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2 years? No chance Arsene…

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Happy good morning to you! Don’t listen. No, you heard me, don’t listen. What? Oh sorry, I mean, don’t listen to Arsene Wenger saying he can win the title within two years. He can’t. There’s no chance. Not unless he has a complete overhaul of his approach. We all that’s not possible, so don’t get… Read more »

It’s banner time…

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You know what I love? Waking up and the only drama about an Arsenal game is a banner. … no issue with the score. A win. A marvellous three points that puts us back in contention for the top four trophy. Sweet, sweet happiness.

Arsene puts Arsenal fans in a football coma…

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I couldn’t face a match report yesterday. I took Saturday night self destruction to the sort of levels you’d expect post a game like that. The match hit me hard. Harder than any game over the last year because of the expectation, I knew we’d lose like that. United weren’t just bad, they were terrible…. Read more »