A warm welcome to Le Grove!

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Welcome to the first blog from ‘Le Grove’ named after our new stadium with a French accent, which timely coincides with our leader and illustrious French manager Arsene Wenger today signing a new contract, which finally and hopefully will shut all the prophets of doom up. Yeah right.

So for a club in crisis we have the most wanted manager in football on a new and extended contract, a new stadium that already generates more cash than any other club in the world and a young team that plays football the way it should be played and all on long term contracts, oh and we’re joint top of the premiership and in the group stages of the champions league, so let’s all go and top ourselves!

This site is one that fellow fans can comment on without fear of morons telling them they are a) Spurs fans. b) ask them if they went to the game. or c) castigate them if they happen to disagree with anything Arsene says. It’s your club and your opinion.

So If you’re one of them, don’t bother slagging, we’ll drop your response in the bin.

This will be a site where people can say what they feel, without being ripped by people that always know best and (claim) go to all the games home and away, they’re not welcome either, unless of course they really do go to all the games, home and away.

The first blog will talk about team selection and what we think will be the best starting 11 and the options that lay open for us for our visit to the dark side at Shite Hart lane next week.

Almunia in goal, he’s been patient and rock solid since he replaced Jens. Jens has been a great servant but has of late been a liability at corners and a worry at set pieces, time to go despite your bleating in the press.

Sagna at right back, already looks as if he’s been there for ever, and has the same tenacity as Lee Dixon, Hoyte as back up.

Toure and Gallas as first choice centre backs but bring Djourou back soon, big Phil makes us a little nervous. Clichy on the left with Traore as back up.

The midfield should be Cesc and Gilberto with Denilson and Diaby as back up and Diarra and Flamini as cover for them all.

Eduardo (left) and Robin as wide men with the option of Rosicky and Hleb when needed and Bendtner and Theo up front with Ade as cover, Eboue as further cover at right wing.

All the above could rotate during the game to give more options to the play, surprise the opposition and of course rest the players.

Please note that Song has not been mentioned.

And don’t forget they’ll be loads of injuries, suspensions and the Cup of African nations so we’ll never have the luxury of all the above players, but please note, still no room for Song.

That only leaves Mark Randall and we’ve only seen him once so have no real opinion, but still prefer him to Song.

Just to touch on that sorry FA pair of Pearce and Brooking and the red tops that continue to back their sorry views on foreign players.

Look in your own yard before throwing stones in ours you pair of whingers.

We have 2 players in the under 21’s Hoyte and Walcott, one of which put England through to the European championship this summer with his wonder strikes against Germany.

Those two represent the future of England and yet the England manager looks to Heskey and anyone who can fill in at right back as the future.

And then they bitch that Arsenal don’t bring on English players.

What about Upson (injury prone) Bentley (narcissic at best) and Pennant (drunk) and not to mention 3 kids currently in the under 17’s in Lansbury, (Gavin) Hoyte and Murphy!

Finally who employed Eriksson and kept him through all the scandals and who offered Scolari a job just before the world cup eh? It was the FA Brooking, and the last I heard, you worked for them.

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  1. Bud

    Dear Geoff Le Grove.

    I am a virgin Blogger and I think that your site is not controversial enough for my liking, I want Tirades of Abuse, I want to see the Vitriol of Thor….. I want Arsenal red flowing Blood spilt all over the place….

    Otherwise, top site…. looking forward to being a regular blogger !


  2. Steve

    I am also a virgin… Blogger that is and just because you don’t go to every match home and away, plus reserves does not mean you do not bleed Arsenal red. Last year I thought we had the best squad ever but we lacked confidence and Baptist was just crap at finishing. Loosing Henry was by far the best thing that could have happened. I could not believe a couple a days ago when I heard Ian Wright going on about not finishing in the top four because Henry’s gone, what a tosser . I have been to one match and watched the rest on TV and you can see the togetherness, confidence self belief in the team. The youngsters have grown up and I am so looking forward to all the comments from the media who will say “well of course I was never one those who said Arsenal would struggle this season” Wankers.. Plus McClaren is to thick to pick Walcot and so at least he will be fresh after the International fixtures.

    Will watch the rugby tomorrow because even though we are crap it is not as painful as the shite offered by the English football team.

    Are we allowed to swear on this blog??

  3. Anonymous

    I am a regular on blogs and one thing I have noticed is that blogs like this need to be on Newsnow to get the hits. I dont know whether you’ve got yourself registered with them yet but if you want hits then sort it.
    Linking from other blogs is not really reliable and not having any links is clearly a non starter. Newsnow is the way. then if its a good blog people will get to know you and come back if they see you have posted.
    good luck with the blog abnd I agree with the majority of your comments, though I’d have Bendtner and EDS up top.

  4. Anonymous

    Another Arsenal blog!

    Great first post Geoff… not sure Jens is out for the count yet, but the way Almunia is playing, who cares!

  5. Pedro

    An enjoyable read!

    Lets hope we ge through the next two days without and injuries… the hit the ground running at the spuds!

  6. Anonymous

    gilberto to valencia £10 million at xmas?
    take it i say,cos even though i like the player he will soon be too old for wenger[30] and we will piss him away next year for sod all.
    if true we would never get a better offer

  7. geoff

    Yes I hope that Wenger keeps playing Almunia rather than sticking Jens straight back in, after all it was Jens that cost us the Blackburn game, not Manuel.

    Gilberto for 10mil? not sure I believe it, could be why he’s not captain though!

  8. gunner8

    That’a cheating Gnarley and Franchise… …wonder if the first post will now surpass 1000 hits?

  9. Helsinki Gooner

    LOL – funny how Song is not exactly highly regarded even way back when! have to admit though, he has been playing better of late. IMO, able cover, no more.

  10. Wonderboy

    I think that we should sell Hoyte, Gilberto, Diarra and Flamini without replacements…maybe send Senderos on load somewhere, perhaps A.C. Milan?

  11. sixx pac

    Finally found it fuck. I dont think Senderos and Hoyte will make it with us. Phil will probably end up at some club like Fulham.

    Dont rate Almunia all that much to be honest

  12. Tobias


    have been looking for this post a couple of days now.

    I’ve never really seen the archives bit before. Silly me.

    What strikes me, is that the goalkeeping issue is still the same =)

    And Song has done quite good =)

    Cheers !