We was robbed!

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Really I think we were, when Gerrard fouled Flamini and didn’t get penalised I knew a goal was around the corner, when Gerrard got the free kick I said to Pedro, bottom left, Pedro said top right.

Man I hate being right so often…

I thought the wall was the worst thing Arsenal did all day, after that we were awesome. I’m not getting too bent out of shape over it. I remember Keown charging down the ball a few years back to great effect, so I know what the Flamster was thinking.

I wasn’t too impressed with Eboue, it’s like Wenger feels he has to play him somewhere, I’d sooner see Hoyte getting a run out occasionally, maybe at center back.

I thought Bendtner and Theo looked lively when they came on and Bendtner should have scored.

We would have lost that game last season, so I think we’ve come on leaps and bounds and we are playing such great football as well. It all seems a bit of an anti climax today?

I watched Barca afterwards and felt sorry for Thierry, he doesn’t even take penalties any more, he looked sad and dejected, still, it’s his own fault.

Cesc was special, after playing like shit for most of the game and giving away the free kick that led to the goal, so it was quite a comeback.

Carragher getting man of the match was a joke, cheating scouse git award, yes, but man of the match is just a joke, it will catch up with him soon though and as Pedro said he’ll get blown for a penalty when he shouldn’t, that will be justice.

Okay we’ve got the academy team up tomorrow before the Mancs on Saturday, can we go unbeaten…yes, we can.

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  1. grovedigger

    What a relief when Cesc scored, we went mental, but felt strangely disappointed we didn’t win.

    Andy Gray banging on about Gerrard’s free kick, if Flamini had stayed in the wall, it would have been a shit fee kick.

  2. Bud

    Im glad you noticed it was a foul on Flamini by Gerrard before they got their freekick.

    Also, nobody buy the Sun today, some cunt called Phil Thompson or Thomas, obviously a scouse cunt whatever, gave Gerrard man of the match and gave Gallas 5 out of 10 and Fabregas 6……. fucking cock sucking cunt faced cunt headed wankers !!!!!!!

  3. grovedigger

    what did they give Alice Torres? I thought hhe war a waste of money.

    Shame about spurs, I think they need to spend some money.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought the boys fought really well from 1 nil down, showed bags of character, it’s so good to hear the press saying how good we are.

    I think Mersons a bit of a wanker though, he said in August that he fears for Arsenal without Henry and we would finish in the top 6.

    And on Wednesday he said ‘don’t get carried away, the opposition was poor’

    He was a shit manager and now he’s a shit commentator.

  5. Holloway Gooner

    Gallas deserved a 10 purely for that tackle!

    Cesc wasn’t great, but a 6 is being a bit tight.

    Its looking good for the ManU game, we had a harder run out, so will be more prepared than the Manc’s.

    Something will give, I can’t see this one being a draw.

  6. Gooner Barry

    Who let the deluded Scouser on here?

    Liverpool should watch out, because they looked very average. That dutch guy they have up front is a diving cheat.

    William was great yesterday, it was good to see him getting stuck in. We have an edge to us this season!

    Arsenal for the Prem, I believe!

  7. Bud

    You fucking no- brain prick… you are a cheating dirty pathetic team of also-rans. Grow up and accept your time never came in the premier league and never will !

    And as for talking about Spurts, you clearly have shown you a delusional little thieving cunt with no idea !

    In fact, when did you steal the computer you are using?

    Go fuck yourself and your mother cuntface x.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    If I had been asked at the start of the season to nominate a team to drop out of the Premier League’s top four, I would have picked Arsenal. And Tottenham would have been my choice to replace them. Look what has happened to those north London rivals since then.

    Arsene Wenger realised that it was important that his players came out of the blocks quickly after two years without winning anything and they have responded by playing with phenomenal style and panache.

    Arsene Wenger Le professeur: Spurs could learn much from Wenger and Arsenal

    Even somebody with as strong Liverpool connections as myself has to admit that they fully deserved the point yesterday that took them back to the top of the table in advance of next weekend’s blockbuster against Manchester United.

    If they can come through that second major test unscathed, then people outside the Emirates Stadium will start believing that Wenger may have come up with another title-winning formula.

    It simply demonstrates the value of keeping faith with a man you trust and Arsenal’s directors deserve high praise for unequivocally supporting him.

    After last season had gone for a Burton in a 10-day spell when Arsenal were knocked out of three cup competitions at a point when winning the Premier League was beyond them, Wenger’s employers gave him 100 per cent backing to carry on doing the excellent work he has done over the last 11 years.

