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Which Arsenal head to Swansea today?

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Good morning Grovers, you may think this post is late because I was drinking last night. You’d be wrong. I’ve been penning this since 7. My arm is in so much pain. Damn that bin. Damn it to hell. Anyway, we’ve got a lovely trip to Wales today to play Swansea. We’ve not had a… Read more »

Fabianski should start but he shouldn’t stay | Isco for £30million | #SpiralOfNegativity hitting Spurs

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Morning, I’ll be keeping this tame today, mainly because I fell off a bin last night and I’ve damaged my arm… typing is tough, but don’t worry people… I’ll soldier on. For you. In the news today, we’re mostly talking about the keeper and the captain situation. Fabianksi is being considered for the Swansea game… Read more »