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Jack stubbing out his future | Was Wenger right?

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Ahhh, hi there. How’s it going? I hope it’s going well, so well, you rocked up to work in a low slung vest, a borat leotard complemented by some super fly Birkenstocks fresh out of Essex. It’s Thursday, why not? So, what have we? Jack Wilshere’s been caught smoking a damn shisha pipe! What a… Read more »

Indistinguishable #1 is bad news | CHUBA SIGNS DA TING

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Arsene Wenger has thrown down the gauntlet to David Ospina. “Wojciech is the No.1 but David has played recently. Can he retain the shirt in the coming games? We’ll decide that.” It’s interesting, you kind of get the feeling Wenger doesn’t totally rate Ospina. He has a habit of surrounding Wojciech with weak competition (Viviano, Almunia,… Read more »

… and I’m feeling good, Arsenal.

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Happy good morning to you. Transfer Deadline Day? Kind of like Christmas when the family cat dies from licking a Christmas light. Joke here is I’m at some Telegraph panel for Virgin Media. Top journo’s talking about a nothing night in the end.