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Judge me never…

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Judge me in May he says. Makes sense. I mean, a team never wins 4th place in May, right? Trouble is, there’s never a rational judgement. It’s always tomorrow. Judge me in May, judge me at the end of the World Cup, judge me when the window closes, judge me when I’ve finished playing beach… Read more »

2 years? No chance Arsene…

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Happy good morning to you! Don’t listen. No, you heard me, don’t listen. What? Oh sorry, I mean, don’t listen to Arsene Wenger saying he can win the title within two years. He can’t. There’s no chance. Not unless he has a complete overhaul of his approach. We all that’s not possible, so don’t get… Read more »

It’s banner time…

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You know what I love? Waking up and the only drama about an Arsenal game is a banner. … no issue with the score. A win. A marvellous three points that puts us back in contention for the top four trophy. Sweet, sweet happiness.