So Fran Merida to go, followed by Cesc, Gilberto and Jens Lehman and eventually the board.

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Ok let’s start with Franny, Played for the Spanish team that are champions of Europe and lost in the final of the World Cup, just paid Barcelona €2.5 million for him, but he’s not good enough for Arsenal so we’re letting him go. Yeah sure we are, I wonder how the reporters get these stories past their editors, they must be the worlds most unintelligent people, even more uninformed than Australian/New Zealand rugby fans.

‘Cesc will have to show how much he wants to come back to Barca’ and for a cut price fee, yeah right, what about the 7 years he has left on his contract? I know I keep saying that Cesc has to stop talking to these morons, but it must be hard, he has said a zillion times he loves Arsenal, so I think it’s time we got FIFA and UEFA involved because they can’t keep allowing other teams to discuss our players, it’s clearly not allowed.

La Liga’s not a patch on the Premiership anyway, look at Thierry, he should have an Arsenal column he talks about us so much.

Gilberto to Juventus, please! he has a contract until 2009 and by then he’ll be 33, so why would we extend that? He’s a great player and a loyal one so we’ll keep him, but he needs to stop banging on to the press and keep his head down. 50-50 on that one.

Mad Jens, he can and should go in my humble opinion, I think the morale in the dressing room would plummet if Almunia was dropped, since he’s been in we haven’t done anything other than win, so to let the big mouthed Lehman back in would send the wrong message. 90-10 on that one.

I do however believe that Almunia is not good enough long term so if Lookash isn’t ready, then sign Green.

I have to ask David Dein how Arsenal need investment for the club and for new players. We are the second (at the moment) richest club in the world, our young team could dominate for a decade at least and today our manager has £70 mil to spend – should he want to, he won’t, so next year that will be at least £120 mil and so on, so pray tell me David, why we need Red and White, or for that matter anyone???

On to transfers, the French kid who scored for them at the weekend is a left winger and I wouldn’t bet against that, as you all know I think we need a winger, I also think we should try for Richards as he still hasn’t signed for Man City, he would cost a lot, but he will be England’s center back for the next 10 years in my opinion (yes I know he’s playing right back at the moment), maybe even captain, also injury free so worth the money, and with Jens available, a bit of horse trading could and should be in order here.

Finally we’re still not on newsnow (god only knows why) so will you regulars, fill out the comments bit and do some blogging!

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  1. Bud

    Im a Bloggin Le Geoff !!!!!

    I think we will see for sure against Sheffield United how highly or not Wenger rates Merida. Unlike against Fat Walrus C*nts Black and White Scumbags, we needed to put out a our second team, but against struggling Championship opposition, surely we will see some of our third string players, and if Merida plays, hopefully the media will put that one to bed….. although saying that, i am sure they will spin it to say Wenger has played him to put him in the shop window… Nobs !

    Re Lehman – Wish he’d fuck off now !

    And best of all, Senderos is out for 2 weeks with an injured back….. strangely, I feel guilty for feeling such happiness over this one, as we have won all the games he’s played in, but he is just so dodgy at the back, I think it is a miracle he has not cost us points !!!

  2. Pedro

    Bud, you’re the biggest Senderos hater about! Give him a chance, he’s not that bad!

    Merida would not have come on at Newcastle if we were going to ship him out! What a pile of dog shit that story is!

    No injuries as of yet… keep em’ crossed!

  3. grovedigger

    I thought it was against the rules to talk about other teams players, I thought you could get fined big time.

    I noticed Fran Merida on the site today coincidence??? my arse.

    I just wish Arsenal would say something though, you never hear anyone’s trying to get Rooney or Ronaldo do you? it’s because it would get stamped on straight off, so they don’t bother.

  4. Bud

    Nothing wrong with the French, they let us beat them at the rugby, are crap at Cricket and produce good cheese, wines and Arsenal Players…..

  5. geoff

    He plays left wing for Lyon, I think, and he’s very unhappy there.

    Scored a good goal on his French debut.

    I, like Wenger, don’t much care what’s on his passport, but I would prefer an English winger.

    Go find me one!

