Eduardo finds form and Wenger’s Grandad’s a Kaiser fan

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Eduardo spectacular seals it for Croatia!

So yesterday I watched the cricket – fantastic, the football – boring and the Rugby – even worse! before I found the Walker Cup on BBC2 and at least saw a good game.

It shows you how bad it’s got, when I get more pleasure from reading how well Eduardo did than watching England beat the mighty Israeli’s. Eduardo scored 2, he also won a penalty but his mate missed it!

The highlight of the England game was to see Bentley getting booed, quite rightly too, anyone who has the chance to play for his country in a major event and doesn’t deserves all the boos he gets in my book, he looked quite shocked as well which for me was a bonus.

I’ll be watching Theo Walcott in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza today and I’m sure he’ll do well given that the other Maclaren didn’t play him yesterday.

I was watching the England game thinking what a difference Theo would make to this paceless team, and do we really have no better substitute that Phil Neville???

And why did Maclaren need to fly (first class) to LA to watch Beckham for 12 minutes? Had he not seen him play before? This is how the FA spend the money that that twat Brooking says isn’t invested in our youth, so Trevor, go ask that question to The News of The World.

I think Dein has shot himself in the foot by selling his shares as he now has no personal interest in the club, and I have a feeling Fizman will either buy, or get control of Kroenke’s shares and that will make us impregnable to takeover, so a big thank you to Tango man.

The Sunday Times today informed us that Arsene’s Grandad fought for the Kaiser and his dad fought for Adolf on the Eastern front, can’t quite understand why we needed those little pearlers, but that’s the press for you.

Every time we play a team that gets a new manager they do well against us, they raise their game, let’s hope the boys do that at Shite Hart lane at the weekend.

Show our manager how pleased they all are and get our first 7-0 of the

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  1. Bud

    Whose that TWAT that put come on you S*~#s on this blog…… what a Tosser !

    Still is refreshing to see they are back in their usual quagmire of having no chance of winning F-All, and are back to doing what they do best, getting bitter about the Mighty Reds and making pathetic ring pieces of themselves emailing our blogs……. fuck off you small minded C*~# and get a life…. Fuckin Losers, got no time for ’em !!!

    Love to the Arsenal Massive x.

  2. Pedro

    Good call Bud… Spurs fans are c**ts!

    We do however have to pay them some respect, after all, they are going to finish 4th this season.

  3. Anonymous

    Oi.. Pedro and Bud (What kind of name is that…)
    How many English players in your team ??? You lot make me sick – You think you are so high and mighty – I can’t wait for the rules to change so it f***s you lot up.

    I have read a few of your wanker comments and I now hate you even more.
    I bet you are the typical gooner, gobby, unemployed and have 3 kids, living on a council estate in South London where you came from.

    You were lucky yesterday, if we had taken our chances, we would have nailed you by more.Sagna should have gone for that over the top tackle on Huddlestone, just shows you will always be a bunch of dirty tossers.

    Tottenham til I die x