Theo’s mates 3 – Stokes’ mates nil!

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I watched the England under 21’s last night as that’s the only interest I have in English football, and it was a joy to watch Theo and his chums stuff the Republic of Ireland.

Interesting to hear know-it-all Houghton say that the Republic were the better team and the fact that England were three up at half time was because they took their chances… …Oh so that’s what you have to do is it!!!

I listen to the Glasgow Irishman on ‘talkshite’ sometimes and he really knows more than anyone else in football, funny though, he seems a little confused as to his nationality, his brothers apparently are Scottish! Work that one out.

I wanted to see how Theo performed, first of all he was played out of position, you know like his is at Arsenal, but what struck me was his woeful positional sense, he never seems to make himself available, you know running into the hole etc, I think if he watched Robin, he’d be so much of a better player, that has nothing to do with age, you can see he has talent and I have no doubt he will grow to become the hottest property in English football, but he must learn.

Anthony Stokes look good too, I hope we didn’t get rid of him too quickly.

The Uzbek appears to be doing yet another U-turn on dividends, which must leaving David Dein ruing the day he sold his arse to a Russian as a wedding ring, I can honestly say I don’t think we’ll see him back in any position of power again, he really has blown his foot off.

I think we may see Gilberto back this weekend but I’m not sure we’ll see the mad German and to be honest I’m not sure I want to again, I still remember how many soft goals he let in last term, and nobody seems to have picked up on that.

Finally I listened to John Toshack this morning bemoaning his ‘spoilt brat team’ – his words not mine, and before anyone asks why I was listening to the inarticulate Welsh spokesman, the gloss paint I used on the toilet door, had, in fact, dried.

Anyhow he said his players check into a fancy 5 star hotel, then complain that the noise of the waves stops them sleeping and he has to get them moved to another room! And he doesn’t like it. A world away from sleeping in your car waiting for the first tee time at Hainault isn’t it, so I never thought I would say it, but good for you John Toshack.

Which brings me round nicely to the player loyalty thing. First we had the Anelka saga, then we had the Vieira saga, followed by the Henry saga and now unless Wenger does a Toshack, we’ll have a Cesc saga, but you know, we never had an Adams saga did we?

Cesc, read the Arsenal Opus before you answer your next El Mundo or Marca question, because these constant ‘will he, won’t he?’ deals are getting very, very, boring.

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  1. JimmyFingers

    Reading the response of Barca fans to yesterdays various blogs, I think we can put the threat from Barca largely to bed. The consensus seems is that they are happy with their midfield and that Cesc is surplus to requirements, hence the comments of Beguiristan (sp?). The more potent threat would seem to be from Madrid but as a Catalan surely he wouldn’t want to play there. The sheer length of his contract must tell us about his committment to the Arsenal cause.

    He talked to Madrid in the summer. So what? We had two senior players leave, we had doubts over Wenger, we had transfer targets fade away, or sign for Liverpool (good choice), we had the threat of takeover (at least one thing doesn’t change). Given that situation, it is not unreasonable that he tested the water.

    Problem is, he’s in Spain. A comment on another blog from a Barca fan listed the sheer air-time given over to Barca in the area: hours and hours of TV and radio every week. They look for any scrap of a story, and it leaves him trying to not alienate his city, region and country but also not betray Arsenal. He’s young and probably not that media savvy.

    As for Adams, not sure if the Spanish or Italian giants ever made a concerted effort to sign him

  2. Holloway Gooner

    I am pretty sure Adams was tapped up by Ferguson once? Maybe his reputation as a boozer went against him, but I agree that it only seems to be foreigners who get tapped up. You rarely hear John Terry to Barca stories, or Paul Scholes to Madrid news.

    I think this story will run and run. Because he is Spanish, the media over there feel it is Barca’s right to have him in their team. Its an annoyance, but Wenger rarely lets players go at their peak.

    I think Cesc would be mad to leave a team that is built round him, he is very similar to Iniesta anyway.

    William Gallas is injured again, what a joke! Recall time for Johann!

    Keep your fingers crossed for tonight!

