Gilberto to fight on – Arsenal camp pre Oscar buzz talk

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Good morning Grovers; and what a fine one it appears to be, the sun is shining, the Mancs are crying and Martin Jol will be in his job for at least another week! Could things be any better?

Well they could.

An injury to Blogger Geoff means I will be taking over the Le Grove captaincy for a while. Its rumoured the injury was a groin strain, so how long I’ll be in charge for is indefinite to say the least. Get well soon Blogger Geoff.

Onto things of a more footballistic (sic) nature.

It seems my suggestion of Gilberto leaving Arsenal was wide of the mark, well at least if Gilberto has anything to do with it. I really hope Wenger has a long term plan for him. Myles Palmer gives his insider take on the matter.

Harry Redknapp has uncovered the truth. The truth about what makes Arsenal tick. Read this shocking news article to find out more.

For a more comical read, please take a look at this article on how the Manc’s gamble on youth backfired spectacularly last night. Jeez Sir Alex, if Arsene Wenger jumped off a bridge would you follow?

And in other, semi related news – semi related because I want to put my, “I told you so” comments out there, read what Curtis “The cure to Arsenal’s defensive woes” Davies had to say about his performance last night.

“I was just awful. I didn’t contribute anything. I’ve been bigging myself up, saying I’m ready and obviously I’m not. I’m not good enough to get in the team yet. I’m honest with myself in every performance and that was rubbish – I looked like a pub team player.”

Yes you did young Curtis.

And finally, sources close Nikki Bendtner claims the striker is tipping himself for an early Oscar nomination:

“Nikki watched Forest Whitaker’s performance in the last King of Scotland and thought he was wank, he reckons his post match interview with was way better”.

Read the transcript from that interview here.

Happy Groving.

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  1. Bud

    Morning all. Once more a fine blog Master Pedro.

    All I have to add to today news was about Sky reporting last night on Chelseas reserves doing really well against Hull…….. reserves they said, I kid you not – give me a fucking break….. Chelseas line up included the following; Cuddicini, Belletti, Ben Haim, John FUCKING Terry, Sidwell, Kalou, Pizarro, Makelele, Bridge, Joanne Cole, and on the bench they had, Cunt, Wright Philips, Essien and Shevchenko…. if anyone knows anything about the players in this inexperienced reserve Chavski team, please let me know, not heard of them myself…… why the fuck do I keep renewing my Sky Subscription, when I have to listen to such bollocks…… grrrrrrrrr !!!!!

    Anyway, daily whinge over – Hope Le Geoff gets better soon, what is the recovery time for a sex change these days????

    Will no doubt be back later to defend myself from some miserable foreskin-cheese that will tell me shut up again, but you know what…. bring it on Yiddo!!!!

  2. Gooner Barry

    Bud, I just bought that up with a Chelski fan and they were under the impression it was a reserve team too!

    I’ve heard a lot of grumblings from Chelski fans about how shite they this Cashley is!

    Love it.

    Good Blog