Roy Keane and the Prawn Sandwich debacle

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Some time ago Roy Keane called corporate sponsors ‘the Prawn sandwich brigade‘* in a highly disparaging way. He did this because he’s an unintelligent spoilt brat who’s never paid to watch a game in his life.

He’s played football all his life, never worked in a factory or done a shift or got up early or stood on the terraces midweek in January when it’s pissing down, freezing his bollocks off.

He goes to games now, on a private jet or luxury coach, gets a great seat at whichever game he goes to, just like the sponsors he so hates. Those very people that make it possible for him to have the lifestyle he has and earn the money he does, not to mention spending £29 million on a shit team.

So it was particularly heart warming to see Sunderland go down this weekend.

Moving on, a blog site I can’t remember some time ago started castigating club level members as being ‘the Prawn sandwich brigade’ wrongly assuming that Club level is all corporate.

They then blamed Club level for streaming out early at half time, staying in the bar way past the restart, then leaving early at the end.

Setting the record straight

We, and a whole lot of our friends are in Club level, having been a season ticket holder for over 20 years I decided to sit in comfort and spend a little more money.

My tickets are £500 more expensive that they were at Highbury, but I get a free pint at half time, I’m in a row 8 deep so I don’t have to leave early since there’s no log jam and I sit in the bar drinking afterwards for an hour to let the crowd go, I have to say, it’s like sitting in a wine bar.

So I’m there to the bitter end as are most of the people in my section.

Looking down however is a different story, many people leave early because it’s like leaving Wembley, I leave an hour after and I still queue for 20 minutes at the station.

If I didn’t live close to Kings Cross I would never make the last train home which is why so many people leave.

Also why would you want to queue for so long if you could avoid it.

If Arsenal had expanded Holloway road as was promised there would be less of a problem but they didn’t and until they do these problems won’t go away.

So please anyone out there that thinks we’re all muppets in club level, we’re no different to fans that sit in the ground or upper levels, we’re all fans.

The only real difference is we get free beer at half time.

* Wiki Definition

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  1. grovedigger

    yes agree with that one, but since the little twat said it, no-one’s picked him up on it since, I mean why doesn’t someone ask him how his new best mate Nial Quinn feels about the prawn sandwich brigade, after all he’s one of them!

  2. beer and a pie fan

    Damn Prawn Sanwichers’ spouting off!

    I bet you don’t sing either, just light clapping perhaps?

    I know the sort.

    Keane is a cunt though.

  3. grovedigger

    that’s the other thing I’ve never seen prawn sandwiches for sale either, and we sing our bollocks off, try turning you telly up next time you watch a game.

    Oh and I hate jellied eels too, they went out with the Artful dodger and Oliver Twist.

  4. bottom4tottenham

    I’m in the North bank and when I look up they’re all singing, cos we’re all Arsenal fans, that’s what we do.

  5. Salt Beef Sandwich Gooner

    Beer and a pie fan! We don’t muck about with a sandwich you can buy in tesco’s for 98p. We’re all about the £8 salt beef sandwich.

    Get with the times my friend.

  6. Bud

    Beer & Pie Fan – dear oh dear !

    Guess what, I too am a Club Leveller. I also have 5 season tickets directly beneath us in the Lower Tier and do both and all I will say is, the atmosphere is the same, apart from the beer at half time is nicer and free and its more personal as its a smaller area and we all now know each other on first name terms, all meet for a drink and have a roaring day…. just like the camaraderie of the old days on the North Bank when you could stand and a big group of friends used to congregate. Fact is, I work hard and can afford it, so please don’t be bitter !!!

    I do have an idea that might help you though…… FACE THE RIGHT FUCKIN WAY AND WATCH THE FUCKIN GAME NOT US !!!!

  7. Real man

    You bunch of fucking girlies. Real men watch football in the stands, no seats, no covering in the rain and snow. A cup of hot Bovril from the shed on the corner, no free beer what a bunch of soft southern pansies. After the match you probably go to your left wing liberal review meetings or some flower arranging class.

  8. Bud

    Real Man – You have really shown that you a person of little knowledge and life experience….. everyone knows us Rich Boys vote Conservative !!!!!!

    Liberal and Left Wing is for the Poor and Needy that can’t afford Club Level hence want a government to take all of our hard earned money and give it to dirty little scroungers like you.

    Have a pleasant weekend stealing cars or whatever it is you do x.

  9. Anonymous

    The problem here is not to get doing well for yourself, confused with making nothing for yourself, all of our players, the manager and coaching staff and the board have all done well for themselves.

    Fans who have done likewise and chose to sit in a more expensive seat don’t deserve inverted snobs ridiculing them.

    After all DB10 and TH14 both have boxes, do you have a problem with them?

    Oh and by the way moron, Arsenal are a southern team, go and blog on a site where they breed ferrets and wear cloth caps if that’s the way you feel.

    Finally I’m from the North bank and people like you steal hub caps from people like me and have probably never been to the Emirates.

  10. Michael Anderson

    Bollocks…Roy Keane was right !!! Not many people know how difficult was for Roy to establish himself after many years of reiections… many years of working is socks out in the Irish lower leagues..He wasnt talented but he had determination and courage…not like those idiots of the prawn sandwich brigade… Well done Roy Keane !!!!