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I hope Arsene doesn’t sign

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1000 games. It’s a big number. The managers first 500 games were all about changing the world. He did that. He introduced a powerful brand of stylish football that put Arsenal on the map forever and changed perception in a quite unbelievable way. Arsene Wenger was the man who took a wire basket making company… Read more »

Wenger should play Gnabry…

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Good morning children of the new forest. It’s 1000 games today. An amazing amount of league games to smash through. So incredible. So amazing. But…

Sign them ALL

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No, no, no… this isn’t how it works Arsenal. This really isn’t. It’s supposed to go… Plays badly Plays ok Plays superstar amazing Stalls on deal Speaks highly of Madrid Summer comes goes for big money So what’s all this tying down players to mega contracts early so we don’t have a headache? It’s amazing,… Read more »