Le List pile up, Chairman Wenger + Fennin transfer talk with video

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Good morning Grovelings!

If Thursday is the new Friday, why do I not have that Friday feeling?

Maybe its because I am a little despondent about England? Or maybe I don’t care about that because Steve McClaren is so under qualified as an England Manager its embarrassing. As embarrassing as his woeful comb over… give it up Steve, we can see you’ve lost your hair!

Anyway, we have more important things to worry about than Steve McClarens comb over.

First big worry of the day.


First big Phil busts his back, and now it looks like RVP has ruined his knee in Holland’s game last night. I don’t need to tell you what a blow this will be for us going into the Christmas period. Its especially upsetting considering how important his goals have been of late.

Here’s hoping he was just faking so he could preserve himself for Bolton at the weekend.

Jens Lehmann is at it again in the press. It seems to be all “me, me, me” from him of late. Today he tells us how perfect he is. Laughable or what? He must have forgotten they have camera’s at all the games these days. Jens is clearly looking to make a career in stand up after he hangs up his gloves. Muppet.

PHW confirms that he has spoke to Lady Nina of the Gunners and she won’t be selling up any time soon,


‘I can only tell you what she has told me – that she has no intention of selling her stake, and that she is in it for the long term’

Good news you have to say! PHW also puts Wenger forward as a possible Chairman. How about Jens Lehmann? He is an all round talent apparently?

The Mirror have a story about Vela coming back in January. They seem to run this story all the time? I can’t see it myself. He might be a good player, but whose position would he take? We seem a touch oversubscribed in the striker department at the moment, with King Ade not going to the ACN, and Bendtner having Maradona like qualities I think his chances would be limited.

In transfer news, the Italian press are linking us with a Czech striker called Martin Fennin. Apparently he had a storming under-20 Championships. Liverpool are also hot on his trail. Check out his goal against Argentina here. What a goal!

If you are really bored today, here is a run down of the players away on international duty.

Its AGM time today, so hopefully we’ll have some good news to report on tomorrow! I was offered a ticket by blogger Geoff, but work commitments prevented my attendance. Its a bit of a shame, I wanted to show Usmanov my new picture! Maybe next year…

See you in the comments section!

Update: Arsenal enter into new lockdown agreement.

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  1. Bud

    Let us all Pray for RVP…

    Our father who art in heaven,
    Give us our RVP back with mended knee,
    For Ashburton is his Kingdom,
    His Left foot has the power and glory,
    And we need him fit and ready to spanc the Mancs in a few weeks,

  2. Holloway Gooner

    I have just done that prayer! Is that a prayer in the Arsenal Opus?

    I am gutted for RVP! I hope its not another long termer. Did any England players get injured last night? What a shower of shite they are!

    Knox is in charge at Bolton now, great news… I still think we’ll hammer them.

  3. jimmyfingers

    Piccy of RVP fall doesn’t look tasty. That said we’re not a one-man team anymore and if we were, that one-man isn’t RVP. If he’s out for a while gives us a chance to have a proper look at Da Silva and see if Big Balls can walk the walk after all his chatting. We can also play five in midfield with Hleb in the hole. With the 3-Ds pressing for chances in midfield we’ve got plenty of options.

    Trying to remain positive, which given the proper bastard of a cold I got is quite an anchievement.

    Ooh and booo to the Arsenal shareholder on his way to the AGM telling Sky Sports News that ‘if you got two billionaires interested, then you have to sell to them, either next year or the year after’. Lets hope Le Grove seeks him and out and terminates with extreme prejudice i.e. give him a proper cockpunch

  4. Gunnersaurus

    I saw that as well. Maybe Usmanov has paid off Sky! They are never to adverse to a bit of propaganda if the price is right!

    Eduardo seems to be hitting form, in fact he always seems to be inform for Croatia? I doubt he’ll start with Bendtner, he wouldn’t compliment Adebayor, or would he? He has surprisingly quick feet for a massive lump.

    It is nice not to be dependent on one player. Hopefully they’ll all muck in and make it a table topping Christmas.

  5. jimmyfingers

    Because I am at home with this bastard cold, I can bring you this breaking news: Fiszman, Bracewell-Smith and Carr have entered into a further year of lockdown, and added another year where they ill only sell shares to each other, which means Jabba can’t get a controlling interest until April 2010. Wonder if he’ll slither off

  6. Pedro

    Wow, a real time news feed!

    Surely Jabba’s heart won’t hold out till 2010?

    Poor old David Dein, he must be pig sick. Do Sky know whether or not he showed up?

  7. Bud

    Blimey, No bloggers lunchtime, whats happening?

    I presume Le-Geoff has started a fight at the AGM by now, but no news yet on any feeds about anything else that has been discussed, unless anyone else can enlighten me?

    And where’s the Grovedigger and Bottom4Tottenham today… I miss my blog buddies !!!!

  8. Bud

    Just seen the pictures on Arsenals Website….. and credit where credit is due….. Wengers wife ain’t bad all being…… Well played Arsene !

  9. grovedigger

    glad you missed me bud, what’s the deal with RVP? I wouldn’t have minded had we got a midfielder injured!

  10. geoff

    Ok everyone back from the AGM, after a few adult beverages of course.

    The way I see it is no-one can get there hands of the majority of shares until October 2014, by then of course Arsene will be chairman and David Dein pushing daisies.

    The only downer is Robin with an unspecified knee strain, not bad though we hope, it’s a shame really as this happened last time he got into his stride but this time we have 2 spares, and one of those Bendtner would have been my first choice with Ade against Bolton anyway.

    Fight fire with fire, I hope it’s not the 5 man midfield.

  11. jimmyfingers

    Not great, but not the end of the world (so far). Arsenal.com are saying early estimates are he’s out for four weeks

  12. James

    Even though RVP’s out for minimum of 4 weeks if its any consolation Drogba has come out and said this today…

    “I want to leave Chelsea,” he has told France Football – which will publish the full interview on Friday.

    “Nothing can stop me from leaving now. Something is broken with Chelsea.

  13. Dave the rave

    He said they all know why Jose was sacked. John Terry isn’t a very popular man in the camp!

    Lets see what Dudu can do in the coming weeks. I am expecting big things from him!

    4 weeks out is a bummer, at least he’ll be back for the 9 games in December! No more injury news as of yet.

    Geoff, I think you should remove Gallas from Le List. He played last night.

  14. jimmyfingers

    Chelsea will fin it hard to get top dollar for a want away player. Once more, lets all chuckle at West London’s finest

  15. geoff

    Thanks Dave, I wonder what happened to the groin injury of Gallas? still better to have a good center back than a fit forward, we have a couple of those (forwards) with something to prove and Bolton’s the ideal opportunity!

    Bud I always enjoy a drink!