Its boring without a game!

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I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve read everything including the Liverpool papers and they’re nervous, it seems Alonso will be back as will Torres and Crouch, good, if they play like they did against Besiktas, we’ll clean their clocks.

Don’t get too confident and don’t give them too much respect.

Play Theo at some point but don’t expect too much, we used to do that with Thierry and sometimes he didn’t turn up, but I can’t remember playing Liverpool when we’ve been favourites, so I’m going to enjoy it.

Don’t forget they almost lost to Spurs!!! Two unbeaten records on the line tomorrow so someone won’t be happy.

The good thing about two players coming back from injury means that won’t be back to match fitness yet…we hope!

An interesting thing about names of managers, ours is Arsene…Arsenal, see the connection? Spurs is Juande Ramos, pronounced, one day… see the connection? One day they’ll be a force! One day we’ll be millionaires Rodders, one day!

Hopefully Wenger will get the boys psyched up for Sunday.

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  1. Pedro

    Click my name if you want to read about Adebayor. Its a really good article!

    0-2 to the Arsenal tomorrow, I have a good feeling about it!

  2. jimmyfingers

    Yeah, fuck all about Arsenal on the beeb. Plenty about spuds. I hear Jol got told by text message during the game he was fired.

    You see there’s the right way to run a club (Arsenal)

    Then there’s Chelsea

    And waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond them, a mere spec on the horizon, is Spurs. I enjoyed telling Chelsea fans how they’re the laughing stock of Europe, but Spurs are in a different league. If I was a member of the board/admin staff at SHL I’d leave it off my CV when I went looking for a new job.

    ‘Worked for Tottenham? No, not me, honest injun. I don’t even like football. What is a ‘Hotspur’ anyway? Don’t they have a cock as their symbol? Hate football, really’

    ‘So you’re not that Daniel Levy then?’

  3. geoff

    shame about Chelsea and ManU still it’s up to us now, if we want to win the big one, we have to win tomorrow! onwards upwards,