Cesc is better than Pele, it’s official

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Well that’s what Arsene Wenger said according to Bob Wilson, he’s the best 17 year old I’ve ever seen says Wenger, Bob Wilson said , but surely that’s Pele? Arsene said he was a striker, Cesc is midfield.

Some praise indeed.

Gilberto has refused to play in the center of defence against Sheffield, which I think is a real shame, a terrible way to end his career, and I think he’s being treated badly, but what can you do?

We’re being linked to Taylor, the Greenwich born Newcastle center back, I would have him in a heartbeat, we’re also linked with Karl Henry a wolves midfielder, but hey, we have too many now, who do we think we are, Chelsea?

Special mention to Chelsea summer signing Steven Sidwell for his ambition, good move Stevie boy!

Ronaldo thinks they’ll beat us, we’ll see big mouth, we’ll see!

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  1. Bud

    If that is Bertie’s attitude (won’t play centre back in Carling cup)… thanks Gilberto for the past, now fuck off you ungrateful c*nt. I have been your biggest fan, but who the fuck do you think you are?!!!

    I hope these are bogus reports however and i’ll be watching him on Wednesday !

    Besides, some of the greatest Centre Mids have reverted to Centre Half during their later years !!!!!

    And lastly, where is everybody today?

  2. The Prophet

    Where did you hear Gilberto has refused to play and do you really think that would leak out of Arsenal

    However is Theo going to be rested for Manure, The press are just assuming he will play tomorrow

    nicked this from a telegraph blogger

    Lets talk about Cesc baby
    Lets talk about Fla-mi-ni
    Lets talk about Theo, Gael and Rosiky,
    Lets talk about Cesc.

    thought it was neat and have been singing it allday

  3. Pedro

    Good afternoon Grovers!

    Very quiet around these parts today? You been scaring everyone off again bud?

    Im going to get stuck into the newsnow feed and i’ll be back!

  4. grovedigger

    Micah Richards for Arsenal eh? good timing, but I don’t see Wenger spending that kind of money, it would be more like Taylor if you ask me.

  5. Bud

    Good to have you back, me and the Prophet of Doom were doing our best to get the comments up, so Le-Grove didn’t look like the unread !!!

    I doubt he’ll buy anyone in January, just ship a couple of the old boys out….. I think something that people overlook is the little involvement Diarra has had, Christ, Gilberto, Diarra, Denilson, Diaby…. none of them can get a game and then don’t forget we do not want to hold back the progress of Cesc-II (Merida)… too many players !!!

  6. geoff

    We don’t need midfield players, true, but we need a center back, Phil won’t make it, Djourou will but Gallas is often injured so I suggest one center back, but a world class one, and a goalie.

    Thanks for looking after the shop guys.

  7. Gunnersaurus

    Has anyone read the Platini interview?

    What a half witted cunt.

    How will milwall ever get better if teams like manu keep stealing there players? What a stupid argument.

    How will small companies get any better if big companies steal there best employee’s? Dumb comparison Mr Platini.

    His agenda is so transparent. I will boycott the Premier League if they give a Champs league place to the FA Cup Winner. Top four normally win it anyway, so its a pointless exercise!

  8. jimmyfingers

    I’ve got just about every digit crossed for Micah. We do have the cash to spend although it would out of character for Wenger to spend it, I can’t think of a more Wengerish defenders than Richards

    Of course he’s also an Arsenal fan, has said he wants to play for us and even apparently wanted a clause in his contract to go if Arsenal came in for him. Cut him, he bleeds red and white and it would great to have him at the club, just like SWP.

    Having a hella time defending the Arse over at a message board I frequent, against people moaning about foreigners in our team. One Hearts fan went to far and typified ‘creative foreigners’ as criminals, poofs, divers and cheats. When asked for an example of a poof he said Ade. I told him if I was in a pub with him I’d punch him in the face

    Cunting cunts

  9. Bud

    They are just jealous petty individuals…… ignore them Jimmy, after of course you have told them they are small minded bitter cunts with hemeroids for brains !!!!!

  10. The Prophet

    lets talk about Ces mmmmmmmby mmm can’t keep it out of my head.

    Cannot see Diarra staying Denelson is young and come the winter and more injuries these guys will all play.

    Oh but I forgot the experts say Arsenal has not got depth in their squad have they!!!!!!!.The same experts who said we will struggle this season

    Saw a good Alan Smith article on Theo a few days ago basically saying it is harder to get the Arsenal team than England so Theo should now have an automtic England recall.

    lets talk aboutmmmmmmmmmmmby lets…

  11. Bud

    Catchy it may be to some, but I personally think its a little bent for the terraces and cannot see 60,000 people at the Emirates busting out in an impassioned chorus of “Lets talk about Cesc Baby” !!!!

    But hey thats just me !!!

  12. geoff

    Hey Jimmy, you should have let the twat from Hearts know that he and that shitty league up there are all foreigners anyway.

    They’re not English and they’re as foreign as Ade, in fact at least I can understand Ade and we don’t give Togo 8 billion in handouts like we do Scotland.

  13. Anonymous

    Bring back the deflowering of the scottish virgins by the English as law…

    Second thoughts the’r all ugly fuckers north of the border perhaps not!!!