Its Hammer time!

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A merry morning to you all!

I’ll start today’s blog with some opinion on Usmanov. I for one am very bored of the story, I think the beast of an oligarch needs to show his hand and if recent quotes are anything to go by he needs to show a good hand because his PR is failing miserably.

It seems the board are united and reluctant to sell their beloved Arsenal to a bit part star wars actor, no matter how much money he has accrued in royalties. Its interesting that Stan the man has stopped hoovering up shares? Is it because his interest has waned, or is it because Jabba has been paying way over the odd’s?

Anyway, sign up to the petition, its your duty! Links to your right ->

Wenger talks about how Thierry told him it was over; I know how Claire feels now, what a choker. He also flirts with the idea of spending some money at some point in the next 10 years. Don’t talk rubbish Arsene, you big spend thrift you! He also has a sly dig at Chelsea’s Ronnie ambitions.

Onto the big match today!

Its bogey team time and my guts have been turning all morning. I hate playing West Ham. They have the greatest fans in the world when things are going well but a sniff of a bad season and they are no where to be seen, until of course… they play Arsenal. Cuntbags.

We were done twice last season; the second time was the worst. I think it is actually in the record books as the most one sided game in history that was lost? It actually replaced the 2005 cup final!

This year I think things will be different.

West Ham have spent a shed load of cash on some interesting players. Kieron Dyer was a notable addition, followed by our beloved Freddie.

Note to West Ham Board:

Signing the worlds most injured player was a dumb move, signing the worlds second most injured player to replace him while he is out injured was surely dumber.

Freddie said some pretty spiteful things about Arsenal in the summer, but I put it down to jilted lover syndrome. Of course we’re not ambitious darling and your new ugly football club is way better ours. However, I forgive him after he made amends in this article earlier in the week it turns out Arsene has too.

West Ham have been playing some pretty average football this year, and I received this text message from a West Ham fan on Thursday,

I fear Saturday. If we play like we did last night I’m going to have to go into hiding Saturday night because you are going to spank our bums so hard they’ll be the colour of your shirts!! Even Flamini has a chance of a first career hatrick!!

Don’t worry Grovers, he was fully chastised for mocking the Flamster. I also asked why his bum turns white when he gets spanked, hammers eh?

I think it is finally time to lay our demons to rest. The new team needs to go about their business as usual, clinical and efficient. It feels like every game this year is one that I call a turning point, but this game for me is the penultimate turning point before we play Bolton.

I am predicting victory dances, 15 texts at full time to tearful hammers and loads of Monday morning smugness.

Come on boys, give us back our bragging rights!

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  1. Anonymous

    Freddie is on the bench, that can only be good news considering how many goals ex gooners get! Anelka being the prime suspect!

    If we win today, I will start to believe.

    Pascal Cygan