Illegal approaches, Tevez consideration and Wenger talks

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Good morning mighty Gooner fans!

This mornings post is going to be quick as the game is one of those annoying noon kick offs!

Lets get straight into it then!

What formation will Wenger opt for? A normal 4-5-1, Ade up front with Hleb sitting behind? If he goes with that tactic, will Eboue play or will he bring in Diarra like Goodplaya suggest? Or will he bring back Gilberto after his impressive performance in the week and drop the Flamster after his clanger last week?

Or will Wenger go all out 4-4-2, bringing Eduardo into the fold? Or could he opt for the in form Walcott?

Many questions will be answered shortly. But my ill-educated guess would say 4-5-1 with Ade up front. Talking of the big Togolese striker, Wenger said he is going to investigate a possible illegal approach for him by ManU through his shitbag agent, he also talks about his interest in Tevez.

Charlie Nicholas gives his opinion here, he talks about this match being as big as the Milan derby, but not as big as the Old Firm matches. Fuck of Nicholas! Its the only game of interest in Scotland, its not a great watch compared to Arsenal Vs ManU! Still, he is backing us!

Wenger, along with the bookies feels we will come out of today victorious, he is adament we will do it in style though! Arsene, I don’t care if we win playing with less style than Blackburn on a bad day… I don’t even mind if we win playing like we did in the 2005 cup final… JUST WIN PLEASE!

Clichy reckons he’s got Ronaldo in his pocket, Big Al talks about Jens and his performances so far and more good press for fan favourite Flamini!

Finally, a whooping 87% of you are going for the victory today!

I like your confidence!

How about this for tomorrows headline?

Arsenal Spank the Mancs!

Any other suggestions will be welcomed in the comments section!


5 Responses to “Illegal approaches, Tevez consideration and Wenger talks”

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  1. Gunnersaurus

    First Grove! haha!

    Arsenal to win 2-1, a tense affair culminating in a last minute Walcott goal, thus endearing him to the Arsenal faithful for years to come!


  2. jimmyfingers

    sooooooo tired, been opening a new shop and working 14 hour days for the past week, but hey this blog isn’t about me

    Game feels like it did a few years back, when it meant everything. They were great bgames, full of committment and good football, then they turned proper nasty and we liked them more. Then Chelsea’s dirty money gatecrashed the party and we decided to hate them more. Now its back on, the two best English teams with the two best managers fighting it out for the top spot and several weeks of bragging rights for us. Good times

    Have a good one to all the gooners off to the game. Up the Arsenal

  3. grovedigger

    I suppose a draw was a fair result, but their goals were preventable.

    When will he learn that 4-5-1 in the premiership doesn’t work.

  4. Anonymous

    … and 4 5 1 certainly doesn’t work when the 1 is Adebayhewontscore – yes he does some good stuff with his flicks in the build up and yes he distracts the centre halves, but an effective and reliable finisher he is not. Roll on Robin’s recovery….

  5. jimmyfingers

    Is Geoff still abed? Lazy Geoff

    As for 4-5-1 v 4-4-2, we all wanted the latter but all knew Arsene would go for the former, in both games. If RvP hadn’t been injured he would had stuck with the latter I’m sure. And actually Ade makes a very good point of attack in a 4-5-1, with his strength, aerial ability and lay offs.

    Eduardo is still adjusting to the game and Theo is potent unleashed in the second half (although this time he was arguably the reason for second United goal, as he failed to track back against Evra’s run. Eboue had him in his pocket until he was taken off.

    Bottom line is acquitted ourselves well. We didn’t get the number of points we wanted but we came through unscathed, unbeaten and given the late equaliser uplifted and spirited. Slavia then Reading should be reasonably straightforward