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RED ZONE FOR ALL | Mario rumours hotting up?

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MORNING! Shocker eh? So early… Yet more high profile spankings dished out yesterday, this time, Germany took down Portugal… the England of the latino countries. They beat them 4-0. Quite embarrassing how easily they delivered the defeat. Thomas Mueller stealing the show. The scruffiest footballer of them all. He literally looks like he’s rolled out… Read more »

Ex-Spurs centre back linked

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Again, another slow day in the World of football news. I guess the most interesting story, that is non-Arsenal, was around Sepp Blatter taking on the racist English press. Quite hilarious that a man as disgraceful as Sepp would take the race card route. I still look at all the consistent allegations and wonder how… Read more »

Wenger jolly… shouldn’t he be focused on Arsenal?

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I’m writing this on a plane fool. I’ve got pretty much nothing to go on either. Transfer noise is pretty low key, which is a bit of a shame. I was kind of hoping for something a little more before the world cup… but hey, when are we ever pleasantly surprised by some fast moving… Read more »