    Compare that with recent events at White Hart Lane. Martin Jol had taken Spurs to the brink of Champions League qualification and assembled an impressive array of talent that suggested he could take his team even higher. He was then undermined by his own board of directors who have made a huge contribution to the club’s decline.

    Without giving their manager a chance to build on what he created last season, they went to speak to Sevilla coach Juande Ramos. And they did it with everybody knowing they were doing it.
    # Tottenham Hotspur homepage | Blackburn Rovers homepage

    There is no way a manager can survive in a situation like that because those above him have destabilised his authority in the dressing room. Players are always quick to capitalise on anything like that if they are looking for an excuse for their own poor performances.

    The stark fact that Jol was on his way out was never hidden by Spurs and for that you have to feel sorry for him. He deserved better treatment than he received.

    Wenger, on the other hand, has always been on solid ground. Everybody knew inside two years that he was a great manager — a genius. He balanced the books by bringing in players who had potential and selling them on for fortunes. He got the best from these players before moving them on as we have seen with Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry. It was easy for the Arsenal hierarchy because they could sit back and applaud what the manager was doing.

    That is not to say they didn’t take an interest in what he was doing — they just did not interfere or run the risk of undermining him.

    The Arsenal board would probably go five years without winning a trophy before anyone started asking serious questions about Wenger because they are sure they have the best man for the job. That is a great position for a manager to be in.

    Tottenham’s board can learn valuable lessons from their north London neighbours. In the time that Wenger has been at Arsenal, Spurs have gone through seven managers and are now on their eighth. I am not saying that Tottenham with a full-strength line up are as good as Arsenal but they are capable of playing exhilarating football.

    What has happened under Wenger at Arsenal could happen at Tottenham, but it won’t if they keep changing their manager every five minutes. It is certainly not going to happen this season but Ramos can go only one way from here and that is upwards.

    He arrives at White Hart Lane to find the team Jol guided into Europe last season now in the Premiership’s relegation zone and he heard the boos ringing round the ground yesterday after Blackburn compounded Spurs’ misery with a late winner.

    However, with the players that he already has available — Ledley King will be a big boost to the team’s defence when he returns from injury — and the transfer war chest that will surely be available in January, this is a great time to become the manager of Tottenham.

    That is, of course, assuming the directors have learned their lesson.

  9. Pedro

    Alan Hansen eating humble pie! I just read that article.

    I would have like the article if it was more apologetic.

    He is such a no nothing waste of T.V space.

    I am qualified to say so, Alan, Motty and Lauro are my best mates… remember Celtic Manor?

    Them were the days!

  10. Bud

    Get a life and go and piss your scorn and bitterness on one of your own blogsites you nylon coated dirty northern family fucking thief !

    Yes Geoff, remove the prick, some of us work for a living and don’t thieve for an income, so I do not need to feel such vitriol whilst working for an honest living !!!

  11. Bud

    Quote from Reina;

    Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina also hailed the performance of Arsene Wenger’s title hopefuls.

    The Spaniard said: “There’s not much doubt they were one of the best sides I have ever played against.

    “They were brilliant……

    So Beautiful I am gushing !!!!

  12. Bud

    Part 2 of the Reinna Interview….mmmwwwwwwaaaaahhhhh!!!

    He added: “I think it is a point gained because they were the better side.

    “We tried to fight and to keep our level as high as we could but they were one of the best sides I have ever seen.”

  13. jimmyfingers

    Strange side Liverpool: manage to be in the top 4 and compete in Europe yet sometimes watching them is like playing ‘spot the talent’. They’ve got two match-winners, Gerrard and Torres, three if they play Crouch (every dog has its day). Kuyt and Voronin are proper useless and it beggars belief that Benitez continues to play them ahead of the lanky streak of piss. Decent back line maybe, and goalie (a gracious one too) but a midfield lacking guile, although full of industry and committment (at least on yesterdays evidence.

    They contributed a lot to a good game, but occaisionally, esp in the first half I thought I was getting flashbacks of the late 80s, because they were pinging the ball forward with such length and ferocity I thought I was watcng Wimbledon. Arsenal’s passing a movement was superb and on another day we would have won. Strange that we managed to look like the home side at Anfield, with them grabbing one goal, getting the sodding lot of them behind the ball and trying to hit us on the break.

    And speaking of the break, Almunia justified the trust placed in him by Arsene. He made a number of important, and good, saves. The freekick wasn’t his fault, unless you blame him for the paucity of the wall.

    I think we have to wonder why Eboue is getting so many games. I echo the call for Hoyte to get a run out or we’ll lose him to Villa in January and he’s a handy player.

    Oh and Carragher’s a lucky cunt. Bizarre he and not Hleb got man of the Match