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We need to talk about David Ospina

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Morning Gooners – James here with some Tuesday morning cheer to help your corn flakes down. Summery Monday evenings are fantastic, aren’t they? I met some friends for drinks and food at the Duchess of Kent, which I would heartily recommend. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll in the sun, full of optimism and relative calm…. Read more »

Sensational mental strength from Arsenal

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Not going to lie hear ladies and Gents, I had my doubts about yesterday’s result. We don’t do things the easy way. Arsenal this year, so far has been all about ease and simplicity. Could we really maintain our focus? Hull were and are firmly in the mix of a relegation battle. Arsenal are all… Read more »

Thierry, you’re mean | Why all the pundits are wrong about Arsenal

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Kind of feel like we’ve landed in some parallel universe where I’ve taken a shot of happy and become a convert in the Arsene front. #TeamPosiGoonersFamForevs Not sure why everyone seemed to spitting feathers about the game at the weekend. Admittedly I was totally sober without hangover for once, so the clarity might have skewed… Read more »