Blind Fergie and his amazing memory

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What a complete twat Fergie really is. First of all he says he was being abused by Arsenal fans, he conveniently forgets that he was the one that was doing the abusing…

…to the fourth official! all the Arsenal fans were doing, was giving him some back, pampered bastard wouldn’t know abuse if I punched him in the head, ripped his head out of its neck socket and pulled his lungs out of his wrinkled carcass.

He then complained that Saha was fouled on the lead up to us slashing the ball into the area to rescue a point.

He conveniently forgets that Clichy was fouled in the lead up to the opening own goal, that we had two penalty shouts and the Gallas goal came from a mazy Clichy run and a great cross.

Even then the dirty Dutch bastard tried to cheat his way out of it, he should get punished for that, it’s no different to elbowing someone in my book, talking of books, that dirty, cheating little prick Anderson, should get a ban for waving an imaginary card at the ref, which led to Cesc getting booked…

…and all of which the red nose alcoholic missed! Amazing isn’t it?

Even the News of the World are calling the ‘Moan United’ nice one king of the Red tops.

Still that’s what happens with alcoholics, they only see things through their pissed eye, the one that’s still open that is.

What happened to the best strike force the world has ever seen? I think they had one shot between them.

We on the other hand have got to stop this defensive 4-5-1 shit, it invites teams on and stops us having shots and that’s what football is all about, it’s different in Europe, do it there, but not against the Mancs.

Thought we played well though and showed some of the Adams style of grit out there, I honestly thought we had lost, it took my fellow bloggers some time to get me off the rail where I had slumped, to convince me the goal was given, so I missed the excitement of jumping up and down with the other 55,000 odd happy sods.

For a more in depth review of the match, and some player rating, check out Third-Gens review here, and for a run down of what Wenger thought… look here!

’till tomorrow Grovers!


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  1. grovedigger

    I didn’t think it went in either, that has to be the most relieved I’ve been this season, 3 minutes into injury time.

    I was one of the 55,000 happy sods!

    Good blogging, I’m going to get the News of the World now.

  2. henry

    I saw the stats for various nationalities on both sides, we had 1 Englishman.

    They had 5, Ferdinand £30mil, Rooney £28mil, Hargreaves £20mil, Carrick £17mil think the other one was Neville and he’s worth fuck all.

    So by spending £95 million they get to say they had more English players on show than we did, wankers, and one of them is Canadian.

  3. bottom4tottenham

    Ferguson is a complete pensioner, hates to admit that even after spending more in ten years than our stadium cost, he still can’t beat us and we’re still top of the league.

    He has no class.

  4. grovedigger

    I hate to say it, but I think the second goal was what we all remembered that Almunia does now and again.

    I think he’ll bring Lehmann back.

    I think he really needs to spend some money and bring a world class keeper in now.

    None of ours are good enough any more.

  5. geoff

    I think you could be right Grovedigger, I’ve said all year we need a Goalkeeper that’s world class, a center back that’s world class and a left winger that’s also world class.

    Maybe Quaresma as I think he uses both feet and Buffon in goal with Micah Richards at the back.

    I used to really like Taylor, but he keeps having nightmares for Newcastle.

    We have the money and they wouldn’t cost too much.

  6. henry

    Well said Geoff, we may well be busy in January.

    Why don’t Arsenal go for the Mancs if they tapped Ade up? Ferguson didn’t deny it did he?

  7. Holloway Gooner

    4-5-1 is not really that negative when you consider it is Hleb who plays in the hole behind the striker. The man is a genius on the ball.

    Match of the day also commented on the fact that man united used spoiling tactics in the first half, so that might explain the lack of chances in the first half.

    Almunia looked very dodgy all day.

    Which keeper is the lesser of 2 evils?

  8. Pedro

    Another good performance from the lads and we are still top of the league. A great result from Blackburn who can go into 3rd if they win their game in hand… i think anyway?

    Pompey are looking strong as well, Fat Sam is really fucking things up at Newcastle!

    ManU play the equivalent of a 4-5-1… Rooney drops so deep he is like an attacking midfielder. Tevez is usually a second striker and he is up front all alone!

    Still unbeaten, I am definitely thinking along the lines of half season invincible s!

