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Hey Mesut Ozil… lift it.

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International breaks, what a laugh. So boring. I missed them all as I was ripping up the scene in Zurich. Sat on a table drinking girly European beer portions, my boss was cornered by a 85 year old Arsenal fan who wouldn’t leave him alone. Trying to throw me under the bus, my boss said,… Read more »

Striker deal means no mega signing this summer

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There’s not exactly an abundance of news flying around today, needless to say, I will craft something for your eyes regardless. Alvaro Morata. Arsene Wenger is apparently looking to make the young Spaniard his number one target this summer. I’m not sure what the cost will work out at, but it looks like he’s the… Read more »

Why the Ozil excuse making?

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Welcome to Monday everyone, I had the pleasure of working all weekend, so this day does not really feel like a Monday. So yeah, whilst you probably had more fun, I’m not having any sort of dread about today… because I’m in a never ending cycle of work. Anyway, it’s 5am. I can’t sleep, so… Read more »