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You don’t know football, bro | Wenger demands Spursday Night Football

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Ahhhhhhh GOOD MORNING TO YA ALLLLLLLL! That’s how children write blog intros. So what have we over here? I read that the guys over at Arsenal Fan TV nailed 50m views. A quite incredible achievement. They’re like, proper celebrities. An amazing achievement in such short time. They’ve attained the absolute pinnacle of social media, becoming… Read more »

Arsenal need LESS possession to win the league

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I’ve been bitching and moaning about data and how it’s used all week. So when a long term Grover sends in an e-mail and shows you how you can take minimal data and paint a very interesting story… well, you have to put it up! Big thanks to Rhys Jagger for sending this over!

Ozil and Sanchez. Challenges with both.

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Good morning sports fans. It’s Tuesday morning. Last day at work for a bit. So I’ll mostly be contributing nothing today. This is my second article of the day. That’s passion for Arsenal. Anyway, some great debate caused yesterday by all of the Ozil and Sanchez talk. Few things I want to address. Firstly, the… Read more »