Next up – the most ambitious club in the World !

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That’s what Freddie said when he left us, or something like ‘I’m going to a club that’s going places and is ambitious, unlike Arsenal’

This is coming from an injury prone has been that scored 1 premiership goal in two seasons.

We loved you Freddy, but you bad mouthed us and for me that’s unacceptable.

So eat pie, very humble pie, just like John Hartson did, only not as much pie.

Another notable injury prone ex Arsenal player, and Arsene’s first English signing is Upson, as injury prone but no bad mouthing, so good luck Matty.

Big, big game this, as these were the no-hopers last season that we couldn’t beat, so big barometer I think.

I listened to West Ham yesterday, Freddy was anonymous and the team was lucky to beat Plymouth so there are no excuses.

Check out the injury news here, a bit of Almunia talk here and a bit of chat from my one to watch, Henri Lansbury here.

Arsene Wenger delivers his opinions on the soul of English football here. Arsene has been particularly chatty since getting his brand spanking new column in the Sun!

I came back from the Airport with a Chelsea supporting cab driver who thinks we’ll storm the league if we keep this up, have to agree there, but it was amusing when he said that money didn’t buy them back to backs, so he got educated big time.

Just had the Arsenal accounts delivered and they make for very smug reading.

With the lock out rolling over for another year Tango man and his mates have to wait until April 2009 to do anything, do you think Red & White will pay his salary for that long? I mean he won’t have anything to do for nearly two years and by then we’ll be debt free and have Stan’s shares in the bag, with more money to spend on players than Chelsea.

Watched Liverpool struggle against the Reading reserves and to be honest would not feel as scared to go to Anfield as I did last season… When we won 6-3!

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.

Bring it on WHU!

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  1. Bud

    One name for you Mr Geoff……. Lionel Messi !

    Great to have you back buddy, Pedro was great though, so don’t think we missed you too much……. OK, maybe just a little bit !!!!

  2. Pedro

    Good post Geoff!

    I am getting sick and tired of Usmanov… Bore off my fat friend.

    The nerves are jangling at the prospect of West ham! Everyone else seems to be confident? Maybe I just fear my joy bubble being burst… and for it to happen at west ham would be too much!

  3. Anonymous


    I have read many comments from you guys about not wanting Dein back, can you tell me why ? I don’t know about you, but when the news broke he was leaving I was pig sick and thought he was good for us?

    Also Pedro, do not have any fears about tomorrow, another 3 points. The boys will be watching the viseo nasty of last seasons game tonight and that will be enough.

    Essex Gooner

  4. Pedro

    Hi Essex Gooner,

    I don’t think Dein is the concerning issue, I think Usmanov is.

    His intentions are unknown to a certain extent. Read some of his comments from earlier in the week, where he talks of ploughing profits from Arsenal back into Russia.

    I think Deins behaviour has been quite self centred in pursuit of his dream. His active attempts at club destabilization go against what I believed him to be all about, if you know what i mean?

    Bring on hammers!