ManU to win title…because Evra says so, Arsenal caught breaking China + transfer gossip galore!

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Who you may ask is Evra? Named after a famous mineral water, he is a French left back, not quite as good as Traore and never in Clichy’s league, this ‘no nothing’ is saying we are better than last year, but not as good as the Mancs. 7 time Premier league winner Carlos Tevez also gets in on the act.

2 points ahead with a game in hand he obviously hasn’t been watching the telly much. And we beat them twice last season, with massive injuries, can’t quite see where he’s coming from.

Anyway I’m reading that Kroenke is joining the lock down, so it makes it another 18 months before the Uzbek can buy any shares, and by then the debt will all but be gone, we’ll be the worlds richest club, with the biggest transfer budget, Dein will have worked for 2 years without doing anything so I suggest Jabba will lose interest, fire Dein and fuck off. Good move the board.

What would be nice now is a lockdown on our season ticket prices, that way we’ll like the board as much as they do, you never know!

I don’t put too much credence on all these speculated signings, it’s way too early and to be honest I can’t see who we’d buy.

A winger or two would be good, but you have to be careful of upsetting team spirit.

Certainly don’t think we need a forward, don’t forget with Theo and Vela coming on board in January we’ll have 6 forwards.

Micah Richards would be a great signing for us, he is the best young player to come through the ranks in a while. He spoke to nuts magazine about one day putting on the red and white shirt of Arsenal. There was also a story being run on about the possible signing of Veloso for £20 million. A very un-Arsenal signing you have to say.

Strong rumours persist about a goalkeeping purchase. Odd Greenlands Rune Almennig is being heavily linked with a move, the rumour is backed up with quotes as well!

I can see Gilberto moving, though I would hate to see it, and I can see mad Jens going but I won’t lose sleep over that, so maybe this Norwegian Mart Poom guy is a possibility.

There also a piece in the Guardian about Arsenals new far east adventure. We are trying to break the Chinese market, launching yesterday. Lets hope the powers that be aren’t Spud fans, I hear the Chinese firewall is pretty strict these days.

We’ll be scraping the barrel for a fortnight but we’ll still be posting, so people, start blogging!

Till tomorrow.

P.S. It appears President of Le List William Gallas could return to action after the international break!

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  1. bottom4tottenham

    Micah Richards would be the cherry on the cake, he’s what we’ve been missing, great as center back but I can’t see how we could ever afford him.

    City don’t need the money so would put a massive fee on him, added to that he only just signed a new contract and if Ferdinand cost 28mil, what would Richards cost?

    Maybe further down the line and near the end of his contract, can’t see Wenger spending what he’d cost though.

    But exactly what we need.

  2. Ian

    I would love to see Micah playing for the Ars. He could be the long term replacement for Gallas. Imagine him at the back with Kolo! It would be truly immense.

    I’m not to sure about any of the other mindless gossip?

    Good post.

  3. geoff

    Good call bottom4tottenham he said he sees himself as a right back, as he likes running the line, but in 4 years time he sees himself as a center back, which is when his City contract runs out.

    Good timing.

    I must say I wouldn’t be too happy reading what he said if I was a Manc!

  4. Anonymous

    Trying to think who would walk into our team as a winger, I used to think Robinhio but I haven’t seen him this season, we don’t appear to have any in the reserves either, unless you count Gibbs, who incidentally scored against the Chavs yesterday.

    He’s a year or two off yet.

  5. Anonymous

    We seem to have one ten in a row without an out and out winger. Maybe wingers are past their sellby as a strategy. We need players with speed, fitness, vision and technique who can use the wing when necessary…we have those already don’t we?

  6. Bud

    Am I the only person that wants to spend our entire 100,000.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion, Billion, Godzillian pound Transfer Fund on Lionel Messi or what !

    Micah Richards is a young English Gallas, so you have my blessing on that one.

    Kaka also said if he played in England it would only be for Arsenal because they play the football he dreams about….