  6. JimmyFingers

    This Cesc rubbish has got to stop. Given the length of his current contract and the quality of his play, he’ll only leave Arsenal for big dollar. Barca are basically saying he has to stab us in the back and force the move. That I’m sure he wouldn’t do, so hopefully these stories can be put to bed. Shameful the way the club conducts itself, using the press as its Roman Agent (Asterix reference). Unilke us: when we sign someone its always out of the blue! Think Wenger wants to make sure no-one gazumps him as I imagine every club in Europe would like to be privy to our scouting reports

  7. Bud

    Whilst he is playing for Spain in Spain, of course he is not going to say, I do not want to come back. They are very passionate about their heritage over there (fuck knows why!!!), so he panders a little and gives them enough to keep the coutry in love with him…. otherwise they would never hold him in the same regard as their loyal and beloved (but less effective!) Xavi and Iniesta…. it really is just playing the game, anyone thats worked in Sales or Marketing will tell you, never burn a bridge !

  8. Bud

    After all, its all just PR with the press and we all know how it works….

    For example – who hasn’t told an otherwise average to 7 out of 10 bird that she is gorgeous or beautiful to get a Shag, or told a Doris you are serious about her, just so she sucks the muck……

  9. grovedigger

    I hear what you say but sometimes he needs to think of the fans that sing his name week in week out, if he was still at Barca he still wouldn’t have got first team football, so who knows how good he would have been.

    I mean how many Spanish Barca kids have ever made it to the top?

    Anyway Arsenal should be giving all this advice not us.

  10. bottom4tottenham

    Imagine being a spud, nobody ever metions their players except in fun.

    Like the pie eater.

    £49 million! wankers.

  11. Anonymous

    I can’t wait till we play Bolton, I reckon we’ll dish out a good beating, we gave Fat Sam one, now it the bullies turn.

    Bring it on Lee, you fat little turd.

  12. geoff

    I just read with interest that Tomas Rosicky has a long term muscle problem, where the back of his thigh muscles are extremely strained and only regular exercises will ever cure it.

    He says that Arsenal’s medical staff are someway behind Europe’s top clubs and in particular, Germany’s.

    Given that his problem apparently goes back to childhood, it’s a bit rich saying that, considering we bought him from Europe and his last club was German!

    Still it would explain why our players are always injured.

    Don’t suppose Dr ‘know-it-all’ Kolar from the Czech national team will stop him from playing tomorrow though, will he? Wanker.

  13. Holloway Gooner

    Is Bolton this coming Saturday?

    I am looking forward to dishing out a spanking to those cunts!

    Nothing would make me happier than to see them go down!

  14. Anonymous

    Yep it’s Bolton, I remember when they were the whipping boys of the league, this year I think they’ll get their old crown back.

    4-0 and I reckon he’ll let Bendtner loose on them.

  15. Bud

    Just seen AFP has just bought Real back in as favourites for Cesc…. Calderon wants him for the 2008/2009 season….. Its so fucking boring listening to these Cunts, shall we bring in a Cesc Embargo and ban all talk of Cesc and other teams….

    ….. as punishment, whoever mentions Cesc and Real or Barca again has to write out 100 Lines on Le-Grove of “I must not talk about the Cunts that run Barca & Real”

    …. no getting out of it either !!!

  16. Bud

    Fuck me, since I threw down the threat of lines, no-one has blogged…… surely we have more to talk about other than 2 teams from a place next to Portugal and a talented young midfielder who wears red & white most weekends?

  17. Holloway Gooner


    Firstly arsenal will win the league
    Also the champions league i think
    Bolton will go down
    Red and White holdings worry me
    Even with Dein at the helm
    Gotta love arsene’s vision though
    And pat rices
    Sun glasses

    Did you see what I did without breaking the rules?

  18. geoff

    I just read that Song was favourite to go to Charlton, as Wenger probably feels responsible for Pardew getting sacked in the first place, it may well be true.

    I agree with Bud that Senderos won’t make it as a regular, but I think Djourou can.

    However Richards or Veloso would be pretty good, and we have money.

    Either way, come the transfer window we need extra central defenders for the final push.

    We’ll have plenty of games and should still be in 4 competitions, so everyone will get a game.

    So they’ll be no ‘play me or I leave’ capers.

  19. geoff

    I saw him in one of those under something tournaments, he looks big and solid but also very skillful.

    I think he can play both midfield and center back like Djourou and he has one of those Roberto Carlos type shots.

  20. grovedigger

    thing is if we don’t watch it, we’ll be in danger of this Cesc thing replacing the Henry thing. And before that the Patrick thing. Wenger needs to nip this in the Bud.

    Bud you’re right this could become boring.
    Bud you’re right this could become boring.
    Bud you’re right this could become boring.

    That’s it I’m bored now!

  21. Bud

    Like it Mr Holloway, a good bit of Vertical Skulduggery !!!!

    Mr Grovedigger…. I want a hundred lines on this site by 9.30 tomorrow morning !!!!!

    When was Pardew sacked…. god I am so out of touch !!!!