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… and I’m feeling good, Arsenal.

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Happy good morning to you. Transfer Deadline Day? Kind of like Christmas when the family cat dies from licking a Christmas light. Joke here is I’m at some Telegraph panel for Virgin Media. Top journo’s talking about a nothing night in the end. SHARE:Email

Arsenal roast Villa

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Good morning, lovely people – James here writing a very tired post. Sunday nights are the pits – that horrible feeling of not being able to get to sleep, whilst knowing you need to get to sleep, which stresses you out more and prevents you sleeping. It’s a vicious cycle. But I’m a trooper and… Read more »

How Arsenal nearly signed the best player on the planet

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Good morning to you! I’ve been getting massively into American TV. I don’t have enough meds in my life. My yoghurt doesn’t have enough protein in it. It’s also clear I need to by 1 suit and get 3 free. I’ve been brainwashed and I love it. Jorge Mendes, the super agent, has a book… Read more »