    And if we have any change, we can buy a keeper, but i’m not sure it is necessary, because for a start I like the Spanish Waiter and secondly with Messi, Kaka and Mica “Charlie Brown” Richards, goals conceded will be like a happy Spud, rare and irrelevant as no team would be able to get the ball off us !!!!

    Anyway, can I suggest that we use the next 2 weeks wisely and all use this window of opportunity to bash a spud….. happy mashing gooners x.

  7. bottom4tottenham

    If only that were true, Kaka… Richards… but not Messi, they would never let him go, not at his age anyway.

    Thing is our team is so good at going forward we only need to strengthen at the back.

    Kaka’s a great talent but would having him be like signing another Henry?

    How good is it to hear TH14 again saying he how wants to come back and say goodbye and how he thinks we can win the Champions league and the Premier league.. didn’t he fuck up big time, the curse strikes again.

  8. Bud

    But imagine Messi and Hleb in the same side…. the worlds 2 best twisty turny glue footed players in the world…. Messi is essentially Hleb with an ability to see and take a chance to score. You never know, his best bud is a certain CF4.

    I agree though, at the moment no chance, but Barca, like Real, do have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot and fucking everything up when it comes to change the Presidente time…. anyone know how long is left on his contract?

    I am of course dreaming, but such has been the pleasure of watching Arsenal this season (Big Phil Ponderous excluded of course), one cannot help but drift off into ones fantasy bubble !!!

  9. bottom4tottenham

    I have to say I don’t want this Portuguese guy, I think what we need is a world class center back, and now.

    Gallas can’t be relied on and he’s a crock, we need someone tall like Djourou… there you go let’s sign him, job done.

  10. James

    Back to that Tevez thing, I swear that little cunt was saying he wanted to play for Arsenal because of the way we played football?? He wants to make his fucking mind up….

    I’d love to sign that Veloso, he looked impressive at the U21 Championship, got an amazing shot on him and look good on the ball. He scored that lucky free kick but still struck it well.

    I reckon Wenger should just scrap everything he believes in and spend big money on either Messi or Richards, they would be amazing signings…..

  11. Pedro

    Which dutch guy are we talking about? I have just read we are after Huntelaar! That sportingo is a pile of shite!

    I don’t really see where else we can strengthen, bar Micah Richards. He is young enough and good enough to fit into our squad.

    We’ll never sign a player like Kaka unless its on a free or we sign them before they get big! It would be nice though… he is an immense player.

    Thierry just loves talking about Arsenal! Moving country just to get away from your wife? What a wimp!

  12. Bud

    Cant stop banging on about him, but if anyone has read the Mail, they will see that the Russian C*nts are gonna try and get Rijkaard…. could cause unrest if like a lot of Dutchman, he is a greedy immoralistic c*nt and takes the Ruble’s, and then you never know…. Master Messi Pants might get unsettled and fancy joining up with his former partner and World Player of the Year Francesco Fabulous !

  13. grovedigger

    think you may be getting a little Messi over Messi Bud, he’s ugly, short and an Argy and I’m not sure who’s place he’d take.

    Rijkaard won’t go to Chelski, because Barca are bigger, Spain is warmer and he’s not Jewish and that’s what Abromovich wants as his manager.

    And I don’t think Rijkaard is, could be wrong but I don’t think so.

    Anyway why worry he’s got the best squad in world football and won 1 la Liga and 1 Champions league against 10 – 16 year olds.

    Richards for me and someone fast like Philips, but not Philips.

  14. bottom4tottenham

    Trouble with Velosa James, is who’s place will he take? we have more midfielders than Chelsea now and many more on the production line.

    A good center back that’s ready to go and maybe even a world class goalie like Buffon.

    I read that Velosa can also play center back but 20mil sounds like an awful lot of dosh for Wenger to spend.

    He’ll probably go and buy 18 – 16 year olds for a million each!