American billionaire sells his arse to Russian billionaire

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As we beat top4tottenham to a pulp and Bent showed how dangerous he is (to the yiddos chances of finishing top 4)

The redtops have run out of nice things to say, so they invent a Stan Kroenke story.

Let me tell you why this is bollocks.

1) He fell out with Tango man, if he didn’t he would have bought his shares.

2) If he sold to the Russian, he would lose face in his own country.

3) Arsenal will be unveiled as the world’s second richest club shortly, so why would he sell now? and if he did, why would he sell to someone he doesn’t trust or like any more.

My view is he will either sell to the Arsenal board (the current one) or sit tight and team up with Fizman.

We are top of the league and playing great football, so why on earth would anyone want to change that.

In my view the redtops should fuck off and start writing about top4tottenham’s problems and not inventing ours.

Next premiership game is Derby at home, West Ham away , Sunderland and Bolton at home which suggests we can really open a decent gap at the top before we play Liverpool.

This is such a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

Next up Seville, perhaps Dein and his new Russian friend should buy them, it would make sense Tango man and Seville oranges.

Europe here we come!

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  1. Highbury Gooner

    This whole share thing has become a complicated mess! Someone has to budge, and I hope its not Fizman!

    Couldnt agree more with regards to being a gooner! Not a Yid in site this morning!

  2. geoff

    I don’t think the current Arsenal board will budge now we’re making shed loads of money Highbury gooner, but thanks for your comment.

    I’m sure once we get the newsnow link we’ll get more bloggers, we won’t give up though.

    Keep blogging!