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Arsenal fans should lay off Flamini and Monreal

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Games at this time of the season are about more than just the three points. It’s about how you utilise your squad, it’s about energy levels and it’s about giving a good show of yourselves so you have confidence going into the new year. The points are obviously core to this, but they’re not the… Read more »

Ebenezer Wenger and the flawed English mentality to problem solving

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    Happy Christmas Eve to all you beautiful folk. I hope all your dreams come true tonight… you know, the ‘please don’t take the sherry too far and ruin tomorrow’ type dreams. I’m praying for that. Hopefully the bad home friends aren’t about tonight, otherwise it could be mad trouble… So, Arsene, you keep doing… Read more »

7 ways Wenger could improve our injury record. Immediately

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Quick one from me this morning because I’m doing man stuff… you know, bonding things. Anyway, news hit the feeds that Arteta is out for a long period. Bad times when you’ve a player a weak as Flamini stepping into the fray. I’ve seen a few of the chosen websites and journalists take aim at… Read more »