Arsene’s X1 well, well, well

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Okay no surprise that Arsene left Lehmann out so good for him for standing by Almunia, good call.

Wenger gets Barclays manager of the month and Cesc gets player of the month, so no surprise there either, well done men.

However Arsenal are releasing Arsene’s X1 on Monday, which is a DVD that gives our leader’s all time greatest 11 players, of which I have to say amazed me, really blew me away, and I’m sure will fuel much debate over pre-match cocktails today.

So, no Adams, Dixon or Winterburn, I guess no real surprise (except Adams maybe) but the big surprise was no Clichy, Lehman or Cesc (gasp!), that’s right no room for Arsene’s son, Cesc!

What shocked me even more was the inclusion of the money grabbing slut Cole, whom Wenger says will remain red and white all his life (don’t make me laugh) Seaman, Keown and Parlour!

I’m not surprised with Keown, but I was with Parlour, so he’s picked Parlour over his love child, don’t get me wrong here, I loved Romford’s Pele, I just though Wenger may have picked one of his foreign legion, good for him he didn’t.

I wonder how he’ll explain that one to his dressing room today?

I always think it’s dangerous to ask someone who their best mate is, which girlfriend did you like best or who their favourite left back is, they’re all good and from different era’s, Wenger’s choice I find rather strange, and to include Smeagle (Cole) is very odd.

I don’t think he’s as good as Clichy or Traore and for what that little lowlife did to both the club and the fans, he should never, ever, ever be considered for anything other than ‘worst piece of greedy, money grabbing, disloyal, sub-human piece of shit to ever have played for Arsenal’

He should be erased from the records, what’s the point of being given hate if you can’t use it???

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good news day, with England bringing home the Webb Ellis, Theo winning the F1 title and Arsenal stretching their lead to 5 points over ManU, 9 over Liverpool, 10 over the Chavs and 18 over top4ottenham!, yes that’s right 18 after 9 games, ha, ha, ha.

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  1. Red Rodney

    Good point? Cashley in his dream 11!


    Why not put Hitler in there as well Arsene?

    Jokes aside, footballistically you’d have to say Cashley was a great left back and thats why I think Wenger chose him.

    Romford Ray was chuffed about his inclusion on talk shite today!


  2. jimmyfingers

    Got to love the Romford Pele

    But Cashley? It’s difficult to put into words how I feel about him. I will try. Good footballer yes, but a complete failure as a human being. What makes him out above all is his sheer idiocy and utter stupidity. Spuds hate Sol, fair enough. Everyone hates Cashley tho’, even Chelsea fans, which is the real testment to the extend of his cuntishness. He needs to be erased from Arsenal’s records, like some humilating military defeat omitted from the history books. He never played for us, never wore the red and white and we never sung his name