? We all saw how shite Hildebrand was the other day… he was mooted to be the answer in the summer. Iker Cas can be calamitous as well.

    If the guy who discovered Cech says Fabianski is the new Cech… I’m happy to go with him.

    Bud, you and Big Al need to get a room!

  21. grovedigger

    I did hear that bud, Almunia and Gallas or as bud says ‘big willy’ are sharing a room.

    Bud our kids haven’t lost either so are you saying we should play Song?

  22. Henry

    Bud why are you asking for us to buy Green? do you rate him? I’ve only seen him against Portsmouth but he did save a penalty.

    So maybe it’s a good call.

  23. geoff

    No Henry, I get the feeling bud was being ironic!

    I would however make Juve an offer Buffon couldn’t resist, don’t forget we are top of the league and we do have the coach everyone in world football rates as the best.

  24. Pedro

    Exert from ANR:

    Fabianski will replace Almunia during this season but we don’t know when.

    We know that Almunia is not an Arsenal goalkeeper. Never has been, never will be. He ran out hysterically beyond Gallas to confront Evra, when it was 1-1 and 82 minutes, and Gallas was furious. He screamed at Almunia : What are you doing out here? Or words to that effect. In a match as vital as this, you don’t do that once, let alone twice. Almunia had already done the same thing in 67 minutes, when Evra was played in by Rooney. When Evra was played in by Saha, Ronaldo had a tap-in to make it 2-1

    Read it and weep, Spanish waiter lover.

  25. Bud

    Fine… have it your way lads, but the way you guys are knocking our players when we are still undefeated does strike me a bit too close to them dirtmungers up the road….

    And to be honest, if you guys are gonna start acting like the fickle calous little Tottering supporters, i’m not sure I wish to continue on Le-Grove…. next you lot will be phoning up Talk Sport after a 3-1 win moaning that we should not conced goals and that Adebayor needs to be sold as he only got one…..

    You lot sadden me….. now take that to your corner and chew on it saddo’s !!!!!!!

    Adios ex friends x.

  26. Pedro

    ‘Eduardo’s not good enough, he doesn’t have the pace.’

    (Bud, 2007 at half time at some game.)

    He hasn’t even played and you condemned him!

    We are not slagging him off, just suggesting there maybe more suitable keepers.

  27. Bud

    OK, this is my last ever comment then (today at leats !!!). I may occassion on rash comments in the heat of the moment during a game, I am after all human and am suspect to moments of emotion, however, once my rash moments pass and the next day comes, I support our players (including Song, who has done well at Centrre back).

    I do not though, write after the event on blog sites about players not being good enough. I do however write detrimental things on players that have spouted off, as I see that as just !

    My view is Arsene picks them, they are only as good as they are, and I cannot believe they do not give their best, and whilst top of the league and undefeated, I do not think we should all be writing about getting rid of our keeper because he isn’t good enough…. Imagine if he happened upon your site and read all the slander about him…. you’d destroy his confidence….. it’s too much of a Tottenham attitude and one that I steadfastly refuse to partake in !!!

    Goodbye Le-Grove, its been emotional…. I wish you luck in the future, I’m putting in a transfer to Goodplaya…..

  28. geoff

    Now, now there’s no need to sulk! we don’t all have to agree with team selection, that’s the point of a blogging forum.

    Lehmann doesn’t rate Almunia either, we can’t all be wrong.

    I suggest we keep him for the next game and see how he reacts to the criticism he has received today.

    Is that fair?

  29. Holloway Gooner

    Well said Bud, I like Almunia too.

    We shouldn’t slag off players, but if they play badly we have a right to voice our opinion.

    If Almunia is reading this he would be professional enough not to take it to heart i would hope!

  30. Bud

    Not sulking. You know me, I don’t listen to anyone and consider myself always right, so “feel perplexed” would be more discriptive !!!

    Grovedigger – The “x” was used to feed the gay jibbers over my love for Big Willy….. goodbye cruel world kind of thing !

    But in all seriousness, LEAVE THE SPANIARD ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, off home to the wife and an Anniversary supper…. Not a real anniversary as us men know it, but a girls one, you know, we met 7 years ago today anniversary….. did we, I thought i’d been itching lately????

  31. jimmyfingers


    Lets face it, we’ve never really replaced Big Dave and given where the goalkeeper is on the list of Wenger’s priorities I’m not sure we ever will. He’s certainly not going to spend big bucks on an established quality ‘keeper, rather go for a young one with lots of potential, which he’s already done, in Fabianski. Since mad Jens will be fucking off in January we will buy someone but I’d expect it to be a back up ‘keeper rather than a first choice. Its the Arsene way

    And my typing is shit today

  32. Pedro

    Goodplaya had a more rational view on the Almunia situation.

    ‘I think it needs to be taken as a given that he is not and never will be a goalkeeper in the class of Seaman or Banks or whoever else.

    But, equally, let’s not implode on ourselves and destroy him for costing us his first (or at worst second) goal of the season. Does anyone remember this time last year? On paper, our defence looked fine. And at the time, Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Jens and Eboue were all playing individually reasonably well.

    And yet, for some reason, we kept conceding brilliant goals. Gallas would be beaten in the air by outstanding headers, Jens from 30 yards by bullet shots. This season, it is not happening. On the other hand, it is happening all the time to Spurs. These things do not happen by coincidence.

    I’m not for a second saying Almunia is solely to be credited for our defensive performance. But let’s look at things: we have played 18 games this season and won 15. It’s not a disaster, is it?’

    Fair, you have to say.

  33. jimmyfingers

    I think we have to accept that Almunia is probably going to be first choice for the rest of the season, but there is a sense he’s only keeping the seat warm for Fabianski long-term. Without a disastrous drop in form he won’t get dropped in turn

  34. Bud

    mmmmmmmmm……… nice dinner, nice wine, gorgeous wife, beautiful son and you lot still moaning about keepers…… see my point……. life can be good, very good, in fact pretty damn near perfect, but not pefect, but would I change it – No – so leave the keeper !!!!!!

  35. jimmyfingers

    True: thunk we’ve put the Almunia debate to bed, where I is heading shortly. Perhaps tomorrow should be a discussion on why Sevilla thumped Madrid just after Ramos left, after being rubbish since we schooled them at the Grove.