Champion league preview, the tea lady + knowing where your bread is buttered!

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How are we this morning fellow Grovers? Me? Oh I’m fine, and looking forward to the first away match of the Champions league. I would have liked to have gone; I hear Romania has all the culture a young man with dreams could wish for, maybe next year?

Before I get started on tonight’s game, I just want to mention something that really grates me and it’s nothing to do with Arsenal. I will never have an ounce of sympathy for the BFW (Big Fat Walrus), but I feel a little bit for the Newcastle fans in general. They have to put up with a having a shite team a majority all of the time and the only joy they get is the fact that they always seem to have a great striker on their books.

Michael Owen signed for £10 million; not because he wanted to live in the Tyneside sun, but because Newcastle were the only team dumb enough to put a player who plays 10 games a year on an astronomical contract, give him a low buy out clause, oh, and no one else wanted the crock.

What grates me is that he gets injured playing for England and spends the whole season out injured. Then he finally comes back for two games; then plays for England and gets injured one game later. You would think he would concentrate on getting back to fitness and repaying his employees faith and patience in him. Not the case apparently, I have just read he will be back in time to play for England… before he plays for Newcastle.

If I was a Newcastle fan I would be pretty pissed off because as an Arsenal fan I know how it feels having been on the receiving end of French and Brazilian coaches logic. I appreciate he loves playing for his country, but as a Geordie, I would be pretty miffed that my season ticket was paying his wages and the only time I get to see him playing is when it’s for England.

Anyway onto things glorious and Arsenal like.

I would like to give you a breakdown of the players to watch out for, but I’m sure some of the other sites will do a better job than me.

I can however give you an update of the injuries list, which appears to have grown from an insignificant black head, to a full blown acne spot. Sorry for the crude analogy, but its how I feel…

Le List:

Adebayor (Thigh)
The Flamster (Groin)
Diaby (Groin)
Lehmann (Dropped Elbow)
Rosicky (Hamstring)
Eduardo (Groin)
Song (Calf)
Hleb (Late fitness test)

I’d put Gallas on there, but that man is President of the list and demands a separate mention. He is out indefinitely; just picking up his £90k a week and playing fruit machines apparently.

I don’t know too much about Romania or Steaua Bucharest. What I do know is that the lady who makes my sausage sandwich in the morning is Romanian and she’s been giving me shit all week about putting one right up us.

“Your team are pussies and don’t like it up them”,

She said to me in broken English this morning.

“I beg to differ”,

I retorted in a stern but controlled manner.

She also told me Steauea Bucharest have been having something of a crisis lately, but they did win their last two games after Hagi left the managerial post. She said he was a good player, but as a manager he lacked tactical noose.

Obviously we can’t afford to be complacent; we all know the perils of assuming a victory in Europe’s premier competition but you would think this team has enough experience and form to win this one. If we do win, it will set us up nicely for Qualification having already defeated the group’s strongest team. Oh, and in case you were wondering; Mirel Radio and Sorin Ghionea are still out with knee ligament issues, you may as well not tune in eh?

Yesterday’s blog sites all seemed to centre on the Senderos theme and what to do about his form. Most of the blogs were well balanced with their views; it does seem that everyone is of a similar opinion.

We want him to do well, but how long do we have to wait?

Hopefully he’ll lay his mental demons to rest tonight with a hat trick and a clean sheet! Come on big Phil, show us what you’re made of!

In other news, Manc supporting Jabba Kenyon has been telling everyone that he wants to invest in the best club in the world to improve the popularity of the game in Russia. However this article indicates we weren’t his first choice. This guy just can’t make up his mind who he likes best. I bet he is one of those chaps you get talking to down the pub who claims he doesn’t support a team, he supports football, I hate those fence sitting wankers.

Anyway, not being one to fence sit, I’m going to put my balls on the line and predict comfortable victory.

I know this for sure though ; if we win Mrs tea lady, I’m keeping my eye on you when you make my sausage sandwich!

No sneezers for me thank you very much!

Have a Grovetastic evening! Come on you Gooners!

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  1. Bud

    Any chance Senderos could be injured…… please !!!!

    And leave Mr Gallas alone….. OK, injury prone but a captain that demanded and installed a bit of grit and inspired our great start to the season before he pulled a testicle….. oh and he introduced the post match huddle !!!!

  2. gazzap

    the thing I hate about our injuries is they give an estimated time of return and then that date comes and goes and no one ever mentions the injured player again for about 5 months and they disappear. eventually they come back, and then get injured again.

  3. Bud

    Fair comment Gazzap, but saying that, its this kind of injury history that has given us the team we have today, with young players getting their chance…. it is frustrating, because you imagine a nice run with our best team…. what an exciting state of affairs we are in, injury ravaged, but still f****** awsome !!!!!!!!

  4. Mr Arsenal

    I agree Geoff, it could be a suitable night for a big strong player like Bendtner.

    It will be tough, a draw wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  5. Bud

    Eh….. a draw !!!!

    Nothing but a win tonight surely. If we have realistic designs on winning things this year…. like against the West Ham’s and Spud’s, we need to win games like these, if we can’t, what chance have we got of getting to the Final again when we reach the knockout stage and meet the big teams?!

    All my joking about Bendtner and his unfeasibly large testicles, I agree, he should play as I think if he will stick to a game plan, he could do a good impression of the Toganator, but I think his decision making is still raw, so don’t expect too much yet !

  6. Gunnersaurus

    Ashley Cole went to Chelsea because his wife told him to, what a bitch! He has gone even further down in my estimation (See GQ).

    0-4 to the Arsenal!

    Come on you reds!

  7. geoff

    Did she? shows you a) what a twat he was and b) what a favour we owe her! Gael is a much better defender than Cashley ever was, and Armond will be even better, I think Avram will prefer Bridge anyway, Chelsea will slide, we’ll win everything and Cashley will slip into obscurity.

    3-0 nil to the Arsenal tonight!