Wenger didn’t play me ‘cos I’m a half witted, butt ugly drunk

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This of course should have been the Pennant headline, not ‘he didn’t play me because I’m English’ Benitez should sack the stupid little drunk moron.

Enough on that.

I’ve read everything frontways, sideways and backwards on today’s game, it’s made even worse by the fact that Chelsea scored 6 and ManU won handsomely again.

We’re going to fortress Anfield today in what is arguably the toughest fixture we have all season, we win our fair share at Old Trafford but Anfield is always tough, unless of course you’re Arsenal’s kids.

Remember the cups? They were our kids, more or less the same team as we are playing today.

When we played them in the league, they were at us from the off, if we let them do that again, we’ll lose, we have to shut them down, which in fairness is what we’ve been doing all season.

I would prefer 4-4-2 with Eduardo up top and use Theo later, but with half an hour to go, not 10 minutes. This could be Eduardo’s day.

I would play Rosicky and Hleb on the flanks. I would let the scousers know from the off, we’re here to win.

I lost all my fingernails last night watching the rugby, so I’ll be trying my toenails later today.

I will however, be watching the game in Spain with Pedro, so it will be more alcohol fuelled than usual.

So picture us drinking beer, chewing my toenails and seeing Arsenal taking Liverpool apart.

3-1 Arsenal, after going a goal down.

I see it hasn’t worked out for Thierry, and Liverpool and Chelsea are sniffing around, I think we should have him back and give him Liam’s job should Liam go back to run the Irish. Isn’t it a shame?

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  1. bottom4tottenham

    where the fuck have you been all day? great performance, really unlucky, Carrager dirty cheating scouse cunt fuck.

  2. jimmyfingers

    Good game, we looked like the home team. That said they created a lot of chances so shared points is probably fair. I will echo the comments about Carragher. I’ll be waiting for the News of the World pictures of him handing cash to the ref

  3. geoff

    make you right JF, but at least the pundits now think we’ll win the league, what’s clear is we can’t play 4-5-1 with Ade, it doesn’t work, I’m not sure Eboue works either, but Theo and Bendtner did make the difference.

    The saving grace for Liverpool was the post…twice!

    Great saves from Almunia, shit wall though.

  4. Pedro

    I’m watching terry having a shocker for Barca! He looks like Walcott earlier in the season, a shadow of his former self!