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Gay Gooners banner reaction says it all

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    OMG, gay people, holding a football banner! Such a shocking thing to see eh? No? What you mean you’re part of a tolerant society where the sight of the above instills nothing but pride that we have one of the most inclusive football clubs on the planet?

Arsenal re-sign party throwing reject. You happy?

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Hey, wasn’t that an aggressive headline to start the morning? Screw you, and your toast. … but before we crack into the main action, I was in a bar yesterday, that was actually the top floor of a car park. They pump the smell of cinnamon through the actual car park to remind you you’re… Read more »

Arsenal pull out of deal | Ozil… remember him?

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‘Cesc to other team’ is almost as boring as the Cesc to all the other clubs back when he played for us. It’s a shame. It’ll be sad to see him in another shirt, but ultimately, it’s his fault we’re not interested. Last summer, he played the game to find out if Barca still loved… Read more »