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Was the Arsenal success a mirage?

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A Spurs win isn’t a god given right. It might have felt that way over the last twenty years. But it’s not. A loss still sticks in the throat though, like a lunchtime curry. I’m still a bit numb about it all. I think what’s getting me is they were fully deserving. They looked sharper,… Read more »

How Arsenal nearly signed the best player on the planet

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Good morning to you! I’ve been getting massively into American TV. I don’t have enough meds in my life. My yoghurt doesn’t have enough protein in it. It’s also clear I need to by 1 suit and get 3 free. I’ve been brainwashed and I love it. Jorge Mendes, the super agent, has a book… Read more »

Arsenal transfer history is threatening to repeat itself and I’m scared

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Happy good morning to you! I’m busy. Work. Stuff. I’ll be in St.Louis tomorrow, then New York at the weekend. I’m really worried people on Twitter will start calling me a fake fan because I’m calling football > soccer just to blend in. Hopefully my half and half scarf will ease the pressure. SHARE:Email