  9. Magical Trev

    I hate Man united, i hate fergie…. the purple nosed tosser deserves all the abuse he gets, if he is gunna dish it out he should be prepared to get it back dick head!!! Enough said, i just needed to get that out of my system!

  10. Gunnersaurus

    Anyone read that shit about lack of security? The man is delusional! Still, i’d be clutching at straws if my team dropped two points against an under performing arsenal team.

    Almunia is on the Manc pay roll for sure? He came rushing out a few times yesterday, I feel bad for him because he is a likeable character.

    Whats bud got to say about his Spanish waiter lover now?

  11. Sunnier disposition

    A record 25 games unbeaten in all competitions for the stato’s out there.


    I enjoyed match of the day last night. When are they going to get goal line technology? That could have so easily not been given. The lino was on the other side of the pitch!

    Fair play to him though!

  12. grovedigger

    what a load of bollocks that security shit is, everytime we move we are told to sit down, shut up, blah, blah, blah, the problem is Fergie the drunk has never sat on the terraces so he doesn’t understand, that people swear like he does.

    Red nose drunk cunt.

  13. Bud

    Almunia made a decision to close the player down, he made the wrong decision, but better he be decisive than dither……. that apart, he did well…. you find me a keeper anywhere in the world that does not occassionally make the wrong decision to come out or stay ??????

    Talking of comining out…… My Super Willy was outstanding – hope you captaincy doubdting Willy Bashers will now eat humble pie and accept he is all Arsenal and the man for the job !!!!!!!

  14. grovedigger

    I’ll give you that bud but he did also score an own goal.

    As for Almunia, I just don’t think he’s good enough to be Arsenal’s keeper.

  15. geoff

    not bad grovers 15 comments and it’s Sunday.

    We still have Prague to beat this week, followed by Reading away then Wigan at home, so we can stretch our lead.

    I thought if we could get through the last 2 fixtures unbeaten we can go all the way, I believe we can now, we’ll get better as the season goes on, we still have Robin to come back and who knows, he may buy a world class keeper in January.

    Green anyone?

  16. jimmyfingers

    The good thing that despite it being two points dropped, that nature of the game and late equaliser gives the same momentum as a win would have done

    Almunia son, what happened? You’ve only gone and given Jens ‘Ze German’ more ammunition for the newspaper inches

  17. bottom4tottenham

    yeah but all that crap about how good they were, and they couldn’t beat us when we were not at our best, with an Almunia howler and an own goal!

  18. Anonymous

    well, there were 3 penalties. the first, when vidic held hleb one the first half, the second one when hargraves touched the ball with hand, after clichy’s crros, and the third one when patrice evra tackled adebayor from behind, when adebayor was waiting for the ball. what about that “Sir” Ferguson. and what about the firs half when Fergusons “diamond” Anderson, hit flamini whith his predator’s head.
    i have an advice for “sir” Ferguson, he should change his glasses!

  19. The Prophet

    We were the better team and got a draw. Last year UTD overall were the better team and to be honest we were a bit lucky to win at the Grove. However lets step back realise what’s just happened. This year UTD planned to stop us just as the smaller so called teams do which means they are scared and do not believe their normal game is good enough or they are a good enough team to beat us. Having watched the match on Sky it was clear it was Walcott’s fault for the 2nd goal. Pure inexperience of not tracking back or blocking off the run, he will learn from this.

    Good to see Magical Trevor Join the blogg Could be a relation of mine and maybe god help us a femail!!!!

  20. jimmyfingers

    The Theo sub definately didn’t have the impact Wenger would have liked, since Evoue was marshalling Evra quite well. That said it was Theo who put the cross back accross goal for Gallas to smash it in. And Van de Sar must know it was accross the line so to remonstrate that vociferously is out of ordefr and Webb deserves an apology from him

    All our debate of this draw, one thing we neglected is the fact Chelsea are now three points back. I’m not scared of them, although disappointed they didn’t implode post-Mourinho. I don’t put that down to Grant but having a professional dressing room, despite being a gigantic group of utter cunts (SWP excepted). We’ve got them at the Grove coming up and lets hope we do what we should have done these past two games and put the pricks to the sword

  21. geoff

    Guys, I’m going to bed, We are top of the league and Justin Rose won the European tour order of merit and he’s English.

    So Platini go and fucking play golf.