Patience is a virtue

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We’ve shown we can win with style, we’ve shown we can come back from a setback, we’ve even shown we can win ugly, but against Bolton, we showed we can be patient, a virtue you need to win the league.

Bolton had 11 men behind the ball for most of the match and added their usual array of filthy, dirty tackles that went largely unpunished, as usual, we had a couple of penalty shouts, that we didn’t get, then enter Lewis Hamilton! Who looked very lively and Rosicky, who looked like he wanted to score and bingo.

I’m guessing Kolo scores a lot of goals like that in training and he has had many free kicks this season, the goal was a little bit of a scuffer, but it was a goal, what we needed and when we needed it, so well done that man.

After that we could have had three, Bolton had to come out and gaps were left.

I counted they only had one shot, but last season, that one would have gone in, so I’m glad we had Almunia, I felt confident that one wouldn’t get squeezed in from 30 yards or more.

I read that

Diarra may have to consider his options and I feel for him and Bendtner, games like Bolton are when they should get a run out, the last thing we need is players disrupting the squad, and good players too.

Eduardo may as well have not been there, but that’s what happens with no match practice, I would sooner see these players having a run out in the reserves, than not even getting on the bench.

It will be interesting this week as I think with the Champions league we may well see a little shuffle, with Liverpool coming up, Sheffield and ManU to follow, I suspect these malcontent’s will get their chance, so boys, stop whingeing and get ready to show why you should be in the starting eleven.

I saw many people streaming out of the ground on Saturday and when I went home I could see why, The ‘complete tosser’ who is Mayor, decides to close the circle and Met lines, severely delays the Piccadilly and stops all the overland trains at Hackney and lays on a bus service, it takes people longer to get out of the area than it does to watch the game, it’s no wonder people leave early, especially if they have kids with them.

I don’t even bother with the transfer gossip as it’s all bollocks anyway, but I’m sure come January he’ll do something, though with so much discontent in the midfield, I can’t see him signing

Modric (All3points has him playing for Kiev, show’s how well researched their transfer gossip is!) or Mollo.

But to coin a much used phrase, who knows? Only Arsene does!

Top of the league and only dropping two points, who could argue.

Until tomorrow my friends.

Oh and bad luck with the F1 thing Theo, it was bad management, 3 stops? What a twat you are Dennis.

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  1. Henry

    Good point about the being patient.

    I thought it was so funny to read about Pires after they beat the ‘dream team’ Barca at the weekend, he says that Barca need to play the Thierry way!

    What a twat, he was saying last year that Thierry would be perfect for them and he would light La Liga up.

  2. Anonymous

    I fancy seeing Bendtner tomorrow, give Diarra and Gilberto a try as well.

    I think we should have a second string midfield and that could be them, it would provide competition.

    And maybe Denilson and Diaby, I forgot about those two!

  3. Holloway Gooner

    I get pretty annoyed of with all these cry baby players we have at the moment. The reason Diarra isn’t playing is because Flamini is having a blinder. He should just keep his mouth shut and wait for the inevitable injury pile up.

    Isn’t it ironic, when was have sparse back up in a position the injuries mount very quickly (CB). But when we have an abundance in a position no one gets injured? Remember the striking issues we had last year?

    Not that I care, we’re winning and nothing else matters. Its a long season, they’ll all get there chance.

    Maybe a few of them will get a run out tomrrrow night?

  4. Pedro

    I was going to say something similar to the last comment?

    Patience truly is a virtue, especially when playing unsporting teams like Bolton.

    It was nice to see us stick it up em’. Kevin Davies didn’t get a sniff all day and there were some eye watering challenges going in from the boys.

    Gone are the days of us getting bullied! About time too!

    I felt bad for the Ruggers lot and Hamilton, I wasn’t fussed about the Football though.

    Stevie G was taken off on Sat? He was shite as were Liverpool, I expect a win!

  5. grovedigger

    I also fancy us for a result up at Anfield, I think they are similar to spurs, spent a loot but nothing much to show for it.

  6. Shotta Gunnah

    I find many bloggers damningly inconsistent. In the goal-keeping context they argue that Lehman should not expect to automatically retake Almunia’s position as the latter has performed. To do so would be bad for morale, blah, blah. Yet in the context of defensive midfield they blithely suggest Flamini should be arbitrarily replaced to give Diarra a run. Same said for Bendtner viz Adebayor. Goodness, at least we can be consistent. That is no way to build a championship football team. Thank god Wenger is no blogger, has a football team to run from the evidence to date is very principled about his team selection.

  7. geoff

    I think the point is that Diarra isn’t saying that Flamini has won nothing and should show him respect, Lehman has and being on the bench would be disruptive.

