The omens look bad …or do they???

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So the big day is upon us! And those of you who are superstitious and look to the things happening around us would say, ‘it’s looking ominous’ why? We got stuffed in the cricket, humiliated in the rugby and it’s not looking good in formula 1 at the moment, so it would just top it if the worst happened at Shite hart lane.

Well I have some surprising news, Spurs are English as well, yes honest, the yiddos really are an English premiership side, so they will have the same omens, paving the way for us winning 7 nil and making it 9 years since they last won!

I’ve been reading that Arsene hates losing matches, in fact the Mirror said ‘accepting defeat is getting harder and he often cannot eat, sleep or even talk when Arsenal lose’.

Ha! join the club boss, that’s how the rest of us feel, even with pre-season games.

I’m thinking he may spring a big ‘un today, like Hoyte as center back and maybe Theo and Bendtner in up front and on the wing. I like Bendtner a lot,yes he has a gob on him but that’s not always bad, at least he wants to play and he may just be the pain in the spurs defence we need today.

Am I alone in being pissed off that this game is never televised?

I hope to be blogging tomorrow big time, if we’re not here, you’ll know why, spurs are so ordinary we really ought to trounce them, if we don’t we’ll never win the league, if we do, I for one will start to believe!

Good hunting fellow gooners (am I allowed to say that, or have Arsenal got the copy write?)

Oh and not Song, please not Song.

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