Precious Cole, media Jabbarings + bullish RVP

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Its a quiet day on the old news feeds today!

Ashley Cole’s lover has been spouting off in the press; no silly, not him! His lady tramp lover, Cheryl Tweedy! She claims he was paranoid that all the other boys were talking about him in a nasty foreign language,

He started getting paranoid because he had no idea if they were talking about him, or what was going on.

Poor, precious Ashley! Chezzer also claimed she vetoed his dream career move to Real Madrid.

Ashley; Arsenal fans lost all respect for you a long time ago, this story hasn’t improved that situation. Who lets their wife decide that they can’t play for Madrid? More to the point, who lets their wife tell the whole world in a magazine? I imagine plenty of the Chelsea boys will be talking amongst themselves in foreign dialect this morning… I have the translation

That Ashley Cole is a hen pecked little girl

My advice to Ashley? Stop using the same PR firm as Usmanov.

Onto things of a more takeoverish nature. The Arsenal trust have fired back at Usmanov after he Jabbared (Sic) off in the Moscow press. The supporters trust is against Usmanov’s current dividend plans,

“We call upon Red & White to clarify their position. So far Usmanov has paid a lot of money to purchase 23 per cent of Arsenal but he has not put anything into the club itself. It would be appalling if he were to now seek to extract monies.”

Rightly so! Showing your greedy hand this early has surely got to be political suicide if he harboured any hopes of gaining supporters hearts.

Stan the man must be enjoying the PR free fall from the Usmanov camp. He was in town yesterday and it is being reported that he was given a stadium and site tour by Managing Director Keith Edelman. Stan is in a win win situation at the moment. I would think the board; if they were to sell, would prefer to sell to Stan. However if Stan wanted to make a quick buck and sell up, he would pick up a substantially higher fee for his shares than he paid a few months ago!

I can’t see Stan needing the Cash really? Arseblog seems to think he won’t sell and anyway, that Walmart firm seems to be doing ok at the moment?

Robin has been talking to the press and dishing out “I told you so’s” like they were going out of fashion. He is in a bullish mood and who can blame him after the start to the season we have had! There is a lot more to come from Robin this season, I can’t wait for him to hit his purple patch.

There is also a little bit on Sunderland courtesy of
Till tomorrow Grovers.

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  1. Bud

    AM looking forward very much to Sundays game…. I do hope though that AW does not chop and change the side TOO MUCH !

  2. Holloway Gooner

    Cashley is an embarrassment to football, like his wife is to music. The interview stinks of the Golden balls one that other woman did.

    Carrick is out for 6 weeks with a broken elbow! No Carrick, no Hargreaves, let the good times role.

    Lets hope Arsenal make it a clean sweep before the international break.


  3. Anonymous

    well said Robin, can’t wait for Sunderland, and Cashley’s wife is only yakking, because he’s turned into an average player that no-one talks about anymore.

    When would he have got a game at Madrid, delusional little cockroach, and so is Cashley!

  4. The Prophet

    Cashley has just followed the trend leave Arsenal get injured and become average
    Apart from Overmars (he sort of had a reasonable time at Barca) who has improved when leaving?

    On Radio five they were commentating on Chris Waddles prediction Arsenal could win everything this season. Apparently he made it last year when we were loosing; he was convinced it was only a matter of time before our youngsters starting beating all that was put before them, he was laughed at by his colleagues. Even though he was a spuds player I hope he is the smuggest bastard on the radio in May 2008!!!!

  5. La Sagna

    Of all the players to leave us, Cashley was the one I felt we were going to regret the most! His fall from grace has been comical to say the least! Some teams just make certain players look better than they are.

    Wenger knows when to cut players loose, Overmars, Petit, Paddy and hopefully Thierry!

    I would love Chris Waddle to be proved correct! I must admit though, I don’t like all this invincible talk?

    Long may the run continue! Bring on the Black cats!

  6. geoff

    I always liked Chris Waddle!!! the only smart pundit out there.

    I’ve never been so excited to be a gooner and I would love to know how Tango man feels now he’s been slapped hard and jilted.

  7. Bud

    Probably the same as that Chelsea C*nts Phone Loving Arsehole….. Sore & Well Beaten !!!!!!!

    …… and I was trying not to swear today as well !!!