I’m in heaven, 7th heaven

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Well what did you expect? I have to say it was on the cards, the time when every chance went in had to come against someone, but Slavia Prague were no slouches, we just made them look like they were. Don’t forget this mob beat Steaua and scored 2 in Seville.

Theo got his big chance and was what we all expected, he was simply awesome, the boy wonder we thought we bought from Southampton, he’s 18 and we have at least 12 years of watching him get better, but we’ll lose him one day as he’s vowed to return home, to Swindon, and you have to accept that’s his ambition, we’ll probably lose Cesc too, as he’ll want to play for the team that has superstar Henry. You have to admit Barca were entertaining against the mighty Scottish team Rangers last night, I hope Cesc took note.

There’s no point in walking you through the game as I expect you all watched it somewhere, if you didn’t, you missed a fabulous team display, the only people in the whole world would didn’t enjoy it were both the Spurs fans and mad Jens Lehmann.

Which brings me on to his latest rants, is he stupid or what? message for Jens, go home mate, you’re finished, you are doing nothing for team spirit and you are what stands between 25 and 27 points, it wasn’t Almunia that fumbled the ball to give Blackburn a goal, it was you, so shut up complaining. Wenger comments here.

He must be really screwing up team harmony at training, my advice to Arsene is send him home before he causes any more problems.

Bendtner did Ok but goal apart there wasn’t much between him and Ade, it will be interesting to see who he selects against the scousers, I expect Gilberto and maybe Diarra may get a look, but certainly not mad Jens.

Arsene had a pop at me last night when he said ‘people said I was mad not to buy players’ fair point boss, but I still think you should have bought a center back, a winger and a world class keeper, but you are proving me wrong so I apologise for doubting you, that’s the end of the subject though, any more and I’ll be feeling humiliated.

I think it’s the near perfect way to be going to Anfield, what would make it perfect is if they lose tonight and their morale goes south, I’m not one of these people that wants English teams to do well, not when we’re still in the same competition and they could get in our way, so Liverpool, I hope you get stuffed.

I thought the noise was fab from the crowd last night, I just wish everyone would wear a scarf.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Thierry thought about last night, he’s bound to talk about it somewhere, Cesc there’s a lesson for you.

Finally we are on Arsenalnews.net news feed but not on newsnow, they tell us we have to be going for a year, which will be next July, so please keep reading, tell your mates and bookmark us, we’re in for the ride, we’re going nowhere.

Talk tomorrow.

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  1. grovedigger

    Thought Bendtner looked ordinary, but at least he scored. It may be me but I thought he looked imobile.

    If that’s a word!

    Can’t wait for Liverpool.

  2. Bud

    Agreed Grovedigger !

    Rosicky looked strangely crap when he came on as well !

    And as we are talking subs, after 5 minutes of Bertie, I thought to myself, oh dear, you look old and your days are numbered and although sad, I wish you the best of luck elsewhere….. then he reinvented himself, bought in the shoulder drop and was AWSOME for the rest of the game and very much back in mt thoughts for the rest of the season… Bertie Lives !!!

    By the way, I Got a song……

    “Fuck off Lehman, fuck off Lehman….”

    Kinda catchy eh !!!!!

  3. jimmyfingers

    At one point during the game, I turned to my brother and said, ‘God this is crap, no-one’s scored for at least twenty minutes’. Oh how we laughed

    It was tho’ the twenty minutes after the subs came on. I was hoping Bendtner got a run out but its never the sort of game you’re going to be able to make a mark on when the scoreline was already 6-0. And watching Gilberto I was too reminded of his quality and thought it’s a damn shame he isn’t playing. I don’t want to see him go but there will be plenty of suitors come January.

    Impressive from the Mancs last night too. The ‘Pool game is starting to look like the appetiser to Manure’s main course. Two teams, both bang in form and playing good football. Its going to be like the old days of Arsenal against United, and even writing it gets the adrenalin going. After these two games we’re going to know a lot more about our team. 4 points is the minimum we want to be looking for

  4. Henry

    Yeah but what if we could get 6 points! it may not be too far fetched the way we’re playing.

    I just watched the highlights and Slavia weren’t a bad side, they had their moments, which makes the result even more incredible.

  5. Pedro

    By Bertie, you mean Bendtner right?

    I think he is a good player, but I prefer Adebayor. He did well to put the ball in the back of the net. The back heel to put him through was simply amazing. What a sublime piece of skill from the otherwise average Eboue.

    Theo looked brilliant all game. All he needed was a confidence boost. When he scored I started shouting Lewis at the screen… my bad, they just look so damn alike!

    Liverpool are in trouble if that is the sort of game we are going to take to them.

    ManU vs Arsenal is gearing up to be the game of the season! I still think the Mancs have been flattered by some poor defending of late. Did anyone see Rooneys first against Villa? It was a joke!

    As long as every realises these two games will not define the season. We beat all the best teams last year bar Chelsea and we cam 4th. The prem is won on how well you do against the poor teams.

  6. Holloway Gooner

    Our Danish chap did okay yesterday. I am inclined to agree with Jimmy Fingers though. You can’t judge him on that sort of late appearance. He still banged on in though, and you can’t argue with that.

    All of last seasons wrongs are being righted this season. Excuse the poor English!

    Scousers up next! Lets hope they lose tonight! Keep Rotating Rafa!

  7. bottom4tottenham

    Pedro, I think Bertie is Gilberto! I think Wenger should sack Lehman he could really upset the Karma.

    Iker Casillas is only 26 and we’re being linked with him.

