My Defence of Ade + A large portion of shadenfruede please!

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Good morning to you, and how are we on this fine autumn morn? Fucking cold like me I bet!

Today is a two part blog.

We are mostly going to talk about Adebayor and Spurs.

Lets get cracking on Spurs to start with!

One of the great phrases of the German language is shadenfruede I think it means to take joy from other people’s misfortunes, the other one is ‘I’ll be back for the Bolton game'(I was kidding with that one!

Cast your minds back to August, and all those muppet journalists and football commentators like… Well all of them actually, they were tipping Spurs to not only challenge, but to replace us in the pecking order.

Well here we are 9 games on (10 in their case) and top4tottenham are a massive 18 points behind us, that’s right, that fat Dutch simpleton Jol, has wasted some £40 million on players with no hope, bragged his big fat man-breasts off about being the new power in North London and is a massive 18 points behind the new Premiership leaders, us, the mighty Arsenal.

I’m not sure Top4tottenham will end up with the same points we’re on at the end of the season, and I think there’s a real chance they’ll get relegated in the year we’re crowned as champions. Wouldn’t that be something!!!

Now onto Adebayor. This article on basically questions the big man’s ability to retain a place in the Arsenal starting line up. It questions his mental ability, composure in front of goal and his touch. The writer also talks about how he has been worried about him for 3 years – clearly the writer had been keeping tabs on him at Monaco. Or maybe the writer is a scout for Arsenal who was against his purchase? Who knows!

Anyway, here is my defence of the big man!

Firstly, Adebayor to my knowledge is only 23. Young enough to learn, and young enough to improve his game.

Some of you out there are suggesting that Bendtner Big Bollocks would score more goals than Ade, apparently he has a better touch and more composure in front of goal? I don’t understand where this conclusion has come from? There is only one person who has seen enough of him to come to that conclusion and that’s Arsene Wenger (Read here to find out his views on unhappy players). I would also draw your attention to the fact that Bendtner wasn’t exactly prolific at Birmingham last year, and some Birmingham fans have suggested he is a touch lazy.

Maybe a few of you have been reading his myspace profile where he lists his occupation as Professional footballer and full time legend.

Some bloggers have been comparing his situation to Henry, saying Thierry was missing open goals but they could see that he had greatness in him.


I remember an interview with Tony Adams and he said no one at Arsenal ever envisaged him becoming the player he did. So lets stop the “I could see he was going to great” bull shit.

Could we also take a moment and realise that Thierry was a super player, in the same way PV04 was a super player. He played the game like no other. He was the Premierships greatest player. He was in essence, the complete footballer and a one off.

Most other clubs have to put up with strikers that do a job for the team. You have your work horse strikers (Heskey), your second strikers (Rooney), your pacy strikers (Owen), your goal poachers (Van Nistelrooy) and your target men (Crouch). Adebayor seems to be a combination. I know this sounds like rubbish, but I was going to say a cross between Drogba and Kanu, I swear I didn’t read here first! He holds the ball up well, he brings other players into the game and he causes Crouch like problems in the air and he is surprisingly pacey. He is also a big game player. Look at how many times he has come up with the goods when we’ve really needed him.

Okay, he sometimes makes a meal out of the easy chances. Sometimes he takes one touch to many. Maybe he picks out the wrong pass. But you can’t fault his effort. His attitude reminds me of the Flamster, and how many of you slated him last year? If you have great technique and you have a great attitude its only a matter of time before you come good. That’s what my Dad keeps telling me, you’re never too old to become a professional footballer. I can still do it right? I haven’t missed the boat at 25, surely? In all seriousness though. I think he has the basics needed to become a great footballer for Arsenal.

Think about the players that have come good over the years, the players who had question marks over their ability to succeed.

Edu, Freddie, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp (Ask Alan Sugar) and Lehmann to name but a few! How about players from other clubs? Drogba, Lampard, Tevez and Hargreaves all spring to mind!

I think we should all give the man a chance, he can only get better and I think he will! This is his biggest season for the club and he has started well, 6 goals in 9 games is pretty prolific by any strikers standards. Let’s stop to nit picking and get behind our players.

We are close to going on our longest ever winning streak, we are top of the Premiership, top of our Champions league group, Top of the money list, we’re on a 5 year lockdown, Wengers signed, Robin isn’t long term Le Listed, Willy G is happy, we’re playing stunning football and we’re only 2 and a half months into the season!

Its good to be a Gooner at the moment, so bloody well enjoy it! Good luck to the boys tonight!

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  1. Anonymous

    Whoever wrote that bit about Adebayor is a deluded fool. He is shite. His touch is shit, his finishing is shit and he should have signed for west ham…

  2. Gunnersaurus

    I like the fact you are defending Adebayor, but sometimes his misses are indefensible.

    I believe Bendtner is a much better striker based on what I have seen from him so far in an Arsenal Shirt. He is also younger. Hopefully he’ll start getting more of a run in the team.

    Nice part about Spurs, they are laughable.

  3. grovedigger

    the Spurs bit is brilliant! Ade blows hot and cold but does offer plan B, but time to give Bendtner a go, I agree with Gunnersaurus.

  4. James

    Did no one watch Bendtner against PSG?? He was fucking useless and slow? Hes got potential, but he needs to keep quiet. I dont know how anyone can slate Ade for being shit and bad touches.

    Look what important goals he’s scored for us last season and this season….

    Man Utd 1-0
    Wigan 1-0
    Tottenham 3-1 (scored twice)

    I bet you lot weren’t slating him then?

  5. jimmyfingers

    I’d echo the sentiments on this blog: Ade is our most experienced and prolific striker with RvP out, so to talk about dropping him in favour of Big Balls when we’ve got the double whammy of ‘Pool and Manure is nonsense. I imagine he’ll be used as a lone battering ram against ‘Pool with Hleb pulling strings behind him. He’s big and rangey and can look clumsey and is a long way from being the finished product but he’s the best choice we have right now

    That said I do want Bendtner to have his chance, but possibly as sub against Prague and not against the northern monkeys unless we’re either comfortable or desperate