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7 ways Wenger could improve our injury record. Immediately

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Quick one from me this morning because I’m doing man stuff… you know, bonding things. Anyway, news hit the feeds that Arteta is out for a long period. Bad times when you’ve a player a weak as Flamini stepping into the fray. I’ve seen a few of the chosen websites and journalists take aim at… Read more »

The next Arsene. What does he look like?

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So today, we’ll be having a little chat about something I read about managerial appointments. It’s a tricky business. You can prepare early to bring in someone new and by the time you get there, they’re messing things up, or you can do it late and still mess it up. Like United have. I hope…. Read more »

Who will Arsenal land in the next round?

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Ok, so it’s my Christmas Party this evening. The plan is to put 1500 people from 13 agencies into a Farringdon night club. So much opportunity to humiliate myself in front of important people. … best strap in a double helping of incontinence pants.