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What can Arsenal learn about the Barca culture club?

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Day 3 of my staycation. Things are getting boring. I have literally no unemployed friends. I’ve started knocking on neighbours doors… ‘Yeah, that Arsene eh? He’s a bugger…’ ‘Mate, do you want something?’ SOME CONVERSATION!

Lukas off for £4m…

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Won’t be much going on in this post today because the international break is well and truly breaking the resolve of the news outlets. “In Spain they are good passers with good technique, in Germany they have good mobility and efficient technique and in England they have a good fighting spirit.

Player unrest…

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Danny WELBZ has cost us £8m a goal. Someone at one of the major papers is drawing a salary for that bit of analysis. Tells you loads, eh? What a joke. Things we need to know about WELBZ. Firstly, he’s playing in a broken system. It’s tough out there. The squad has no balance at… Read more »