Door closes, window opens, Chairman Wenger and a tonking on the way!

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While the devastating news that Robin joins Le List for a month is not what we’d want, it is countered by the opportunities for super Crozilian Eduardo or the Viking Bendtner, I don’t see that as a bad thing as the chances that the latter pair would begin to get irritated at their lack of first team opportunities, coupled with the fact they only have four games to show what they have, I can see nothing other than long term benefits for the team.

The news that the club will not be sold for at least 4 years will mean the redtops have to pick on someone else now, which will again take the pressure off. Arsene being touted as the next chairman will allow him time to bring in DB10 and TH14 as the dream team management pairing in 2012, so all in all, a pretty good week I suggest.

With Captain Willy back to shore up the defensive frailties of late, we now look pretty solid, if we can get through to the year end without any more back four problems we’ll be Ok, by then we should have Djourou back and have the opportunity to buy a new center back, with Richards dire performance at right back for England, his price may have gone down a tad, which could see Lehman going and Robert Green arriving, add that to our 10 point lead in January the future’s looking rosy.

And don’t forget, you read it here first!

Denilson signing a new long term contract would be good news…if long term contracts meant anything, and as we all know, they don’t, but at least he’s signed one, which is better than not signing one.

I expect the boys to come out of the traps against Bolton, we owe them a good hiding, after that, it starts to get tough, but after watching Gerrard make himself look like a donkey, and Rafa not knowing how to pick a side, I’m more confident than I was a month ago.

The ManU game is always tough, but our football is anything other than predictable these days, we now have plans A,B, and C.

I think the Grove is fast becoming a fortress and the atmosphere is becoming like a cup final game, week in week out, so for those of you that are going on Saturday, sing your lungs out, for those of you who aren’t, Karma!

For the next few months we’ll be able to talk about football again, which is what we all want, apart from England winning the World cup on Saturday and Lewis Hamilton (Theo in disguise) winning the F1 Championship on Sunday!

Not too much to ask is it!

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  1. Bud

    The sun is shining and all at the Grove is glorious, apart from RVP… Think to yourself first before smiling and relaxing in the good life that is arsenal, and give a very brief thought to teh Spuds fans and how they are feeling on this fine autumnal day….. just makes you smile more, doesn’t it?

    And Drogba is a C*** for saying what he has about demanding to leave, just shows why players go to Chelsea…… albeit him being a Cnut, it does deliver us with much joy and hilarity to also laugh at Chelsea !!!!!

  2. bottom4tottenham

    Hi fellow bloggers, I went missing in action yesterday, on the piss and hung over.

    The shame is that Alex Song was not loaned out, maybe Arsene is grooming him as a center back, who knows? …Arsene does!

  3. Henry

    After seeing Abromovich laughing at England on Wednesday I can’t wait to see his shithole of a club slide down the league, if the cunt likes being Russian so much, why doesn’t he fuck off and live there?

    Let’s hope Anelka’s not playing tomorrow.

  4. Holloway Gooner

    Good vibes all round!

    I hope we hit the ground running at Bolton. They’ll want to give their fans a boost, and they’ll have confidence going into the game.

    I am pleased to hear Drogba wants out. I still think it stinks though. Loyalty to the manager? How about loyalty to the fans who put up with 2 seasons of shite from you?

    The day will come when the bottom falls out off football, and I will be laughing when it happens.

    Greedy footballers get my goat.

  5. Gunnersaurus

    I have an interesting point.

    Kroenke is considering joining the lock down agreement according the Edelmen

    If he signs the lock down, it gives him the opportunity to purchase other major shareholders shares after 2010?

    The board inviting him to join the lock down is them effectively saying we would possibly let you own the club?

    Just a thought.

  6. grovedigger

    yes me too, that’s why fat Frank gets booed by England fans because he’s a greedy bastard.

    I hope Chelsea get their cum-uppance now, and I would love to know what Cashley thinks now we’re top of the league and if we win our game in hand we’ll be 10 points clear of them.

    It’s great to see them in the shitter after they tapped that greedy little arsewipe up.

    Talk about backfiring!!!

  7. geoff

    It, in theory does gunnersaurus, but he can only do that if someone sells them to him, and I presume the others would buy them first.

    I honestly think that Arsenal football club doesn’t mean that much to them, and by 2010 they’ll all be older.

    I don’t think either him or Jabba would want to spend all that money and be hated by everyone, I think, they think life is too short.

    Usmanov already realises what an huge error he’s made.

    I bet he hates Dein though and I bet Dein never thought we would all hate him, such bad judgment from someone who was so good for us once.

    Just my opinion mind.

  8. Henry

    I wonder if it would be a good move to play Theo alongside Adebayor?

    I would like to see Theo played as a center forward, just once.

    However I expect Eduardo and Ade, or Eduardo and Bendtner, as a Wenger surprise.

    We’ll see.

  9. Pedro

    Me to, I can’t stand the sight of him in an opposition shirt. I can’t understand why no one else will sign him? He is still a talent, though a Bolton fan told me he is quite lazy.

    5 years in business is a long time. Spurs could be in Div three by then? And we could have won back to back champions leagues.

    In fact. In view of Geoff’s balanced views, I am going to say we will win back to back champions leagues, win 3 premierships and a couple of FA Cups.

    Well, someone has to get unrealistic in the comments section?

  10. Bud

    Pedro, Geoff, shall we start an unnoficial Le-Grove Drinking Club and publish a venue for all Le-Grovers should they so wish to join us to discuss sensibly balanced views on the current Arsenal climate???!!!!!

  11. Bud

    Thought i’d just post another one as we are on 13 comments at the moment and I do not like it…… Supersticious I am !!!!!

  12. grovedigger

    How’s this for unrealistic then Pedro.

    Wenger just announced that Almunia will be playing in goal, given Lehman’s arrogant comments last week ‘I’ll be back for the Bolton game’ and ‘did you see me on the bench once? just once?’ I’m betting Fabianski is on the bench and Lehman’s played his last game for Arsenal.

    The only way I can see him back is if Almunia has a nightmare.

    We’ll stuff Bolton, then beat Liverpool 2-0 then ManU 3-1 and then go unbeaten in all comps all season.

  13. Pedro

    ‘I’ve always had strange relations with the club. Right from the first day I wanted to leave and then again every summer’.


    Oh how I laughed!

    Money doesn’t by you love!

  14. Bud

    I’m off now, but if any fellow grovers fancy a drink tomorrow, we will be outside Small & Beautiful (3 doors up from the Arsenal Tavern !

    See you all tomorrow !

  15. Henry

    So Wenger says up to 6 weeks for Robin, why is it that our players are always out for so long, John Terry breaks his jaw and he’s back next game.

    Gilberto on the bench again, shame, I thought the Bolton game could be right up his street.

  16. jimmyfingers

    Lehman’s out? Thank all that is holy. While I’ve enjoyed his antics, his recent chatting shows him to be Jens Lehman, Goalkeeper first and Arsenal player second. Once he’s letting soft goals in, his spikey personality isn’t funny anymore, just annoying. What’s German for goodbye?

  17. Bud

    Hi chaps… This is a first for old Buddy Boy… I’m a’blogging from my Blackberry… All very small, but equally exciting!!!

    Anyway, for anyone that knows her, I’m glad to report Ma Mass is out of surgery and on the mend…. For those of you that do not know her…. Ignore that, but rejoice with me that I can now relax and enjoy a festival of sport and beer this weekend starting at 12.30 in a gooner watering hole tomorrow!!!