    I bet that doesn’t happen though

  8. Pedro

    Bertie! My gosh, I feel a fool!

    Agreed then, the man looked good. Lack of depth eh? Not by what I can see!

    Think about this. We have 4 potentially world class strikers.

    Ade is hard to leave out. Eduardo is going to be great. RVP is our best striker and Theo looks raw, but exciting. Bendtner Big Bollocks still has the jury out, but he ain’t half bad.

    I think I love Arsene, in ways no man should.

  9. Gunnersaurus

    I think Bud has had an experience with a Spanish Waiter with Bleach blonder hair before.

    He seems to love the man dearly!

    You can’t fault him though, another clean sheet and a great save late on.

  10. Bud

    I have indeed had many great experiences with a Spanish Waiter with Bleached Blonde Hair… his name too is Manuel and he runs a very special tapas Bar with a food selection unparralelled and mighty fine wine list (prusuming you like Marquis de Caseras Reserva) up in the old village of Aroya de la Mielle….. beautiful….. oooo the wonderful evenings my wife and I have spent there….. almost as enjoyable as watching teh Arsenal !!!!

  11. Anonymous

    that explains why he wasn’t at the match last night!

    I’ve been wondering all day what players will be in the side to face the ‘hub cap stealers’ then I loooked at the fixture list and noted that in December we could play 9 games, with 6 away.

    As it is 6 of the next 8 are away, so this is where the squad will pay dividends and answers my own stupid question of yesterday as to why we have so many midfielders.

  12. Bud

    Don’t preach to me Geoff….. I’ve been to more games than you this year… granted I have missed 2 in all competitions, thats right 2….. I dragged my arse up there for teh Worthless Cup….. where were you eh????????

    Anyway, it seems as both missed games were champions League and both stonking results, I may in fact ban myself from all future Champs League ties !

  13. geoff

    I may have missed games due to being out of the country on business, but one of them wasn’t 7 nil was it? and I didn’t miss it cos I was tired, did I?

    Anyway just so you know, we’re the team in red and white shirts.

  14. Bud

    I don’t feel I need to prove myself…… I have completed many seasons throughout my life, both in distant past and recent times where I have not missed a game…

    I can’t help it if I was feeling tired and a little off colour and my beloved wife offered to massage me with oils whilst I lay on the floor watching my other beloved, Arsenal …… life is tough sometimes, but I am man enough to take it !!!!

  15. geoff

    Hey anonymous, the balance has been restored on the inverted snob blog.

    The great thing about this site is we only get annoyed with people that slag off our supporters, like goodplaya, that’s why they’re so incredibly dim, because they’re having a go at there own.

    Anyway drinking free beer looking through the blinds is quite a good way to watch a match, at least I got back in time to see 7 goals, he couldn’t have, he was watching me the sad bastard.

  16. jimmyfingers

    The line up for ‘Pool will be interested: will Wenger be conservative and play Hleb behind Ade in a five-man midfield, or stick with the 4-4-2?

    The next question is what about Theo? Bolton and now Prague demand his inclusion but away at Anfield is he best kept on the bench till cometh the hour, cometh the man (particularly if things are tight). If you do start him is it upfront in the 4-4-2, or out wide in the 4-4-1-1?

    Decision decisions. I do think we shouldn’t be scared of Liverpool: they’re hardly in fine form. Be better to go in there with a largely unchanged side as a demonstration of intent than jetison the second striker for Hleb. That wouldn’t be very defensive mind.

  17. Holloway Gooner

    A tough decision lies a head for Arsene! Rafa is a master tactician, how will he play it? Would he dare try and out football us? Will he try and nullify a 4-4-2? Would Arsene play a 4-5-1 considering how we have been playing?

    I personally think he’ll go for a 4-5-1, purely based on how well hleb is playing. I think it would be to much pressure on Theo and Eduardo could go missing.

  18. geoff

    I think a 4-5-1 would be defensive and suggest we’re scared, I’m sure we did that last year when we lost.

    I wouldn’t change a thing, we’ve been 4-4-2 all season (I think) so I would play the same team as Tuesday, possibly with the addition of Gilberto, Diarra or Diaby in place of Flamini and Rosicky in for Eboue as Rosicky scored in the FA cup.

    Go for their frail jugular, before they start believing in themselves again.

    I would sooner face Torres or Voronov than Bellamy.

  19. Anonymous

    I like your comment, kick a team when they are down!

    Maybe le-grove should do a cut an paste of the miserable spuds comments?

    There is enough to keep my gloating going for a year!

    Click the Pedro link if you can get it.

  20. jimmyfingers

    Well I can’t take the credit. I thought I was being original but then I saw the title of yesterdays blog and realised I must have got the inspiration from here

  21. The realist

    good match but slavia are a poor team so do not get carried away not doubt a big loss to Liverpool will bring you guys down to size top 4 in the end will be out of reach but I suppose you can enjoy your dreaming!!!

  22. The Prohet

    what a load of bollocks from that last comment, I agree the Liverpool match will show us how far we have come but I can only see us get better as the season progresses Edwardo has got to shine yet!!

  23. grovedigger

    yes the last blogger is probably stealing your hubcaps as we speak.

    Besiktas are even poorer but at half time they’re beating Liverpool.

    When was the last time the scousers scored 7 goals? we’ve done Middlesbrough, Everton and Slavia in the last 4 seasons.

  24. jimmyfingers

    Down and nearly out. 1 point from three games in Europe

    Do you think they’re doing it so they can concentrate on the league?