  3. geoff

    You’re right he did show an interest but Adams said no, end of! and I think Cesc should do the same.

    The problem for me with Arsene’s policy is if a player wants to go, he lets them.

    Gallas is a crock, no doubt, it’s time to buy Richards, or someone awesome that is young enough not to be injured all the time, and given how much playing time he gets, it’s time to re-evaluate his captaincy as well.

  4. Bud

    Will keep my fingers crossed tonight that more, Chelsea, Manc & Scouce players get injured.

    Maybe the Russioans aren’t that bad after all…..

  5. Bud

    Struck again with teh New Manager curse on Saturday it seems…. that little cunt has left Bolton, so no doubt SPeed will be Manager and they will play out of their skins !!!!!

  6. Pedro

    Good call Jamesh, I think we all forget the kids production line! We also have Lansbury and Merida…

    I would be gutted though!

  7. bottom4tottenham

    Yes but once he gets good he’ll want to go we have to make a stand at some poinnt and say a contract is a contract.

    Or Ok we’ll swap him for Messi.

  8. Henry

    just read that Ramos is saying Cesc would be a great addition, why don’t our players or manager say, as far as they’re concerned that would be like going to Everton or someone, we are the worlds richest club and it’s time we acted like we were.

  9. Anonymous

    So Mullery says if the spuds moved grounds like we did, they would have a shout of winning the league!

    Wanker, every year they have a chance according to them anyway, what they need first is a decent manager, second a good enough team, and finally and the most important missing ingredient, support, if they had a stadium like ours, they’d never fill it.


  10. Le Grove


    Courtesy of

    Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is ready to try again for Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

    Click to learn more…
    AS says Calderon was gushing in his praise for Cesc after his performance for Spain against Denmark on Saturday and has informed coach Bernd Schuster that they will make a fresh attempt to bring the midfielder to the Santiago Bernabeu at the end of this season.

    Cesc is a big fan of Schuster and holds a subscription to Real Madrid TV at his London home. Indeed, he enjoys watching games from the late 1980’s featuring the German bossing Real’s midfield.

    Did you read that Grovers? He has a TV subscription! He must be moving on!

    I hope my boss doesn’t find out I have a subscription to babe station!

  11. Anonymous

    This is getting silly Arsenal have to tell UEFA this is tapping up.

    You have Babe TV as well? my boss fucks pigs, I’m sure he’d be interested in that channel!

  12. Anonymous

    What a load of complete bollocks, Cesc being interested in anything Madrid would be like us admiring Martin Chivers or someone.

    It would never happen, the cunts.

    Hey Le-Grove can’t you lot start a few rumours about Real players? the only one I know is VanListerine is fucking Raul, look like a pair of queers don’t they.

  13. jimmyfingers

    We’ve got a good record against Real poaching our players.

    Weird thing, there’s no panic for me about losing Cesc. Vieira and subsequently Henry leaving has taught me that no player is bigger than the club. I remember the three or more summers Vieira kept us sweating as the Italians/Spanish came sniffing, and when Henry couldn’t, then did ake up his mind, and then it seemed like the end of the world. The way the team has breathed deeply, sucked and moved on without (well not much) of a stutter, espiecially this season, rewinforces the old mantra of Arsene knows. In thise case in all the Ds: Diarra, Diaby and Denilson all look fantastic prospects. reduces the fear factor.

    Oh and we’d make Madrid bleed. Young player, big reputation, long contract……

    But I speculate. As far as I’m concerned he isn’t going anywhere. Yes maybe we need a public commitment to the club, but we all know that doesn’t mean much. At the moment its the media trying to create a story where there isn’t one

  14. Bud

    Please remain calm fellow bloggers…. I’m on the case, soon a big fat rumour will emerge in our favour…… keep your mincers peeled !!!!

  15. grovedigger

    Good point jimmyfingers let’s hope you’re right, I just hate the continued non stop press speculation though.

  16. Le Grove


    Fear not fellow Grovers, the Real channel comes free with the Sky Sports package… phewww!

    Forget about that thing I said about that channel I don’t subscribe to?


    I agree with what your saying, he stays for now and if he goes – we get maximum dollar.