    Rotating the midfield would not, and it gives the players a rest which is an additional benefit.

    I can’t ever remember another playing saying he was better than an incumbent, Jens hasn’t stopped.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    I agree with Shotta Gunnah.

    I have just read another blog site that is a hit piece on Ade. It claims Bendtner would be a better finisher? Can someone tell me how that conclusion was reached, what evidence suggests he would?

    People are suggesting Diarra should be given a run because he is seen as a better player than Matty. Form players play and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  9. grovedigger

    yes I saw that as well, it was on insidearsenal, but what’s the definition of a form player? Ade had a dreadful game against Bolton, so that means give someone else a chance doesn’t it? that why Lehman was dropped.

    Anyway giving Bendtner or Diarra a go isn’t dropping players, it’s rotating.

    If you don’t do that, when they come in they’re not ready, he does it with Theo, doesn’t he?

  10. bottom4tottenham

    I’m with the digger on this one, putting subs on freshens the team, it doesn’t mean dropping players.

  11. Gunnersaurus

    Theo is being used as an impact player, to change games. I’m all for Bendtner being given a chance for 15 minutes at the end of a game, but to drop a player who has been doing so well is unfair. I don’t think Adebayor was that bad, he still caused them loads of problems, way more the Eduardo.

    Most Gooners huffed when Flamini was brought on late in games last year, that is what your all asking Wenger to do with Diarra this year? Whats the difference?

  12. bottom4tottenham

    because Flamini came on when we all wanted a forward to.

    I’m not talking about dropping anyone, just making use of the subs, then resting players.
    there, just wasn’t Saturday, that’s why Theo came on, that’s my whole point though, try the subs when you can 15-20mins before the end is fine, but Bendtner hasn’t had a sniff, nor has Diarra.

  13. Ole Gunner

    Diarra has just talked himself out of the team. He is a “nice to have”. If he didn’t come to Arsenal this season, it would have changed nothing. I am pissed at his arrogance in thinking that if he couldn’t cut it for Chelsea he’d just walk into the Arsenal team.

  14. Henry

    OK I’ll give you that Ole gunner so why sign him in the first pllace. Everyone said that Makalele won Chelsea the league, twice, so if Diarra is the new Makalele then maybe that why he was signed.

    With Diaby, Hleb, Rosicky, Cesc, Gilberto, Flamini, Diarra, Song and Denilson vying for the same 4 spots, it’s hard to see how he’ll keep anyone happy.

  15. Gunnersaurus

    Jeffers was the new fox in the box if I remember rightly? Diarra will be a good player, but he like everyone else has to show patience.

    Flamini is the new Gattuso, I know who i’d rather have!

  16. grovedigger

    I guess showing patience is tough, don’t forget Flamini was off last season, glad he didn’t go of course, but none of them have it do they?

    I’m worried for Robin if they are knee ligaments, Robin is fast becoming a sick note, I love him but he does get a lot of injuries.

  17. Anonymous

    I keep reading that we’re after more forwards, what would the team do if we bought the two frenchies the papers are saying we’re after???

    Seems to me Hleb is one of the first penciled in these days, got to say he’s a different player this season.

  18. geoff

    Great news bloggers, Robin hasn’t damaged his cruciate, just bruised his medial, but it’s still 4-6 weeks out which in Wenger terms means 6-8 but at least it’s not all year.

    Until tomorrow.

  19. Henry

    Eduardo urges Wenger to sign Modric…

    …yeah, and where’s he going to play, anywhere near the other 9 midfielders?

  20. jimmyfingers

    No one saw Flamini laying down the marker he has this season. No-one saw Gilberto being pushed out of the side and practically off the bench. And no-one really saw us signing Diarra, and those that did wondered why.

    We now have too massive question marks over first team regulars. Gilberto for all the world looks like he’ll move on for the first team football he deserves. With Flamini’s contract ending this summer, you wonder if his present form is as much about putting himself in the shop window and ensuring a massive signing on fee and equivalent wages rather than establishing himself fully at Arsenal.

    Diarra now raises that question mark over himself. He may a Johnny-come-latetly but he is also 22, older than Denilson and Diaby but seemingly behind them in Arsene’s reckoning. We wondered why he was signed and perhaps it was because Arsene sees him as long term replacement for Gilberto. Flamini has jumped up and forced himself into the reckoning but you can’t get away from thinking of him as a utility player, full of energy but still limited.

    The question should be asked, who do you want in the centre of the park in that holding role next season, or in 3 season’s time, Flamini or Diarra? I think that is why bloggers and the rest of us are calling (to an extent) for his inclusion, because there is a sneaking suspicion Diarra is the better long term prospects. Plus we just want to have a look at him.

    We’ve seen what Jens has had to offer