Fat boy gets dumped…

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It doesn’t get better than this does it? 7nil on Tuesday, Besiktas beating the scousers, the spuds losing to a shit Spanish outfit and that fat obnoxious twat Jol getting his P45, oh deep joy!

So top4tottenham hit the skids, not to worry they’re bringing in Ramos, remember him? He manages the outfit we beat 3-0 at the grove the other week, it’s good to see them learning from their mistakes.

Have to ask why Ramos would go to Spurs, the Leicester job is vacant and they’re a bigger team, still that’s spurs for you, always improving and should challenge for the league soon, maybe not the one we’re in but next season should be their year, it does after all end in a one, oh, sorry it’s a 9, still not long to wait then.

Onto other news, Kaiser Franz has told mad Jens to shut his gob and Stan the man has backed the board, Jens is on his way and the board did a lockdown so they’re scraping the barrel there.

Watching the last two Liverpool games shows me they can’t deal with pace and fast passing, so keeping Theo and Ade on makes sense, we need to control midfield so Flamini and Cesc seem the best option and Hleb and Rosicky could make it perfect for the incisive game we need to beat them, maybe Hleb and Eboue for pace but Eboue gets a bit theatrical in tough games, so maybe Diarra or Diaby for strength would make more sense.

Back 5 picks itself.

We have to watch Gerrard having a pop and I’ll have money he plays Torres and not Crouch, if he does play Crouch, Kolo will be ready for him, he owes him.

If we want to win the league we have to do well against teams like this, a draw would suffice but on form we should press home a solid win.

How good is it, that most of us now expect, it’s testament to how far we’ve come, even that other fat oik Jewell is tipping us to win the league, he said he has since day one he says, well if he did he was the only one!

All the sites are a little boring at the moment, though I did see one that showed 2 Liam Brady moments of yesteryear, don’t leave Liam, we love you.

Thierry has realised what a Pratt he was to leave, but sorry Thierry, we don’t want you back, live with it, and Cesc, please take note, that’s what happens when even the best leave the hallowed turf of the Grove, because they’re greedy egotistical bastards.

It’s good to see we are getting regular bloggers on the site, and all having some fun, which is what it’s all about, no slagging each other, just Arsenal fans having some intelligent banter, keep it up bloggers.

We are regularly getting in the top 3 stories on Arsenalnews.net, the number 1 news feed, so we must be doing something you all like, thanks for your support.

Next week we’re going to smarten the site up a bit, we’d like to get some pictures on but these agencies all want huge sums of money, any suggestions would be welcome.

Have a good day and a fabulous weekend.

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  1. grovedigger

    about time, I was getting bored, good blog to finish the week with.

    Fat boy going, how funny is that! I read all the Arsenal-Liverpool previous match stats and they don’t make good reading, time to change all that then.

    Arsenal 2-0

  2. Pedro

    I am feeling confident about this weekend. Its the ManU game that concerns me, much more unpredictable!

    I am excited about the game, I just hope Rafa the Rotatator doesn’t use nullifying tactics… he spent 30 million, he should be able to play us off the park!

    The Hlebinator will be the second striker and Theo will come on after 70 mins and bang in his first important goal!

    I am bold…

  3. Henry

    I am hoping he doesn’t play Hleb there, as that will be 4-5-1 and that’s showing them we’re scared.

    I would sooner play 4-4-2 and I think he’ll play Eduardo with Ade, as Eduardo will have room, then I think he’ll bring Theo on.

    Don’t forget Eduardo is an unknown quantity.

  4. grovedigger

    Yeah I would sooner see us go for the jugular, when Besiktas went forward Liverpool were like headless chickens.

    And Besiktas were shit.

  5. bottom4tottenham

    I was trying to think who I would want in the side if I could swap one of ours.

    I can’t, maybe a center back for Gallas?

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in this position going into a big game before, it’s the bollocks.

  6. Henry

    Now Adebayor says Theo can be better than Henry, King is dead, long live the King.

    Bet this is pissing Bendtner off.

  7. geoff

    time for me to add my who should play to the debate.

    I think play Ade up front with Eduardo and bring on Theo to skin them in the final third.

    Play Rosicky and Hleb on either side of Flamini/Diarra/gilberto and Cesc

    And save Diaby for the second half for a bit of muscle.

    Or do the above but in reverse.

  8. Bud

    Did anyone see that low life weasl faced C*** of a s SPuds Chairman smiling through last nights game….. merciless little C***, hope you die !!!!!!!

    And bottom3tottenham (notice I used 3 to be precise!)…. Willy is the King my friend, who have the Thieving Scabs got that would be better than Willy….. no-one !!!

    Oh yeah, Geoff, Paul, didn’t get your beer, run out of time and space in the car….

  9. bottom4tottenham

    Bud I called myself bottom4tottenham as a piss take because they said this year they’ll break into the top 4, I’ll happily change my name to relegatedtottenham next year though.

  10. Anonymous

    bud you’re talking about willy again?

    why do you like him so much? he’s okay but we need a big bloke who can jump, oh and that doesn’t keep getting inured.

  11. Bud

    Because since he has been captian we are undeaten and the team atmosphere looks more united than it has ever been…… enough said I think !

    Bottom4totts…. I know, I was just playing on words and reminding people of the Flids being in the bottom 3, in case with all the Glory of them losing last night and sacking the manager, that we should still also celebratre their league position !!!

    Life is damned glorious isn’t it !!!!

  12. Gunnersaurus

    Slow day on the newsfeeds…

    Mr Gallas is a good captain, a win at the weekend would make him a great captain! Henry in his saint days was painful to watch!

    I still can’t believe Chelsea gave us him? Shit deal or what!

    You love your Willy don’t you bud?

  13. The Prophet

    I know a Liverpool season ticket holder who is shitting himself re Sunday. They are very depressed and frustrated. Liverpool don’t usually sack their manager quickly so I cannot see Rafa going this season. What worries me about Sunday is they are effectively out of the champion’s league is the premiership now their number one aim! Good feeling nice and negative now thats better.

  14. jimmyfingers

    17 years without a title means Liverpool are incapable of ‘concentrating on the league’, whether they’re in Europe or not. What is particularly hilarious is that Rafa and Gerrard are insisting they played well on Wednesday. I hope they play that well against us.

    Only Spuds would fire their manager during a game. Pure genius. Now it seems they have the managerial dynamism that is Clive Allen to take them through for the rest of the season. Can we talk about them as realistic relegation material now? And if they manage to avoid the drop, Ramos and the Gus ‘monkey-face’ Poyet. I’m quaking in my boots.

    As for Sunday, shout of Theo coming on after an hour. I’ve been working on this mathematical equation: (60minutes)tired legs+Theo=X. You gotta work out the value of X.

    But two upfront, defo. No 4-5-1 for the ‘Pool chokers, show them no respect

  15. Bud

    Jimmy – Am loving your Theories !

    Annonymous (I got a day job la la la) Bell End – Noble, I know that is you…… that was so Chilvers it was bent !!!!!!!