A message to Usmanov and David Dein – Fuck off!

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Usmanov, you’re nothing more than a thug and a small minded bully and Dein is your pathetic poodle who is now hated by most Arsenal fans.

Let me begin by congratulating Arseblog and Goonerboy for standing up to the playground bully boy tactic currently being used by Usmanov and his pathetic poodle Dein.

Good on you bloggers, keep it up.

David Dein, I met you a long time ago and thought you were a good guy, now all you seem to want to do is de-stabilise the team when they’re on a run, and spoil our day in the sun. We’re top of the Premiership and about to start our Champions league games, and all you want to do is cause us problems.

Blog sites are the internet version of speakers corner, they allow supporters to rant and have an opinion, we are not the national press. We are part of the process that allows supporters to have some light hearted fun, you appear to want to stop all that.

In my opinion Usmanov has no interest in anything other than making money, the current Arsenal board are more interested in building an even greater club and money is not their prime motivator.

You have lost the fans, Usmanov never did and never will have them. So tell him to fuck off as well.

I am a shareholder and I would sooner eat my shares than sell them to you and your henchman.

When you sold yours, you no longer had a say, so fuck off and leave us alone.

Threatening to sue the blog sites is narrow minded and cowardly, this is England, if Usmanov wants to threaten people then he should fuck off back to Russia, where that is the norm, here it’s not.

Dein If you learned anything from your time with Arsenal it’s that we are at our best when our backs are against the wall.

If you find something in this you can sue, bring it on there are millions of fans out there that will back the bloggers.

To the Arsenal board, if we didn’t support you before, we do now.

This blog, by the way, always did.

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  1. Bud

    Back from my holidays, all fresh and revitalised and as Fat as Deins ego…. but that’s another story!

    Anyway, not a lot I can add further on what Geoff has said, other than nobody has commented anywhere in the press on how crap Big Phil Ponderous was in the week against Seville…… in 90 minutes that pin headed cnut totally wiped out an entire fortnights holidays worth of de-stressing, anger management improvement and an overall uber placid karma…….. useless cock…. now instead of going back to work on Monday and being all nice and rested with the office, as they would expect, now I am going to go back, the same horrible bastard I was before I went away……. Wenger, I hope you realising, picking Ponderous affects so many more than the Arsenal community….. Please bear that in mind next time you think about picking him!

    Last comment, someone told me that Spuds twat has been back on whilst I was away and was being really really really nasty, by saying Pedro and Bud were stupid names…… need I say more…… what an embarrassing pathetic little prick, now I am going to have to tell my Mum on you !!!!!