Arsenal machine to march on at Anfield

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Shame about Liverpool… Oops sorry, I’m being sarcastic!

I watched our next up opponents Liverpool last night, against a very ordinary Besiktas side, if they play like that on Sunday, we’ll hammer them, I don’t suppose they will though, but I would think their confidence has been dented a tad.

Liverpool games are a bit like north London derbies, the form book tends to go out of the window.

In all honesty though, we should win this one, I think our movement will be too much for them, and Gerrard aside the only match winners they have are Alonso and Torres and they may not even play, we have 6 match winners, at least.

The high praise for the team goes on, it’s great to be a gooner at the moment, I watched the highlights again and the goals were just top drawer, even the own goal and the Bendtner tap in, have to say though, I don’t think he’ll be around long, he didn’t look too happy when he scored, it was a ‘how can you be playing anyone ahead of me?’ look to Theo, and when Theo came over to say well done, he sort of patted him on the head, not encouraging.

Laughable reports that we’re going to buy Sissoko, like we don’t have enough midfield options already!

Onto the goodplaya editorial yesterday slagging off club level, today they did publish a kind of sarcastic retraction and have offered a truce, so well done to Bud, Pedro and anon for sending them a message and proving the power of the written word. I did leave an acceptance comment on their blog though.

Well done to Jimmyfingers for an acceptable bit of plagiarism on a Spurs site, good to see you spreading the word.

People read our blog because in the main we talk about football, we try to be articulate and conversational and only slag people off that slag us off, enough said let’s move on.

Robin is pledging his future to Arsenal and Wenger which is good and mad Jens doesn’t know when to shut up, I doubt we’ll see him again, frankly I think he should be told to go back to Germany and be done with it.

Drogba is tipping us to win the Premiership so thanks for the support and we’ll try our best not to disappoint you, how good is it to read stories about us winning again, instead of team in transition stories?

This next few months sees us playing a lot of games so I think we’ll see all of our whole squad in action, I hope he does it gradually though and not as two teams like the Carling cup.

Last week I would have settled for a point apiece from the next two games, but now I think we can get six, I really, really do.

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  1. Holloway Gooner

    Did anyone else think we missed a trick when they first saw Voronin? He was rubbish last night, lets hope he replicates that performance next weekend.

    I heard Chelsea were lucky yesterday as well. Is anyone else getting the jitters about Sunday?

    The Van Persie interview is spot on. I like reading his interviews as much as I like reading Cesc’s! Such confidence. You can only imagine that runs right through the squad.

  2. Bud

    I am a little worried about Sunday, but I have been worried about every game this season and as anyone will tell you that knows me, I am incredibly supersticious when it comes to the Arsenal, so obviously to not be worried Sunday would just not do…… does that make sense!!!!!!

    The only thing I liked about Veronin is that his hair remininded me of Manu, but that was it !

    And yes Geoff, I think my comments on Goodplaya were rather reasoned…. just read yours you fiesty little monster you !!!!

    And why ain’t they got a link to Le-Grove when you got them????

  3. geoff

    I’ll get theirs taken off!

    Make you right about Voronin, I thought he was the nuts when I first saw him, he missed two sitters last night.

    Let’s hope we see more of that this weekend.

  4. The Prophet

    Any one that knows me knows I am always worried about Arsenal and I must admit just think of the anticlimax on Sunday if… oh god.. we are doomed!!!!

  5. Henry

    not sure what Liam Brady’s thinking of, he was a shit manager before, and he has to have the best job in football.

    O’leary is just a cunt though, everywhere he’s been he’s fucked up.

    He should come with a warning, like a packet of fags.

  6. grovedigger

    just saw the Quaresma ‘you tube’ clip, boy I would love him to come to Arsenal, can play on either wing, perfect.

  7. bottom4tottenham

    I know this has no relevance whatsoever, but both lino’s on Tuesday waited for the refs decision on every call, I watched them, what a pair of wankers.

    I hope the officials at Anfield don’t go giving them penalties etc.

    Just make it a fair game.

  8. jimmfingers

    On form we must be favourites for Sunday, but it’s Liverpool at Anfield so it would be stupid to be over-confident. They will be motivated because they need this win desperately to stay on pace in the league, since it’s all over in Europe bar the shouting…well, three straights then

    But we’re also idiots if we don’t think we can win. Yes we haven’t faced a major test yet, yes 6 out of nine games have been at home but what that has afforded us is momentum and massive confidence. We’ll take that into the game and should be too much for Liverpool

  9. geoff

    we shouldn’t be too respectful, we should however not be over confident, the fact that we won so many home games is great, last year we drew a bunch.

    We should also remember this season we won all those games in Holland as well as West Ham and Spurs and I can’t remember the last time we did that in the same season.

    Every reason to expect.

  10. grovedigger

    I can’t remember feeling confident going up to Anfield, but this time I don’t feel dread, I’m actually looking forward to watching the game.

    Why have you lost the ‘y’ off your name Mr Fingers?

  11. Gunnersaurus

    Sevilla was a stern test, as was Spurs and Man City. Going on a 13 game winning streak show a lot of character too.

    Like I have said before, you don’t win the league by beating the top four teams, its the lesser sides where you pick up your points.

    We beat all the best teams last year, so we know its within us to do so again.

  12. Bud

    I did decide today was a good day to work, but unfortunately I am not staying to blog, am off to macro’s now to buy lots of beer and wine….. No holding me back !!!!!

  13. Le Grove

    Libel Football Exclusive:

    Thierry Henry admits he’s struggling to find his place at Barcelona, it has been revealed.

    AS says the French ace has confessed to his former Arsenal teammates that he’s finding it difficult to make his mark both on the field and in the Barca dressing room.

    He is missing the ‘family’ atmosphere at the Gunners and also struggling to adjust to the less fluent way Barca play. Henry is sad about his situation and has reportedly admitted to ex-Arsenal teammates he gets depressed when thinking back on his time in London.

    Henry penned a four-year deal with Barca in the summer.

  14. geoff

    learn to spell bud, it’s ‘of course’ big brother not ’cause’ Yes I’ll have two cases of Coors light please.

  15. jimmyfingers

    Found it again. Sneaky little Y

    Never quite understood Thierry’s reasons for going. Seems strange to go from being a big fish in a small pond into a small fish surrounded by Sharks. I mean Messi, Eto’o and Ronaldhinho! At least go to a team where he’d be no. 1. I would like to think its the altruistic reasons Wenger hinted at recently, that he moved because he was holding our team back, and that he was too old, but I think it’s more likely he went for the glory.

    Daft IMO, but I guess he thought it was a good idea at the time. Even with a few good seasons at Barca he’s only ever be a footnote, rather than the legend he is at Arsenal. He’d been toying with leaving for a while but now he’s found the grass ain’t always greener

    We’d have him back like a shot surely

  16. geoff

    He went because he’s thick, anyone could have told him he’d never take free kicks, never be the star and get banana’s thrown at him the minute it all goes pear shaped, that’s what happens in Spain.

    Me, I won’t ever forgive him, greedy bastard doesn’t know what a contract is and he broke my heart.

    Take note Cesc.

    Glad you found the ‘y’

  17. jimmyfingers


    Sorry, laughing at Spurs